Diary Entry for Class 9 Format Examples Topics


English Writing Skills For Class 9: Diary Writing

Diary entry is a creative form of written material. In class 9 English syllabus, there is the topic of diary writing. Here in this article students can prepare diary entries, learn the format of diary writing, ways of writing in a diary and see solved questions on diary writing.

Let us first know what do we mean by diary entry


What is a Diary Entry?

Diary Entry is a personal/informal writing where a person maintains a diary to chronologically record events or personal experiences.

We can say that the purpose of making an entry in a diary can be anyone of the following-

– To record the events of one’s life.
– To share one’s experiences.

Writing a diary is a beneficial hobby because of the following reasons –

–  A person can share one’s emotions.
– One can express his / her feelings
– It is a record so it acts like a back-up for our memory to remember past events
– Writing down our feelings acts like a vent and helps reduce stress
– The activity improves our skills of written communication because it involves noting the slightest observations.


Essentials of a good Diary Entry

  • First person- We use first-person narration when making a diary entry because it is a piece of writing about events from our own viewpoint. A Diary Entry should offer a unique first-hand perspective of momentous times in your life.
  • Past tense- Diaries should be written in the past tense since they mainly describe events that have already happened.
  • Personal style- A diary can be a place to hide private thoughts, or a record of personal memories, or just a way of organizing a day.
    “People who keep journals have life twice,” said author Jessamyn West.
    Keeping a diary allows you to reflect on both happy and unpleasant experiences. It lets you realize how much one has evolved or what mistakes one made in the past. Diary can also help one take note of fears and even deal with them.
  • Observations, thoughts and feelings- A Diary Entry is the most honest, fascinating, and harrowingly personal piece of writing. You can be free and as creative as you like.
    When in doubt write about what did you see and how did it make you feel?
  • Date- A good diary entry contains the date, day and even the hour of composing. You can also add the place.
  • Chronological order- Diarie are written in the order in which they happened, that is their chronological order. Use time conjunctions like primarily, next, then and finally to show this.
  • Emotive language- Creativity, imagination and expression in diary writing are tested. Since Diary is an informal piece of writing, you can let your emotions flow through the ink. You can use words like “Wow” or “Oh my God”.

Diary Writing Format

  • Day and Date
  • Time
  • Salutation – ‘Dear Diary’
  • Contents of the diary entry
  • Signature

dear diary

Marking scheme of diary writing for class 9

Day and Date — ½ mark
Time — ½ mark
Salutation — ½ mark
Content — 3 marks
Signature — ½ mark

Points to remember –

  1. Diary Entry should be left aligned.
  2. In the CBSE marking scheme, no marks are awarded for writing a diary entry in a box.
  3. Body can be of 1/2/3 paragraphs. Students are advised to stick to the word limit i.e. 100-120 words.
  4. If the question mentions a city, make sure to write the name of that place after time.
  5. When writing a signature, don’t write “Yours sincerely , Yours faithfully” . Neither should you write your designation.


Diary Entry Examples (Solved samples)

1. Assume yourself to be the Happy Prince and write the diary entry of the day when his statue was raised and he saw the misery of the poor people of his city in about 100-120 words.
Sunday, 23 Julyr 2023
12.30 PM
New York City

Dear Diary
Today my statue was raised. It is located high above the city. It was full of gold, ruby and diamonds like the way I lived my life. But, I’m terribly depressed because the people in my country are suffering.

I was feeling quite sad when a kind sparrow suddenly appeared. He took my rubies and sapphires and gold to help the needy, and at that moment, I felt much better.
After giving away my gold and jewels, the authorities thought I looked “shabby” so they pulled down my statue.
In the course of helping others, the little swallow caught cold and died due to frost. My heart pains for the poor swallow.
I hope the jewels helped lessen people’s misery. I hope all the people lead a happy life.


2. You lie in your bed chamber listening to the patter of the rain. Many memories of your childhood occupy your mind. Write a diary entry in about 100-150 words about the most important experience that you can recollect.​
Wednesday, 10 July 2023
9 PM

Dear Diary,
The sound of raindrops patting against my roof last night brought up a lot of pleasant memories. I thought I could feel the sound of the water on the roof on my face. As I was lying in my warm and comfortable bed, I heard raindrops tapping on my roof. This came to me in the form of childhood memories and pleasant dreams.
I recall jumping in the muddy puddles with my neighborhood friends and singing songs with them. It was fun. I remember coming home to the sweet aroma of pakoras and enjoying those delicacies with my loved ones. Those were the days!


3. Imagine you are Saint Peter from the poem “The Legend of the Northland”. Write a diary entry expressing your disappointment after coming across such a greedy and selfish lady.
Friday, 27 January 2023
10:45 PM

Dear Diary,
Tonight I’m depressed. I was feeling hungry after having fasted for so long. Hence, I went begging for alms. I reached a cottage where a woman was baking cakes. I requested her to give me one from among the several that she had. She started looking for the smallest cake but was unsuccessful. She then made an attempt to bake me a tiny cake. She was unable to summon the confidence to offer me the cake once it had been baked.The stingy woman angered and irritated me with her greed. So, out of rage, I cursed her to turn into a woodpecker. But later, I came to regret it.


4. Imagine you are the grandfather who owns a private zoo in the chapter “Adventures of Toto”. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings on selling toto?
January 10th 2023, Tuesday
9 PM

Dear Diary,
Toto was returned to the tonga driver from whom I purchased it today. I have conflicting emotions about it and am unsure of whether I should be happy to let it go or be sorry to miss it. This is because Toto was causing more trouble in the house than any of us could handle. I found it difficult to complete any work since I had to constantly watch the mischievous monkey. Since I frequently regretted purchasing it, I suppose I am genuinely glad that it is no longer in my possession. As a result of not having to worry about what may happen next, I also feel fairly peaceful.
I hope Toto is happy with his old owner. Toto may not be here with me but I’m sure my whole family will laugh thinking about his naughty deeds in future.


5. As Johnsy from ‘The last Leaf’, make a diary entry expressing your feelings after you came to know about Mr. Behrman’s death and his masterpiece .
Wednesday, 28 December 2022
10 PM

Dear Diary,
I found out today that Mr. Behrman passed away following a severe pneumonia attack. I couldn’t understand why he would risk his health by going outside in the rain in the middle of the night.

I had been waiting for the last leaf on the vine to fall, but it never did. I then realised that the leaf on the vine had long fallen off but Mr. Behrman had painted the leaf and put it up there during the night.
It was Mr. Behrman’s masterpiece responsible for my survival. This friend of mine lost his life while trying to save mine.
Therefore,I decided not to give up, and eventually I was able to slowly recover. Thanks to an elderly man. May his soul rest in peace.


6. You found a collared cat wandering near your home. It was searching for food and looked scared. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings about it.
Friday, 27 January 2023
11 PM

Dear Diary,
Recently I found a pretty cat in the garage of my house. The cat was quite frightened. The cat was very sad and I could tell it hadn’t eaten for days. I took the cat inside my house and cared for her.
Next, I noticed the cat was collared. I called the number written on the collar but couldn’t get through. Eventually, I got in touch with the pet owner and we decided to meet at the Mall Road.
While taking care of the cat, I had formed an attachment with it. But I had to return it.
When I returned the cat to its owners, the smile on their faces and the way the cat purred melted my heart. The feeling is indescribable and something beyond selflessness.


7. Write a Diary entry entailing the short account of how you played a prank on your mother.
April 1 2023, Saturday
9 PM

Dear Diary,
I had a lot of fun pulling a prank on my mum today. My mum was boiling milk in the evening, While it was boiling she went to the bedroom to fold some clothes for a few minutes. When the milk was ready, I poured it into a container, placed it in the refrigerator, and put the pan on the rack. When mum arrived a short while later, she noticed the burner was empty. She was really puzzled.
She then started to boil a second pack of milk. This time she went to attend a telephone call when I played my trick again on her. After returning to the kitchen, she discovered that the milk was again missing. This time, she yelled in horror. She believed that the house was haunted. I yelled “pranked you” and laughed so hard.
I told dad the story when he got home. Even he laughed heartily.
I’ll be writing soon again. Now is the time for me to go to bed.


8. You saw deforestation taking place on the outskirts of your city. Make a diary entry expressing your feelings. You can take reference from the poem “On Killing a Tree” prescribed in Class 9 syllabus.
Sunday, 15 April 2023
10.30 PM

Dear Diary,
Today I noticed a very terrifying act of the trees being cut. As I have always learnt in school, trees should not be cut. I was feeling sad as this act took place near my house only.
The trees contribute a lot to everyone and hence they are much helpful to human beings. So deforestation should be stopped, and for this the government should also take steps. We know that trees are the lungs of nature. We should also take initiatives which help preserve the environment, like planting more trees. It is disheartening to see how man is giving so much importance to his convenience and is heartlessly ruining the ecosystem and rendering so many birds and animals homeless! I wish humans would come to their senses soon.


9. Imagine your brother is a soldier posted at the border. Write your feelings in the form of a diary entry expressing your views on war and hatred among humans. You can take hints from the poem “No men are foreign”.
Wednesday, 26 April 2023
10 PM

Dear Diary,
On this day four years ago, the cyclone Feni hit my hometown and killed thousands of people and devastated hundreds of villages.
During the middle of the day, violent winds started blowing and soon after heavy rains followed. I was a little scared as two big trees fell on the roof of my house as a result there was a power cut. We lit a candle and carefully went into the basement of our house.
Our phones didn’t work neither did the internet.It was really scary because I could hear continuous thunder and the trees moving violently because of strong winds.
Later, I came to know that there were casualties and many of my acquaintances were severely injured.
After 36 hours, the sun came out and weather started to improve. With the help from the Government and volunteers soon life was back on track. It was truly a terrifying experience.


10. You came across many children on the crossroads with begging bowls in their hands. Write a diary entry about your experience.
Tuesday, 25 April 2023
9 PM

Dear Diary,
Today, while I was heading to school , I noticed several children begging at the crossroads. They wore shabby clothes and looked hungry and tired. They looked in awe at my new school bag, shiny shoes and crispy uniform. At first I was reluctant but eventually went to them asking as to why they were not going to school. I was shocked to hear their reply.
Authorities should assist in helping send these children to school so that they can develop decent manners, attitudes and also ensure food safety for the poor.
I feel privileged to have all the amenities but my heart goes out to the children on the streets. May they too lead a happy and safe life.



Dear Diarists,
Practice is the key to perfection. Hence, work on the following given topics of Diary writing to ace your skills.

Diary Entry Topics for Class 9

1. We all were inside our homes during the lockdown period. Write your feelings in the form of a diary entry.

2. You recently met your idol you admire the most and you are feeling on top of the world. Write a diary entry about it.

3. You recently watched a movie/documentary/web series and it affected you a lot. Write a diary entry about it.

4. You went to a national park for Nature Study where you saw some of your peers throwing stones at the animals. You immediately complained to the authorities. Write a diary entry detailing your experience.

5. You recently visited an Orphanage Home. Write a diary entry about your experience.

6. You recently caught your best friend cheating in the exam hall. You complained to the invigilator. As a result, your best friend cut off all ties with you. Write a diary entry about your feelings.

7. Recently your parents allowed you to travel all alone to visit your cousins. Write a diary entry about your experience.

8. You were watching a horror show at night and suddenly started hearing strange noises. Write a diary entry describing your paranormal experience.

9. You studied about nutrition in school. Write a diary entry mentioning the habits you inculcated in your routine to lead a healthy life.

10. You got the best birthday gift till now. Write a diary entry expressing your gratitude.

Writing a diary has long been a method for documenting events or feelings. Don’t forget that practise is the key to perfection, my fellow diarists!


Diary entry FAQs

1. What is a diary entry?
A. Diary entry is a personal/informal writing where a person maintains a diary to chronologically record events or personal experiences.

2. Give the format of the diary entry.
Ans. A diary entry should be structured in the following format:

  1. Date
  2. Day
  3. Time
  4. Place
  5. Salutation (Dear diary, Hello diary)
  6. Main content (Description of the day or incident and how you feel because of it)
  7. Closing (Bye diary)
  8. Your name (Signature can also be included)


3. Who can write a diary entry?
A. Anyone can write a diary entry to record or share one’s daily experiences or feelings.

4. Why do we write a diary?
A diary can be written for any of the following reasons-
1. To record events
2. To share personal experiences.

5. Can a friend write a diary entry?
A. No. Only the owner of the diary can write in one’s personal diary.

6. How many marks are allotted to diary entries in class 9?
A. In class 9, diary entry writing carries 5 marks. The breakdown of marks is as follows-
Day and Date — ½ mark
Time — ½ mark
Salutation — ½ mark
Content — 3 marks
Signature — ½ mark

7. What is the word limit for the diary entry writing question?
A. The CBSE has prescribed the word limit for diary entry writing to be between 100 and 120 words. Students should not exceed the word limit.

8. Can I score full marks in my diary entry?
A. One can easily score full marks in diary entry writing by following the tips mentioned below-

  1. Diary Entry should be left aligned.
  2. In the CBSE marking scheme, no marks are awarded for writing a diary entry in a box.
  3. The body can be of 1/2/3 paragraphs. Students are advised to stick to the word limit, i.e., 100-120 words.
  4. If the question mentions a city, make sure to write the name of that place after the time.
  5. When writing a signature, don’t write “Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully” . Neither should you write your designation.
  6. Mention feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Use emotive language and expressions.


9. What language and tone should be used in a diary entry?
Ans. Diary writing is a creative writing topic. Also, a diary is a book in which you record your personal feelings. Therefore, the language should be informal. The tone should be friendly, but it will vary from question to question.

10. What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a diary entry?
Ans. The following are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a diary entry:

  1. Avoid abbreviations, and sentence structure and language should be grammatically correct.
  2. The entry should be written in past tense, as the day or the incident you are writing about has already happened.
  3. Be careful not to misspell the word ‘diary’ as ‘dairy’.
  4. The content in the main body should be related to the incident or experience. Also, keep the word limit in mind.


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