Character Sketch of Bama and Annan Memories of Childhood Part 2

Character Sketch Bama and Annan from Class 12 English Vistas Book Chapter 8 Memories of Childhood Part 2 We too are Human Beings


Character Sketch of Bama

Bama is a small innocent school girl of South India and is a victim of caste discrimination and untouchability. She is always curious and pondered about various things- the way in which the tea stall owners poured the tea etc. She is a typical kid who is very observant and gets distracted because of all the fun and entertaining events happening around her. She is surprised to see distinction based on class and caste. When her brother tells her about the reality, she was astonished to realize the fact that the rich and upper caste people have lost all humanity. She feels that they too are human beings. Her brother who tells her about the mishap in their life because they are born into this community. The words of her brother that until their Dalit community can uplift their identity through education they will continue to be looked down upon makes a deep impacted on her mind.  She becomes studious and studies hard to stand first in her class to overcome the discrimination done with the backward class people. In this way, she wins everyone’s respect and becomes a role model for all Dalits.


Memories of Childhood Part 2 We too are Human Beings Overview – The story “we too are human beings” talks about the evil of social discrimination. This is an excerpt from the writer’s autobiography ‘Kurukku’. A Tamil Dalit girl named Bama describes her experience in the third grade. Although she was unaware of the negative effects of untouchability, she had encountered humiliation and embarrassment in her environment. The excerpt shows how low caste individuals are viewed as untouchables due to caste prejudice. Low caste members not only show deference to high caste members, but they also poison everything they touch.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Bama

Q1. What made Bama sad and angry?
Q2. When did Bama experience untouchability?
Q3. How did untouchability affect Little Bama?
Q4. What are the differences between Zitkala-Sa and Bama?


Character Sketch of Annan

Bama’s elder brother, Annan, was a university Student. He came home for the holidays. He told Bama that they were born into the community of untouchables and were never given honour, respect, recognition and dignity. Annan told Bama that until their Dalit community would uplift their identity through education, they will continue to be looked down upon and run roughshod over. He encourages Bama to use the opportunities offered by education to elude the odds of caste discrimination and bridge the chasm of racial inequality. His words leave a deep imprint on the mind and soul of little Bama.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Annan

Q1. Who is Annan?
Q2. How did Annan’s advice to his sister Bama impact her?
Q3. How did Bama feel when Annan told her about untouchability?


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