5 Common Mistakes in Report Writing for Class 12


Common Mistakes Students of Class 12 do in Report Writing

Many students make mistakes in Report Writing questions and this article will ensure that they avoid them. Students of class 12 have to write a report for a newspaper or magazine. A report is different from a paragraph writing or article writing question. In a report we have to write details of any event like a function or workshop that has already happened. Students find it challenging to write a report and make certain mistakes which lead to a deduction of marks. Let us have a look at the common mistakes in report writing


  1. Incorrect tense form – As the event has already happened and we are reporting it, we must use past tense forms of verbs. 

         For example – The District Collector was the Chief Guest at the function. He gave a speech and also handed over the awards to the winners.

  1. Wastage of words – We have a limit of words and so, we must try to give maximum number of details of the event. Do not go in too much detail of only one facet of the event but try to cover many aspects. 
  2. Format – Students must divide the report into an introduction, body and conclusion. This gives a logical coherence to the report. In the introduction, write about what the event was about, where and when it happened and about the organizers. In the body, try to add four to five aspects of the event like the different programmes held, major attraction of the event, any stalls that were put up, any special guests, etc. In the conclusion you can write about any message or impact of the event or how it ended.
  3. Keep in mind the audience – While writing a report one must think about the intended readers. For example – if the report has to be published in the school magazine, then one must use simple, comprehendible language. 
  4. Sequence must be followed – All events have a sequence of programmes. The report must also follow that sequence from the start to the end of the event. Avoid creating a chaos in the reader’s mind by jumbling the order of the event.


Tips for writing a good report


In order to write a good report and score full marks, follow the given tips – 

  1.  analysis of relevant information and cues given in the question
  2. structuring material in a logical and coherent order from the start to the end of the event
  3. making appropriate conclusions that are supported by the evidence and analysis of the report
  4. Make sure you use language which is suitable for the audience you are addressing to. Usage of complex vocabulary for addressing children is not advisable.
  5. Make sure you write in paragraphs of introduction, body and conclusion (no subheadings are required)
  6. Practice previous year question papers and sample papers to get familiarity with the types of report writing questions
  7. Read as many samples as you can. It will give you an idea as to how they are actually written.
  8. Read the question at least twice and highlight the important information. Do not forget to add all information given in the question.


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