The Rattrap MCQ Question Answers Class 12 English Chapter 4


the rattrap mcq question answers


CBSE Class 12 English Chapter 4 The Rattrap Multiple Choice Question Answers from Flamingo Book



The Rattrap MCQs – CBSE Class 12 English Chapter 4 The Rattrap MCQs have been compiled for students to practice. Students of Class 12 can prepare the MCQs of Chapter 4 The Rattrap from the NCERT Flamingo book. Each question has four options followed by the correct answer. Students can also take a free test of the MCQs of The Rattrap. These MCQ Questions have been selected based on the latest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.


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Q1- Who is the author of The Rattrap?

A) Selma Lagerlof
B) Thomas B. Allen
C) Howard Phillips
D) Sudha Murthy


Q2- Which country does the author belong to?

A) Singapore
B) Sydney
C) Sweden
D) Switzerland


Q3- Where has the story been set up?

A) Jewellery shops
B) Forests of Sweden
C) Roads of Sweden
D) Mines of Sweden


Q4- Sweden Mines are rich in which ore?

A) Brass
B) Copper
C) Steel
D) Iron ore


Q5- In what manner has the story been narrated?

A ) Non-fictious style
B) Realistic manner
C) Fairy tale manner
D) None of these


Q6- What is the message of the story?

A) Love and kindness are powerful reformers.
B) Kindness is powerless
C) Kindness encourages thieves
D) Thieves need reprimand


Q7- This story revolves around whom?

A) Around Crofter and his daughter
B) Around crofter
C) Around ironman
D) Around peddler- the Rattrap seller


Q8- What does the rattrap seller have to do to make his both ends meet?

A) Peddling
B) Selling
C) Begging
D) Thievery and begging


Q9- Why does the peddler knit up various kind of thoughts?

A) Because of greed
B) Because of travelling
C) Because of loneliness and poverty
D) None


Q10- In peddler’s view, what does the world look like?

A) A Rat
B) A Jungle
C) A Jigsaw
D) A Rattrap


Q11- According to the seller what leads us to various miseries?

A) Attractions
B) People
C) Friends
D) Wishes and greed of comfort


Q12- Why did the peddler have to take shelter?

A) Because of his wishes
B) Because he wants to steal
C) Because he wants to be with his friends
D) Because he had no home


Q13- Who offered shelter to the Peddler?

A) A beggar
B) A friend
C) A milkman
D) An old Crofter


Q14- What made the Peddler finally change his ways?

A) Edla’s beauty
B) His mistaken identity
C) His greed
D) Kindness and care


Q15- What does the metaphor Rattrap in the lesson signify?

A) Humans
B) Thieves
C) Attractions
D) Human greed and distractions


Q16- What lightens the seriousness of the lesson?

A) Peddler’s greed
B) Peddler’s gossip
C) Peddler’s tricks
D) Peddler’s sense of humour


Q17- What earns the sympathy of the reader towards the peddler?

A) His actions
B) His stories
C) His face
D) His sense of humour and innocent acceptance


Q18- From where did the Peddler get the idea of the world being a Rattrap?

A) From his friends’ situation
B) From Crofter’s behavior
C) From Edla’s words
D) From his circumstances and miserable life condition


Q19- Why was he amused by his idea of a rattrap?

A) It was a bad joke
B) It was a good comparison
C) It was the exact situation and was humorous
D) None



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Q20- Why was the ironmaster so talkative and friendly with the Peddler?

A) Because he knew him.
B) He was his friend
C) He was his neighbour
D) Because of his resemblance to one of his old friend


Q21- Why did Elda bring the Peddler to her house for Christmas cheer?

A) Because she knew him
B) He was very funny
C) He was good looking
D) Because of his resemblance to her father’s old friend


Q22 -Why did the Peddler leave the stolen money in a Rattrap?

A) Because of his plan
B) To deceive them
C) Because his heart was changed with Edla’s kindness
D) None


Q23- How is the Peddler influenced by meeting the Crofter and Edla?

A) He was encouraged to steal money
B) He became a rattrap seller
C) His heart was changed
D) None of these


Q24- Why did Edla have doubts about the Peddler?

A) His behavior
B) His words
C) His fear and appearance
D) None


Q25- Why did the Peddler not reveal his true identity?

A) Because of fear
B) He didn’t want to hurt them
C) In the greed of getting money
D) None of these


Q26- Why did the Peddler feel that he had fallen into the Rattrap?

A) Because he fell into a pit
B) Because he fell in love with Edla
C) Because his heart is changed
D) Because of his greedy action and pitiable circumstances


Q27-Why did Crofter show 30 Kronor to the Peddler?

A) To show him down
B) To flaunt
C) Because he is sad
D) To share his feelings of pride


Q28- Why did the Peddler have to resort to begging and thievery?

A) He was habitual of it
B) Miserable life
C) Because of non-profitability of his business
D) None of these


Q29- Who used to make rattraps?

A) Crofter
B) Edla
C) Ironmaster
D) Peddler


Q30- From where did the Peddler get the material to make rattraps?

A) Shops
B) Roads
C) Streets
D) Stores


Q31- How did Crofter treat the Peddler?

A) Very rudely
B) In a strange manner
C) Friendly manner
D) None of these


Q32- Why did Peddler sign himself as Captain Von Stahle?

A) He didn’t want to hurt them
B) Because he forgets his name
C) Because he wants to meet Edla’s expectations of him being an armyman
D) None of these


Q33- When does the ironmaster realise his mistake?

A) when the peddler speaks
B) when he sees an old photograph
C) when the peddler changes clothes and cleans his face
D) All of these


Q34- What made the Peddler finally change his heart?

A) Edla’s words
B) Edla’s appearance
C) Edla’s father
D) Edla’s goodness and care


Q35- What was the Peddler’s profession and who he was?

A) Selling, traveller
B) Begging, traveller
C) Stealing, thief
D) None of these


Q36- Why did the Peddler feel like stealing?

A) has to repay a loan
B) has to buy a drink
C) habitual of it
D) due to others’ indifference to his needs


Q37- How did the Crofter tempt the Peddler to steal his money?

A) By his kindness
B) By his warm care
C) By showing him money
D) None of these


Q38- Why did the Peddler decline the invitation?

A) Because he had stolen money
B) He wanted to run
C) He wanted to hide money
D) He wanted to remain at the mill


Q39- How much money had the peddler stolen from Crofter?

A) 20 kronors
B) 10 kronors
C) 40 kronors
D) 30 kronors


Q40- Why did Edla plead her father not to send the Vagabond away?

A) Because of her father
B) Because he resembled her father’s friend
C) Because she liked him
D) Because of sympathy and his poor life condition


Q41. What did the ironmaster’s daughter say when the peddler was about to leave? 

  1. she asked him to stay for that day only
  2. she said she wanted to go with him
  3. she told him not to mind what her father had said
  4. she asked him to leave after 2 days
Q42. The first move of the ironmaster was to make sure that the guest could 

  1. gain some flesh on his bones
  2. have verification done
  3. be given some money
  4. be given some clothes
Q43 The purpose of her visit to the iron mill was to 

  1. persuade the rattrap seller to spend Christmas Eve at their house
  2. propose to him
  3. counsel him
  4. advise him to give up stealing
Q44. In what way is the story has been narrated?

  1. fictitious style
  2. fairy tale manner
  3. realistic manner
  4. non-fictitious
Q45. Why was the Crofter so talkative and friendly with the Peddler? 

A. because he knew him.
B. he was his friend
C. he was his neighbor
D. because of his resemblance to one of his old friend




1 A 11 D 21 D 31 C
2 C 12 D 22 C 32 C
3 D 13 D 23 C 33 C
4 D 14 D 24 C 34 D
5 C 15 D 25 C 35 C
6 A 16 D 26 D 36 D
7 D 17 D 27 D 37 C
8 D 18 D 28 C 38 A
9 C 19 C 29 D 39 D
10 D 20 D 30 D 40 D
41 A 42 A 43 A 44 B
45 D


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