With the advancement in technology, many new Engineering Branches have emerged over the years. Engineering is getting more diverse than ever with new and exciting courses and so are the opportunities after engineering. As engineering has always been the most popular career choice among students in India for the last many decades, these new branches of engineering have gained a lot of popularity. Having said this, we cannot overlook the relevance of the traditional branches of engineering as well.

A candidate needs to pass the 10+2 examination in science stream with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as subjects from a recognized board to become eligible for B.Tech/B.E. course.

With a pool of engineering branches to choose from, it becomes difficult for a student to make the right choice. As it is a matter of a career, we have incorporated the top 6 Engineering branches that are best for students in terms of career choice and salary in the year 2023. 

In order to get admission to any branch of engineering, you have to clear one of the Engineering Entrance Exams. Here is a list of the Top Engineering Entrance Exams in India

Best Engineering Branch List 2023 

When it comes to deciding which engineering branch is best for you, I would like to say that almost all engineering branches take you on a road filled with opportunities. We have made a detailed list of the top 7 best engineering branches that will help students to make a wise choice for their bright future. Compare each branch according to Salary, Popular companies that hire and Top colleges that offer the respective branch in India.

   1. Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a branch of engineering that involves the study and application of electricity and electronics. It is an interesting branch of engineering because it involves the study of computers, electrical, electronics and communication. Electrical engineering primarily deals with the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity.

It is one of the core branches of engineering that gives a promising career to professionals. Boards like NTPC, Railways, Defence, Tata Power, etc. offer jobs to students of Electrical Engineering. Students are also hired by the IT sector. 

Other popular companies like Bajaj International, Siemens, Reliance Power, BHEL, etc. provide employment to the candidates from this branch.

Top Colleges offering Electrical Engineering course in India:

  2.  Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science engineering is a sought after career option in engineering which deals with the design, implementation, and management of information systems of both software & hardware processes. A computer science engineer specializes in the theory of computation and design of computational systems.


 CSE branch provides employment opportunities in Banking, Airlines, IT sector, Hospitals, Railways, Insurance, etc. Even when other branches of Engineering are now declining on the rate of job success, this branch is still in one of the top engineering branches in India. Your work profile may include working for software development, testing, coding, and support.

Popular companies that hire CSE students are Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, Oracle, Facebook, etc.  

Top Colleges offering Computer Science Engineering course in India:

3. Civil Engineering

 A civil engineer is liable for planning and designing a project, constructing the project to the specified scale, and maintenance of the merchandise . An engineer requires not only a high standard of engineering knowledge but also supervisory and administrative skills.


The demand for Civil Engineers has been on the rise since the 20th century. Civil Engineers have contributed a lot to India in terms of the development of infrastructure. Construction projects require supervisors, architects, engineers, etc. Civil Engineers work to design the infrastructure, design, and planning of the structures. Projects like Bridges, Tunnels, highways, etc. are given to engineers. 

Popular companies that hire Civil Engineers are Engineers India Ltd., Larsen & Toubro, PWD, DRDO, Railways, DLF, etc.

Top Colleges offering Civil Engineering course in India:

4. Mechanical Engineering

One of the most prestigious branches of engineering, in Mechanical engineering students learn to work under steel, metal, forging, automobile industry; to monitor, supervise, diagnose these systems. Mechanical engineers also work for the IT sector, Railways, heavy-engineering, ports, mining, defense forces, highways, metro rail corporations, etc.


Popular companies that hire Mechanical Engineers are TATA Motors, Indian Railways, Ashoka Leyland, ABB, DRDO, Reliance Industries, etc.

Top Colleges offering Mechanical Engineering course in India:

5. Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronic and communication engineering is a fast-growing engineering branch in India as we live in the age of technology and electronics is an integral part of it. ECE is one of the most popular branches of engineering. EC Engineers are responsible for telecommunications, mobile development, and electrical industries, etc.


Popular companies that hire Electronics & Communication Engineers are Intel, Samsung, BEL, Texas Instruments, Sony, Philips, etc.

Top Colleges offering Electronics & Communication Engineering course in India:

6. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the day-to-day applications and the study of chemical reactions. As a Chemical Engineer, you may work for industries such as the fertilizer industry, food manufacturing, and processing industry, petroleum and oil industry, etc.


Popular companies that hire Chemical Engineers are Coromandel Fertilizers, Reliance Industry, ONGC, Essar Oil, Indo Gulf, etc.

Top Colleges offering Chemical Engineering courses in India:

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7. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering – Aeronautical Engineering is also known as Aerospace Engineering is the study of the development of spacecraft and aircraft.


 It has two major and overlapping branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. It has been the crème de la branch of engineering.

Popular companies that hire Aerospace Engineers are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX, Rolls Royce, and Blue Origin.

Top Colleges offering Aerospace Engineering courses in India:

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List of Highest Paying Engineering Branches

Let us have a look at the Top paying engineering branch salary package that one can expect after completing a degree course in a particular branch of engineering. 

Course (Branch) Name
Salary (INR)
Electrical Engineering
2 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs per annum
Computer Science Engineering
2.4 lakhs to 1 crore per annum
Civil Engineering
3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum
Mechanical Engineering
1.9 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum
Electronics & Communication Engineering
2 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs per annum
Chemical Engineering
3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum
Aerospace Engineering
10 to 15 lakhs per annum

Once you have chosen the best branch of engineering that you want to pursue, you have to decide on the most suitable college from where you can pursue the said course. In order to get admission to a good Engineering college in India, one has to secure a rank in any of the Engineering Entrance Exams. Let us see the top Engineering Entrance exams in India.

Top Engineering Entrance Exams in India: B.Tech/B.E. courses

  1.   JEE Main
  2.   JEE Advanced
  3.   BITSAT
  4.   VITEEE
  5.   SRMJEE
  6.   KIITEEE
  7.   IPU CET
  8.   SITEEE
  9.   MU-OET
  10.   AMUEEE

Now, you have a fair idea of the most sought after Engineering branches for 2020 and can make the right decision for yourself.

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