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ICSE Class 10 EnglishThe Elevator Important Question Answers from Treasure Chest Book (MCQs and Extract based Questions)


The Elevator Question Answer: Looking for The Elevator question answers for ICSE Class 10 English Treasure Chest Book? Look no further! Our comprehensive compilation of important questions will help you brush up on your subject knowledge. Practising ICSE Class 10 English question answers can significantly improve your performance in the board exam. Our solutions provide a clear idea of how to write the answers effectively. Improve your chances of scoring high marks by exploring The Elevator question answers now. The questions listed below are based on the latest ICSE exam pattern, wherein we have given multiple choice questions and extract based questions (Comprehension Passage)



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Class 10 English Treasure Chest Lesson The Elevator Text Based Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are a type of objective assessment in which a person is asked to choose one or more correct answers from a list of available options. An MCQ presents a question along with several possible answers.


Choose the correct answers of the following questions from the options given.

(i) The story ‘The Elevator’ is written by ……………….. .
(a) Joseph Conrad
(b) William Sleator
(c) Katherine Mansfield
(d) Stephen Leacock

(ii) The elevator could carry ………. persons.
(a) two
(b) three
(c) four
(d) only one

(iii) Martin’s father worked …………………. .
(a) in a factory
(b) in an office
(c) at home
(d) in his fields

(iv) Martin was ………………. boy.
(a) a brave
(b) a skinny
(c) a fat
(d) a fearless

(v) Martin lived on the ………………… floor.
(a) third
(b) fourth
(c) seventeenth
(d) eighteenth

(vi) Martin first met the fat lady on the …………………. floor.
(a) ninth
(b) thirteenth
(c) tenth
(d) fourteenth

(vii) The fat lady looked at Martin ……………………..
(a) affectionately
(b) scornfully
(c) threateningly
(d) closely

(viii) The old lady was wearing a ……………….coat.
(a) red
(b) brown
(c) green
(d) black

(ix) What was Martin’s father doing when he was told about the fat lady?
(a) watching television
(b) speaking to someone on mobile
(c) reading a book
(d) taking to a friend

(x) On which floor was Martin’s father going to meet Mrs. Ullman ?
(a) 4th
(b) 9th
(c) 14th
(d) 3rd

(xi) Which of the following is NOT one of the probable reasons of the lift being scary for Martin?
(a) it squeaked
(b) it was dimly lit
(c) the door never closed
(d) the door slammed shut

(xii) What were the stairs made of?
(a) stone
(b) not mentioned in the story
(c) cement
(d) bricks

(xiii) The old woman’s eyes were _____. Pick the incorrect option as the answer.
(a) attractive
(b) blue
(c) tiny
(d) sharp

(xiv) Martin injured his ______
(a) leg
(b) arm
(c) face
(d) entire body

(xv) What incident happened on the stairs?
(a) someone tried to kidnap Martin
(b) The railing broke off
(c) Martin fell off the stairs
(d) the old woman followed Martin down the stairs

(xvi) When the woman entered the lift on the 10th floor she pressed the ____ button.
(a) 18th floor
(b) stop
(c) close
(d) ground floor

(xvii) Martin was afraid of elevators because __________
(a) they could fall
(b) they could catch fire
(c) they could swallow people
(d) they were dark

(xviii) What did the passengers in an elevator do that Martin disliked?
(a) they stared at each other
(b) they stood close to each other
(c) they smiled at each other
(d) they talked loudly

(xix) How many friends did Martin have?
(a) 5
(b) 6
(c) not mentioned
(d) countless

(xx) Which of the following images best describes the woman?


i. (b) William Sleator
ii. (b) three
iii. (c) at home
iv. (b) a skinny
v. (c) seventeenth
vi. (d) fourteenth
vii. (d) closely
viii. (c) green
ix. (a) watching television
x. (b) 9th
xi. (c) the door never closed
xii. (c) cement
xiii. (a) attractive
xiv. (a) leg
xv. (c) Martin fell off the stairs
xvi. (b) stop
xvii. (a) they could fall
xviii. (b) they stood close to each other
xix. (c) not mentioned
xx. (a)

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Class 10 English The Elevator Question Answers – Comprehension Passages


Read the extracts given below and answer the following questions.

Passage 1

Of course he was always uncomfortable in elevators, afraid that they would fall, but this one was especially unpleasant. Perhaps this was because of the poor lighting and the dirty walls.


(i) What kind of apartment was it in which Martin and his father had shifted recently?

Ans. It was an old building.

(ii) What made the boy uncomfortable in the elevator?

Ans. Perhaps the poor lighting and the dirty walls made him uncomfortable.

(iii) What kind of boy was Martin?

Ans. Martin was a thin, weak and worrisome boy.

(iv) How was the door of the elevator?

Ans. The door opened for a short while and slammed shut with a loud clanging noise.

(v) Was it wrong with the boy or the elevator that made things worse?

Ans. The boy was fearful but the elevator made it worse.


Passage 2

‘You’re not only skinny and weak and bad at sports,’ his face seemed to say, ‘but you are also a coward’. After that, Martin always took the elevator. He would have to get used to it, he told himself, just as he got used to being bullied at school.


(i) Earlier, for what did father get upset with Martin?

Ans. He was upset because Martin was skinny, weak and bad at sports.

(ii) What kind of boy was Martin?

Ans. Martin was thin, weak and a worrisome boy.

(iii) What was expected of Martin to reconcile with?

Ans. He was expected to get used to travelling by the elevator.

(iv) Why did Martin take to the elevator although he was scared of it?

Ans. Martin decided that he would have to get used to the elevator so he used it although he was scared of it.

(v) Was Martin a coward?

Ans. Yes, he lacked courage.


Passage 3

She was wearing an old green coat that ballooned around her. As she muddled into the elevator, Martin was sure he felt it sink under her weight. She was so big that her coat brushed against him, and he had to squeeze himself into a corner.


(i) What kind of lady was ‘she’?

Ans. She was a fat old woman. She had blue tiny sharp eyes. She had a piggish face.

(ii) What is Martin’s tone here in describing the lady’s stature?

Ans. Martin’s tone suggests that he is fearful and shocked by her size. 

(iii) What was Martin’s state of mind when he confronted the lady?

Ans. Martin was scared that he would get squeezed by her.

(iv) On which floor did the lady step into the elevator? On which floor did she actually live?

Ans. She got into the elevator on the fourteenth floor. The floor on which she lived was a mystery because each time she got in and left at different floors.

(v) How did the lady look at the boy in the elevator?

Ans. She stared at him hard as if she were boring deep into him.


Passage 4

She did nothing. She only watched him breathing loudly, until the elevator reached the first floor at last. Martin wanted to run past her to get out, but there was no room. He could only wait as she turned and moved slowly into the lobby. Then he ran. He didn’t care what she thought. She ran nearly all the way to school.


(i) What was the lady’s behaviour while in the elevator with the boy?

Ans. She did nothing except breathe loudly and stare at him.

(ii) Why couldn’t Martin run past the lady?

Ans. He could not run past her because she had occupied the entire area. There was no space for him to cross her.

(iii) What did the boy think of the lady in the elevator?

Ans. Martin thought that the woman would perhaps squeeze him under her massive structure.

(iv) Where did the lady live?

Ans. The woman’s residence is not known.

(v) What time of the day was it then? How do you know?

Ans. It was 7.30 in the morning because Martin was going to school and later in the story, he wonders that going out at such an early hour was not normal for a visitor.


Passage 5

She nodded, and stepped in. The door slammed. He watched her pudgy hand move towards the buttons. She pressed not fourteen, but eighteen, the top floor.


(i) What was the boy’s question to which she nodded?

Ans. The boy had asked that the lift was going up.

(ii) How did the woman look like?

Ans. She had a piggish appearance.

(iii) What is surprising in the lady’s pressing eighteen?

Ans. It is surprising because in the morning she had got in at the fourteenth floor.

(iv) What floor do you think did the lady live on?

Ans. I am not sure if she lived in the building.

(v) What makes the boy feel nervous in the elevator?

Ans. The boy feels that the elevator may fall down. The door opens for a short duration and slams shut with a loud clanging sound.


Passage 6

“I’m not afraid”.

“You’re afraid”, said his father. “What are you going to grow up and act like a man ? Are you going to be timid all your life ?”


(i) Why does the boy retort “I’m not afraid”?

Ans. He feels guilty for being afraid of an old woman.

(ii) What was the boy’s father trying to emphasise?

Ans. He wanted to say that Martin had to grow up and act with courage.

(iii) How did Martin react to his father’s rebuke?

Ans. Martin went to his room and cried. He slept very little. He decided to go by the elevator and get used to it.

(iv) What does the extract tell about the relationship between the son and the father?

Ans. They are not very close to each other. The father remains annoyed, scolds the child.

(v) Later, what happens when the boy tries to avoid the lady?

Ans. The boy injures his leg when he tries to run away from the woman and takes the stairs instead of the elevator.


Passage 7

His father was silent on the way to hospital, disappointed and angry with him for being a coward and a fool. Martin had broken his leg, and needed to walk on crutches.


(i) Why was the boy taken to hospital?

Ans. He had fallen from the stairs and injured his leg.

(ii) How did the father feel about the boy’s health?

Ans. He was disappointed and angry with the boy for being timid.

(iii) What disability had the boy suffered and how?

Ans. The boy had fractured his leg when he fell off the stairs.

(iv) How could this disability give some relief to Martin?

Ans. He felt relieved that he would remain on bed rest for a few days. He would not take the elevator and thus, was safe from the woman.

(v) What advice was given to Martin by his doctor?

Ans. The doctor had advised him to take as much rest for a few days.


Passage 8

But the door was already closing. “Afraid to be in the elevator alone?” said his father. “ Grow up, Martin”. The door slammed shut.


(i) Why did the father not like Martin to visit the neighbour along with him?

Ans. The father wanted Martin to go up the lift by himself and to face his fears.

(ii) What was the father’s piece of advice to Martin?

Ans. The father advised Martin to grow up.

(iii) On which floor did the neighbour live? What was her name?

Ans. Mrs. Ulman lived on the nineth floor.

(iv) Where did the elevator stop and why?

Ans. The elevator stopped on the tenth floor. The fat woman got in.

(v) What surprise awaited Martin in the elevator? How did the lady treat him there?

Ans. The woman was waiting for him at the tenth floor. She greeted him, laughed and stopped the elevator.


Passage 9


Martin hobbled to the buttons and pressed nine, but it didn’t do any good. The elevator stopped at ten, where the fat lady was waiting for him. She moved in quickly, and he was too slow to get past her in time to get out.


(i) Find a synonym of ‘limped’ from the extract.

Ans. Hobbled


(ii) Why did Martin press number nine?

Ans. He wanted to go with his dad so, he pressed nine so that the door would re-open and he could exit the elevator.


(iii) Was Martin successful in going at the ninth floor?

Ans. No, the door slammed shut and the lift moved up.


(iv) Why was the fat woman waiting for Martin?

Ans. She was not waiting for Martin. He just thought it to be so.


(v) Why was the boy slow?

Ans. He was walking with crutches which made it difficult and thus, he walked slowly.


Passage 10
Martin started running down the stairs. The stairs were dark and he fell. His father was silent on the way to hospital, disappointed and angry with him for being a coward and a fool. Martin had broken his leg and needed to walk on crutches. He could not use the stairs now

(i) Why did Martin run down the stairs?
Ans. He was afraid of the woman in the elevator and so he ran down the stairs to escape her.

(ii) Why were the stairs dark?
Ans. The stairs were not well lit. There were no windows too.

(iii) Was Martin happy on being injured?
Ans. Yes, he was happy that he was safe because the doctor had advised him to rest.

(iv) Why was the father angry?
Ans. He was angry with Martin because he had got himself injured. Martin was afraid of an old woman due to which he ran down the stairs and got hurt.

(v) Had the woman planned Martin’s accident?
Ans. No, she had not planned it.


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