BSEB Class 10 English Syllabus for 2024-25


Class 10 English Syllabus (Language and Literature Syllabus) for 2024-25.


BSEB Class 10 English Syllabus for 2024-25 – The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has released Class 10 English Syllabus on its official website. Students can check our post for BSEB Class 10 English Syllabus 2024-25 as per the latest exam pattern. BSEB has prescribed two books for Class 10 English namely Panorama Reader and Panorama 2


BSEB Class 10 English 2024 Syllabus and Mark Distribution


BSEB Class 10 English Syllabus is divided into four parts: English Prose, Grammar, Textbooks and Supplementary Books, and Composition.


Section Item Marks
English Prose
  •  3 short answers type questions
  • One explanation in 3 different passages
  • Two reading passages with comprehension questions
  • Use of words
  • 2 long answer type questions
  • Sentences Correction
  • Direct and Indirect Narration
  • Antonyms and Synonyms
Textbook & Supplementary Textbooks
  • Questions asked from the BSEB 10th Matric textbooks
  • Essay Writing/ Application Writing/ Letter Writing


The following table shows the question paper pattern for Bihar Board 10th English Exam 2024


Type of Questions No. of Questions No. of Questions to be Attempted Maximum Marks per Question Total Marks
Objective type 100 50 1 50
Short-answer type questions 30 15 2 30
Long-answer type questions 8 4 5 20
Total Marks 100


BSEB Class 10th English Course Structure


Panorama 2 – Prose
  1. The Pace for Living
  2. Me and The Ecology Bit.
  3. Gillu
  4. What is Wrong with Indian Film
  5. Acceptance Speech
  6. Once Upon A Time
  7. The Unity of Indian Culture
  8. Little Girls Wiser Than Man
Panorama 2- Poetry
  1. God Made the Country
  2. Ode on Solitude
  3. Polythene Bag
  4. Thinner Than A Crescent
  5. The Empty Heart
  6. Koel
Panorama 2 – Reading 

Read, Think and Enjoy

  1. Spare The Rod
  2. The Last Leaf
Panorama Reader
  1. January Night
  2. Allergy
  3. The Bet
  4. Quality
  5. Sun and Moon
  6. Two Horizons
  7. Love Defiled
  1. Tense, including sequence of Tense
  2. Use of Passive Voice
  3. Narration Commands and Request Statements Questions
  4. Use of non-finites
  5. Sentence connectors: as, since, while, then, just, because, just, until
  6. Punctuation Marks: Colon, Semicolon, Dash, Hyphen, Bracket, etc. and exclamation marks 
  7. Determiners
  8. Subject-verb agreement
  9. Prepositions
  10. Phrases
  11. Modals: Can, could, may, might, must
  12. Clauses with – What, Where, How
A prose passage in Hindi of 5 sentences only for translation into English
Letter Writing


A letter to:
  • Editor of newspaper about law and order of your locality.
  • Telephone authorities about dead telephones. 
  • Publisher, to publish your article in a magazine. 
  • Head master, to grant you leave for a week. 
  • Post master about non-delivery of letter in time. 
  • Authority of Electricity board about breakdown of electricity. 
  • Publication, to send your books by VPP
Letter Writing


A letter to:
  • Friend, congratulating on his success. 
  • Father, to send money to buy books and other necessities. 
  • Younger brother, advising him to avoid bad companies and study well. 
  • Friend, invite him to attend marriage ceremony of your sister. 
  • Father about your aim after passing the examination. 
  • Friend, to spend his holiday with you. 
  • Sister about your journey to historical and geographical places.
Short Writing Report, Notice Message
  • School Annual Function
  • Selection to the school team
  • School debate competition
  • Marriage Invitation Card
  • Republic Day Celebration
  • School science fair: Science exhibition
  • A Trade Fair, Children’s Day
  1. One unseen passage factual in nature of 200 words followed by four or five comprehension question.
  2. One unseen literary passage of 300 words followed by four or five comprehension question on vocabulary will not exceed 4 marks.
Short Writing (Paragraph)
  1. The Wonders of Sciences 
  2. Your favourite game.
  3. Dowry System in India. 
  4. A Cricket Match.
  5. Importance of games. 
  6. My hobby.
  7. An Ideal teacher. 
  8. Morning Walk.
  9. Work is Worship. 
  10. Your ambition.
  11. Discipline
  12. The Village Market
  13. Television
  14. Female Education