CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Book Important Questions Chapter 3 Part 2 – Black Aeroplane

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Book Chapter 3 Part 2 – Black Aeroplane Important Questions

Here are the important questions for CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Book Chapter 3 Part 2 – Black Aeroplane.  The important questions we have compiled will help the students to brush up on their knowledge about the subject. Students can practice Class 10 English important questions to understand the subject better and improve their performance in the board exam. The solutions provided here will also give students an idea about how to write the answers. Take Free Online MCQ Test for Class 10

Important Question for CBSE Class 10 English Flamingo Book Chapter 3 Part 2 – Black Aeroplane

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Class 10 English Black Aeroplane 1 Marks MCQs

Everything was going well — it was an easy flight. Paris was about 150 kilometers behind me when I saw the clouds. Storm clouds. They were huge. They looked like black mountains
standing in front of me across the sky. I knew I could not fly up and over them, and I did not
have enough fuel to fly around them to the north or south. “I ought to go back to Paris,” I thought, but I wanted to get home. I wanted that breakfast. ‘I’ll take the risk,’ I thought and flew that old Dakota straight into the storm.

1. Based on the given extract,, choose the option that lists the meme which would be the most appropriate response to “…it was an easy flight”?

black aeroplane

a) image (i)
b) image (ii)
c) image (iii)
d) image (iv)

2. How would you describe the “risk” the narrator took?
a) calculated
b) impetuous
c) unavoidable
d) navigable

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3. In what way might the reference to the Dakota as “old” be relevant?
a) Its antique value made it expensive and precious to the narrator.
b) It is employed by the narrator as a term of endearment.
c) It did not have enough fuel to fly around the storm clouds.
d) Its ability to negotiate the storm clouds might have been

4. Read the statements given below, and then select the option that best describes the given statements.
Statement I – The narrator’s desire to reach home and see his family made him complacent.
Statement II – The narrator was unaware of the threat that the adversarial storm clouds presented.
Statement III – The narrator’s decision making was quick but irresponsible as well as dangerous.
a) I is False, II is True, III cannot be inferred
b) I and III are True, II cannot be inferred.
c) I cannot be inferred, II is False, III is True.
d) I and II are False, III is True.

5. Select the correct option to fill in the blanks below:
risk: risky :: ______ : _______
a) danger: dangerously
b) hazard : hazardous
c) peril : imperilled
d) caution : precaution

I was safe! I turned to look for my friend in the black aeroplane, but the sky was empty. There was nothing there. The black aeroplane was gone. I could not see it anywhere. I landed and was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota near the control tower. I went and asked a woman in the control centre where I was and who the other pilot was. I wanted to say ‘Thank you’. She looked at me very strangely, and then laughed. “Another aeroplane? Up there in this storm? No other aeroplanes were flying tonight. Yours was the only one I could see on the radar.” So, who helped me…

1. Select the option that correctly tracks the progression of emotions experienced by the narrator in the given extract.
a) excited – surprised – relieved – grateful – perplexed
b) relieved – confused – curious – dejected – panic-stricken
c) optimistic – lonely – calm – elated – appreciative
d) triumphant – reassured– inquisitive – thankful uncertain

2. Why do you think the woman in the control centre laughed?
a) She found the narrator funny.
b) She thought his question preposterous.
c) She thought he was teasing her.
d) She was relieved the narrator was safe.

3. Filled with questions, the narrator decides to place an advertisement in the local newspaper to look for his “friend”. Read the advertisement given below and select the option that includes the most appropriate solutions for the blanks:
Looking for a pilot of a black aeroplane who (i) _______ an old Dakota out of storm clouds late last night, but (ii) _______ before the Dakota pilot could express his gratitude after landing. Though control centre and radar did not (iii) _______ its presence, the Dakota pilot would really appreciate if his friend reached out. Please contact the Dakota pilot at 5200100110. In deep gratitude and eager (iv) ______, XXX
a) (i) guided; (ii) disappeared; (iii) register; (iv) anticipation
b) (i) took; (ii) landed; (iii) acknowledge; (iv) appreciation
c) (i) brought; (ii) went away; (iii) confirm; (iv) expectation
d) (i) helped; (ii) vanish; (iii) make note; (iv) excitement

4. The narrator exclaimed that he was “safe”. Which of the following represented the most immediate threat to the narrator’s safety?
a) The black mountain-like storm cloud
b) The depletion of fuel in the last fuel tank
c) Being lost due to non-functioning equipment
d) The old rattling Dakota aeroplane

5. Choose the option that correctly matches the idioms in Column A to the story’s events in column B:

Column A – IdiomsColumn B – Story events
1. Every cloud has a silver lining.(i) The narrator really wanted to have a hearty English breakfast, even though he really ought to have turned back.
2. To be on cloud nine.(ii) The man in the other plane waved at the narrator and asked him to follow, closely drawing him out.
3. To have your head in the clouds.(iii) The compass and other instruments stopped working. The radio was dead too.
4. gathering clouds.(iv) And there it was – the well-lit runway. An airport. The narrator could safely land.

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Class 10 English Black Aeroplane 2  Marks Important Questions – 20 to 30 words

1. How would you describe the mood of the story, ‘Black Aeroplane’ as it begins?

Ans. The story starts on a happy note. The narrator is looking forward to being with his family in England. He is flying from Paris to England, the sky is clear and the stars are shining in the sky.

2. Look at the given image. Briefly evaluate the narrator’s decision to not go back to Paris with reference to the image.

Ans. The narrator was heading towards England, flying over Paris when he saw dark, black stormy clouds in front of him. He was heading into a storm and his mind signaled that a threat was looming large in front of him. He thought of flying back to Paris as it was an opportunity to save himself from the storm. But he did not pay heed and flew straight into the storm, only to face the consequences later.

3. Do you think that after his experience, the narrator would be able to truly enjoy the English breakfast he had yearned for? Why/ Why not?

Ans. I think that the narrator was puzzled because the Black aeroplane had disappeared. Still, as he had landed safely, he would have the English breakfast with his family. He would enjoy himself because he had survived a deadly storm.

4. What do you think prompted the narrator to act like “an obedient child”?

Ans. The narrator did not have any other option than to follow the instructions of the pilot in the black aeroplane. He was short of fuel, the equipment had stopped working too. This was his only hope of getting out of the storm. Thus, he acted like an obedient child.

Class 10 English Black Aeroplane 3 Marks Important Questions– 40 to 50 words

Q 1.As a reader, do you feel betrayed or let down in the way the story ends? Validate your opinion.

Ans. The author has ended the story abruptly. The questions remain unanswered and create a lot of curiosity in the reader’s mind. I feel that the writer should solve this curiosity and give some valid point about the black aeroplane and its pilot. I do feel disappointed as there is no clue about the mysterious plane.

Q 2. Based on your reading, would you call the narrator a family man? Justify your stance.

Ans. We can conclude that the narrator was a family man. In the first paragraph, we come to know that he was on a holiday and was looking forward to spend his vacation with his family. He was eager to reach England and have breakfast with them.

Q 3. James Lane Allen says, “Adversity reveals character”. What do you learn about the narrator from the experience? Mention any two traits supported by the textual evidence.

Ans. The narrator was a brave man. Although the plane’s devices had stopped working, he did not give up. He tried his best to escape out of the storm. Also, he was a friendly person.
He obeyed the instructions of the pilot in the black aeroplane. This helped him escape from the storm and land safely.

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Class 10 English Black Aeroplane 5 Marks Important Questions – 100 to 120 words

Imagine that the narrator shared his story with friends and family once he got home. One of them, a spiritual leader, decided to incorporate the story as part of his weekly sermon to the congregation. Another friend, a psychologist, worked the story into his next lecture on survival instinct and crisis management.

Q. Do you think the two interpretations of the story would be different? If so, how?
What insights might the narrator get about his mysterious experience, if he were to attend both the sessions?

Ans – Value points

Spiritual leader – destiny’s role. God helped the man. He was saved because he was destined to live. The mysterious black aeroplane was a messenger of God, he appeared, rescued him, and disappeared.
Psychologist – narrator remained calm, was brave. Managed well, faced the crisis with courage. Took help. The mysterious plane was nothing but the narrator’s soul which went out of his body and guided him out of the storm.
The narrator will get an answer to the mystery of the black aeroplane and the pilot. He will realize that it was himself who appeared to be another person. It was he only who guided himself out of the storm.

Q. In a parallel world, the pilot of the black aeroplane narrates his adventure in a story titled ‘The Old Dakota’. You come across an excerpt from the story, which responds to the ending questions of ‘Black Aeroplane’ and describes the black aeroplane pilot’s decision to fly away after watching the Dakota land.
Compose the said excerpt of the story employing relevant details from ‘Black Aeroplane’.

Ans – I was flying towards Paris when I saw an old Dakota flying in the opposite direction. He flew into the storm. As I had escaped the storm some time back, I knew it was dangerous. So, I turned back to help the pilot.

I flew parallel to him and signaled the lost pilot to follow me. The pilot of the Dakota turned north and flew behind me. My lights were turned off so I flew slowly so that he would not lose track. I guided him out of the storm and onto the runway. Then I turned and headed back on my way to Paris.

Q. A few days after the experience, the narrator sat with his wife and recalled a long conversation he’d had with his young son the day before. The narrator’s son had spoken to him about his close friend, Freddie, and the many ways Freddie helped him. When the narrator suggested inviting Freddie home for lunch, his wife casually said, “Freddie is like your friend in the black aeroplane!” That night the narrator decided to record his thoughts in his diary to clear his head. As the narrator, write the diary entry.

Ans –
8 PM

Monday, 1 February 2021

Dear diary

Some days ago I was flying home when a strange incident occurred. It was night time and the sky was filled with stars. There was no sign of clouds. I was flying past Paris. Suddenly I saw black clouds in front of me. I thought of returning to Paris but was eager to reach England and be with the family for breakfast. So I took the risk and entered the storm.

To my astonishment, the compass stopped working and the fuel tank was almost empty. Out of nowhere a black aeroplane emerged. The pilot signalled me to follow him. I had no other way out, so I flew behind him. Suddenly, I was out of the storm and the runway was in front of me. The black aeroplane vanished into thin air. I wonder who the pilot was but he was a friend who saved my life that day. He is like Freddie, the one who helped me and guided me to safety. I owe my life to him.

Hope to meet my dear friend soon.

Bye dear diary.

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