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Chemical Engineering as career option in India


Was chemistry lab your favorite in school and used to enjoy doing experiments in the lab with all that apparatus around then chemical engineering can be a perfect profession for you. Read this article for complete information regarding Chemical Engineering as career option in India

Chemical Engineering is that part of engineering which influence many areas of technology and is responsible for the conception and design of processes for the purpose of production, transformation and transportation of materials. This activity of transformation and transportation begins with experiments and is later followed by implementation of the technology to a full scale production.

For this stream of engineering, students require mathematics, physics, and economics to solve technical problems. Chemistry plays a very important part as Chemical Engineers need to apply their knowledge of chemistry in addition to other engineering disciplines. Some chemical engineers make designs and invent new processes. While there are some that construct instruments and facilities; there are others who plan and operate facilities. Chemical engineers have helped develop atomic science, polymers, paper, dyes, drugs, plastics, fertilizers, foods, petrochemicals, etc.


Minimal eligibility is passing 12th with no less than 60% in PCM. Individual skills like problem resolving skills, ability to work quick and under stress, think fast and perform in a group are just what make a successful chemical Engineer.

Area of Work for Chemical Engineers in India

  • Petroleum and petrochemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Rubber
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil and gas
  • Energy
  • Water treatment
  • Food and drink
  • Plastics
  • Toiletries

Let’s have a look at some of the top institutes to pursue Chemical Engineering in India:

Top Chemical Engineering colleges

  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi- Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras)
  • Indian Institute of Technology- Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology- Roorkee
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS-Pilani)- Rajasthan
  • Indian Institute of Technology- Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU) – Varanasi
  • PEC University of Technology
  • National Institute of Technology- Tiruchirappalli
  • Thapar University
  • M.V.J. College of Engineering

Duties of Chemical Engineers in India

Chemical engineers typically do the following:

  • Conduct research to develop new and improved manufacturing processes
  • Develop safety procedures for those working with potentially dangerous chemicals
  • Develop processes to separate components of liquids and gases or to generate electrical currents using controlled chemical processes
  • Design and plan the layout of equipment
  • Do tests and monitor performance of processes throughout production
  • Troubleshoot problems with manufacturing processes

Key Recruiters of Chemical Engineers in India

  • Petroleum and gases, Reliance industries, Essar oils, Gujarat oils, ONGC, BPCL
  • Fertilizers, Indo Gulf fertilizers, Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd
  • Coromandel fertilizers, Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Orissa Drugs and Chemical Ltd, Indian Drugs and Pharmaceutical Ltd (IDPL)
  • Bihar Drugs and Organic Chemical Ltd, Naramada colours pvt ltd
  • Honeywell, Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Aditya Birla Chemicals, L&T

This article has compiled information from various sources to make our subscribers aware of prospects and scope of Chemical Engineering as career option in India with a hope to help our subscribers in choosing their desired field of Chemical Engineering as a profession.

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