Character Sketch of John A Pescud from class 9 Communicative English Chapter 5 Best Seller


Character Sketch of John A Pescud


John A Pescud is a travelling salesman of a plate-glass company. He is a good salesman and gets his salary raised twice in the last two years and also gets a commission. He is ‘a small man with a wide smile’. He is proud of his company and its product. He criticizes ‘The Rose Lady and Trevelyan’, one of the best selling novels. He was of the opinion that in real life a man should marry a girl of his own status. And he believes that when a man is in his home town, he ought to be decent and law abiding. On the one hand, he turns out to be a hypocrite and falls in love with a girl of royal background and married her and lived with her in a small house later. His doing so was no less than any best seller. The narrator calls John as ‘Trevelyan’ as a sort of taunt to him.


Best Seller Overview – The story is about the writer’s acquaintance John A. Pescud. They meet on a train after two years and John criticises best seller novels to be repetitive. He says that the difference in the characters in these books is unrealistic. The story of a royal princess falling for a business executive from Chicago (who is far away from kingdoms and royalty) seems unrealistic to him. When they talk further and John tells the writer about his personal life and how he met his wife, the same unrealistic best seller story comes out to be his real life story!


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of John A Pescud

Q1. What was John A. Pescud’s opinion about best sellers?