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ICSE Class 9 English Bonku Babu’s Friend Important Question Answers from Treasure Chest Book (MCQs and Extract based Questions)


Bonku Babu’s Friend Question Answers: Looking for Bonku Babu’s Friend important questions and answers for ICSE Class 9 English Treasure Chest Book? Look no further! Our comprehensive compilation of important questions will help you brush up on your subject knowledge. Practising ICSE Class 9 English question answers can significantly improve your performance in the exam. Our solutions provide a clear idea of how to write the answers effectively. Improve your chances of scoring high marks by exploring Bonku Babu’s Friend question answers now. The questions listed below are based on the latest ICSE exam pattern, wherein we have given multiple choice questions and extract based questions (Comprehension Passage)


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ICSE Class 9 English Treasure Chest Lesson Bonku Babu’s Friend Text Based Multiple Choice Questions


Answer the following questions by choosing the most appropriate options.


1. Bonku Babu had been teaching geography and Bengali at a village school for the last ……………… .
(a) ten years
(b) twenty two years
(c) twenty years
(d) twenty five years

2. Bonku enjoyed telling his students stories about ……….. .
(a) life in Africa
(b) discovery of the North Pole
(c) the fish in Brazil that ate human flesh
(d) all of the above

3. As Bonku was passing under a tamarind tree he was attacked by …………… .
(a) some dacoits
(b) a ghost
(c) men of Sripati Majumdar
(d) a ‘spook’

4. The moving point of light seen by the residents of Kankurgachhi three months ago turned out to be …………. .
(a) a shooting star
(b) a Russain satellite called Khotka
(c) a Chinese satellite
(d) an American spaceship

5. Bonku Babu was the first person to spot the strange tight but another got the credit for it. Who was that person?
(a) Sripati Majumdar
(b) Chandi Babu
(c) Nidhu Babu
(d) Ramkanai

6. According to Sripati Babu if someone from a different planet came to earth, he would land in …………… .
(a) India
(b) some eastern country
(c) USA
(d) some western country

7. The object that Bonku saw behind the pond looked like a big ……………. .
(a) satellite
(b) glass bowl turned upside down
(c) mountain
(d) a tomb

8. The eyes of the alien were …………………… .
(a) round and bright yellow
(b) shining red
(c) small and lustreless
(d) all of the above

9. The alien had landed on the Earth by mistake. Where was he supposed to go?
(a) Mars
(b) Jupiter
(c) Venus
(d) Pluto

10. The Alien named Ang had come down to earth from the planet ………….. .
(a) Satur
(b) Neptune
(c) Craneus
(d) Uranus

11. The small object, which looked like a pebble, the object which Ang showed to Bonku could ……………. .
(a) work wonders
(b) make him a millionaire
(c) make an enemy powerless
(d) make him very powerful

12. The students at school teased Bonku Babu by:
(a) Offering him snacks
(b) Drawing caricatures on the board
(c) Inviting him to his homes
(d) Helping him with his work

13. What did most of the men at the meeting believe about the possibility of aliens visiting Earth?
(a) They believed aliens would definitely visit Earth soon.
(b) They believed aliens would only visit technologically advanced countries.
(c) They didn’t believe aliens existed.
(d) They believed aliens would only visit large cities.

14. Why did Bonku Babu become tearful at the meeting?
(a) Because he was cold on his walk home.
(b) Because the others were discussing ghosts.
(c) Because he felt left out and ridiculed by the others.
(d) Because he missed the crickets chirping.

15. What did Bonku Babu see in the bamboo grove?
(a) A group of fireflies
(b) A group of wild animals
(c) A large fire
(d) A glowing pink light emanating from a large object.

16. What happened to Bonku Babu when he got close to the object handheld by Ang?
(a) He fainted.
(b) He was struck by lightning.
(c) He felt an electric current and became immobilized.
(d) He was abducted by aliens.

17. What did Ang advise Bonku Babu to change about his personality?
(a) To be more humorous
(b) To be more studious
(c) To be more assertive.
(d) To be more humble

18. What did Bonku Babu threaten to do to Nidhu Babu if he kept calling him a nickname?
(a) Tell everyone a secret about him.
(b) Challenge him to a physical fight.
(c) Call him a rude nickname in return.
(d) Report him to the authorities.

19. What did Ang claim was its age?
(a) 50 years old
(b) 833 years old
(c) Much older than the Earth
(d) Its age was a secret

20. The story introduces Ang, an alien who mistakenly lands on Earth. Despite his initial fear, Bonku Babu treats Ang with kindness and helps him. What can we learn from this?
(a) It’s better to be suspicious of strangers, especially those from different planets.
(b) Kindness and compassion are important values, even towards aliens.
(c) Helping others can lead to trouble.
(d) Fear is the best way to react to the unknown.

1. (b) twenty two years
2. (d) all of the above
3. (d) a ‘spook’
4. (b) a Russain satellite called Khotka
5. (c) Nidhu Babu
6. (d) some western country
7. (b) glass bowl turned upside down
8. (a) round and bright yellow
9. (d) Pluto
10. (c) Craneus
11. (c) make an enemy powerless
12. (b) Drawing caricatures on the board
13. (b) They believed aliens would only visit technologically advanced countries.
14. (c) Because he felt left out and ridiculed by the others.
15. (d) A glowing pink light emanating from a large object.
16. (c) He felt an electric current and became immobilized.
17. (c) To be more assertive.
18. (c) Call him a rude nickname in return.
19. (b) 833 years old
20. (b) Kindness and compassion are important values, even towards aliens.

ICSE Class 9 English Bonku Babu’s Friend Extract Based Questions


Read the extracts given below and answer the questions.


Passage 1

It was not as if there was never any reason for him to lose his temper. For the last twenty-two years, Bonku Babu had taught geography and Bengali at the Kankurgacchi village Primary School. Every year, a new batch of students replaced the old one, but old or new, the tradition of teasing poor Bonku Babu continued among all the students. Some drew his cartoon on the blackboard; others put glue on his chair; or, on the night of Kali Puja, they lit a chasing rocket and set it off right behind him.

Bonku Babu did not get upset by any of this. Only sometimes, he cleared his throat and said, “Shame on you, boys!”


(i) What was difficult for the students to imagine? Why? 

Ans. The students found it difficult to imagine Bonku Babu ever losing his temper. This is because he endured their constant teasing for years without any outward displays of anger. Bonku Babu’s calm demeanor made it hard to picture him ever reacting strongly.


(ii) Which tradition continued among the students? 

Ans. The passage describes the ongoing tradition of teasing Bonku Babu among the students, regardless of whether they were new or old students.


(iii) The students teased Bonku Babu in different ways. What were they? 

Ans. The passage gives examples of the students’ teasing: drawing caricatures, putting glue on his chair, and setting off firecrackers near him.


(iv) How did Bonku Babu sometimes lightly condemn the students? 

Ans. Bonku Babu’s way of condemning the students was mild. He would simply clear his throat and say, “Shame on you, boys!” This suggests his desire for peace rather than confrontation.


(v) What impression do you form of Bonku Babu? 

Ans. The passage portrays Bonku Babu as a patient and enduring individual. Despite facing constant teasing, he maintains his composure and avoids outbursts. This gives the impression of someone with dignity and a reluctance to create conflict.


Passage 2

Only the other day — less than two months ago — they were talking about ghosts. Usually, Bonku Babu kept his mouth shut. That day, for some unknown reason, he opened it and declared that he was not afraid of ghosts, that was all ! But it was enough to offer a golden opportunity to the others. On his way back home later that night, Bonku Babu was attacked by a ‘spook’. As he was passing under a tamarind tree, a tall, thin figure leapt down and landed on his back. As it happened this apparition had smeared black ink all over itself, possibly at the suggestion of someone at the meeting.


(i) What did Bonku Babu declare in the group?

Ans. Bonku Babu declared that he wasn’t afraid of ghosts.


(ii) What offered a golden opportunity to others? What did they plan?

Ans. Bonku Babu’s statement about not fearing ghosts presented a golden opportunity for the others. Likely, they planned to prank him with a fake ghost encounter.


(iii) Who do you think was the lean, thin figure that landed on Bonku’s back?

Ans. The text doesn’t explicitly name the figure, but it suggests it was someone from the gathering, appearing like a ‘spook’, possibly inspired by their discussion about ghosts. The use of black ink indicates that it was a planned prank.


(iv) Why could Bonku Babu not recognise the apparition? 

Ans. The darkness and the surprise attack perhaps prevented Bonku Babu from recognizing the figure. Additionally, the black ink smeared all over the figure would further disguise their identity.


(v) How did this encounter with the ghost affect Bonku Babu? 

Ans. Bonku Babu was not particularly frightened, but injured. He injured his neck when the spook jumped on him. Worst of all, his new kurta was torn and had black stains all over it.


Passage 3

Even, so, Bonku Babu had to come to these meetings. If he didn’t, what would Sripati Babu think ? Not only was he a very important man in the school committee and in the village, but he couldn’t do without Bonku Babu. who could provide amusement to all. On one particular day, the topic of conversation was space – in other words, they were talking about spaceships and space travel.


(i) What sort of jokes were played on Bonku Babu? 

Ans. Bonku Babu was ridiculed by the associates for his opinions. One time, someone impersonating a spook, frightened Bonku Babu, leaving him with a neck injury and torn, stained clothes. 


(ii) Bonku didn’t like to come, even then he came. Why? 

Ans. Bonku Babu attends the meetings despite disliking them because he fears Sripati Babu’s disapproval. Sripati holds a powerful position in the school committee and village, possibly influencing Bonku Babu’s job security. Additionally, Bonku might feel a social obligation or fear being ostracized further if he doesn’t attend.


(iii) Why was Bonku afraid of Sripati Majumdar? 

Ans. Sripati Babu’s importance in the school committee and village likely translates to power over Bonku Babu’s professional life. Fearing job loss or negative influence on his career prospects compels Bonku to be subservient and endure the group’s amusement at his expense.


(iv) Sometimes Bonku tried to keep away from this group. Why?

Ans. The extract suggests Bonku dislikes being the target of amusement. He likely feels uncomfortable, embarrassed, and possibly humiliated by the jokes about his speech. This motivates him to avoid the group at times. 


(v) One day which topic came up for conversation? What were the views of most of the persons?

Ans. The topic that came up for conversation that day was space, specifically spaceships and space travel. Chandi Babu represents a skeptical viewpoint, dismissing the sighting of the light and space exploration as “humbug” (nonsense). Most of the group didn’t have much knowledge about satellites, suggesting they weren’t deeply invested in understanding the technology.

Ramkanai, being younger, offered a more positive view, acknowledging the accomplishment of space travel as a human feat.


Passage 4

Everyone agreed, with the sole exception of Bonku Babu. Chandi Babu decided to take things a bit further. He nudged Nidhu Babu silently, pointed at Bonku Babu and spoke innocently: “Why, I think Bonku is quite right. Isn’t it natural that aliens should want to come to a place where there’s a man like our Bonkubihari ? If they wanted to take away a human specimen, could they find anything better?”

“No, I don’t think so!” Nidhu Babu joined in.

“Consider his looks, not to mention his brains … yes, Bunkum would be the ideal specimen!”

“Right. Suitable for keeping in a museum or a zoo,” Ramkanai chipped in.


(i) What had Sripati Babu said to which almost all agreed?

Ans. Sripati Babu was of the opinion that aliens were not fools to land in a place like Kankurgachhi. They were sahibs and so they would land in a western country where all sahibs lived. All agreed with him with the sole exception of Bonku Babu.


(ii) What did Chandi Babu want when he nudged Nidhu Babu? 

Ans. Chandi Babu nudged Nidhu Babu to join in mocking Bonku Babu.


(iii) When Chandi Babu says “I think Bonku is quite right’, does he mean it? In which tone he speaks?

Ans. No, Chandi Babu doesn’t mean it. He speaks in a sarcastic tone to further ridicule Bonku Babu.


(iv) What for would Bonku Babu be suitable according to Ram Kanai?

Ans. Ram Kanai thinks Bonku Babu would be suitable for a museum or zoo exhibit.


(v) What impression do you form of the speakers participating in the discussion?

Ans. The speakers come across as insensitive and cruel. They make fun of Bonku Babu presumed, highlighting their own lack of empathy and understanding.


Passage 5

Bonku Babu did not reply, but wondered silently: if anyone were to actually look for a specimen, weren’t the others just as suitable? Look at Sripati Babu. His chin was so much like a camel’s. And that Bhairav Chakravarty, his eyes were like the eyes of a tortoise. Nidhu Babu looked like a rat, Ramkanai like a goat, and Chandi Babu like a flittermouse. If a zoo really had to be filled up…!

Tears sprang to his eyes. Bonku Babu had come to the meeting hoping, for once, to enjoy himself. That was clearly not to be. He could not stay here any longer. He got up to his feet.


(i) Why did Bonku not reply to the derogatory remarks of the regulars? 

Ans. Bonku Babu is a timid and meek person. He wishes to avoid conflict at all costs. Bonku Babu avoids replying to the regulars’ derogatory remarks likely because he’s used to such treatment and knows arguing won’t change anything.


(ii) What did Bonku think about Bhairav Babu? 

Ans. Bonku believes Bhairav Babu’s eyes resemble a tortoise’s, implying slowness or lack of intelligence.


(iii) According to Bonku Babu, how could a zoo be filled up? 

Ans. Bonku humorously imagines the gathering as a collection of “specimens” suitable for a zoo based on their exaggerated physical features. Sripati Babu as a camel, Bhairav Babu as a tortoise, Nidhu Babu as a rat, Ram Kanai as a goat, and Chandi Babu as a flittermouse. 


(iv) Why had Bonku come to the meeting? 

Ans. Bonku attended the meeting hoping to enjoy himself and socialize, a rare desire for him.


(v) When Bonku was about to leave, what comment did Sripati Babu make that made everyone laugh?

Ans. When Bonku Babu was about to leave, Sripati Babu warned him that it was an auspicious night for ghosts, making everyone laugh.


Passage 6

Puzzled, Bonku Babu walked another twenty yards, and then he suddenly saw the light. At first, he thought that a fire had broken out. Bang in the middle of the bamboo grove, in the clearing near a small pond, quite a large area was glowing pink. A dull light shone on every branch and every leaf. Down below, the ground behind the pond was lit by a much stronger pink light. But it was not a fire, for it was still.


Bonku Babu kept moving.


(i) Which light is referred to in the second line? 

Ans. The light referred to in the second line is the pink light emanating from the clearing near the pond in the bamboo grove.


(ii) Why did Bonku think that a fire had broken out?

Ans. Bonku thought a fire had broken out because the pink light was strong and illuminated a large area, similar to how a fire might glow.


(iii) How did the ground behind the pond look? 

Ans. The ground behind the pond was lit by a much stronger pink light compared to the rest of the area.


(iv) Why did Bonku’s ears begin to ring? What did he hear? 

Ans. Bonku’s ears began to ring because he heard a loud, steady humming noise.


(v) What effect did the noise have on Bonku Babu? Why did he move forward? 

Ans. The noise made Bonku breakout in goosebumps but also made him curious. This irrepressible curiosity drove him forward.


Passage 7

Through that door emerged a head—like a plain, smooth ball—and then the body of a weird creature. Its arms and legs were amazingly thin. With the exception of its head, its whole body was covered by a shiny, pink outfit. Instead of ears, it had tiny holes on each side of its head. On the face were two holes where there should have been a nose, and another gaping hole instead of a mouth. There was no sign of hair anywhere. Its eyes were round and bright yellow. They appeared to be glowing in the dark.


(i) Who came out of the strange object? 

Ans. The extract describes a strange creature emerging from an unspecified object. The creature is an alien named Ang.


(ii) How did that creature look? 

Ans. The creature is described as having a smooth, ball-like head with thin limbs. Its entire body, except for the head, is covered in a shiny pink outfit. It lacks hair, ears, a nose, and a mouth, with only holes where those features would be. Its bright yellow eyes seem to glow in the dark.


(iii) What did it have instead of ears? 

Ans. The creature doesn’t have traditional ears. Instead, it has tiny holes on either side of its head, possibly serving as auditory receptors.


(iv) Describe the face of the ‘person’. 

Ans. The text avoids calling it a “person.” Its face is described as having two holes for a nose and a single large opening in place of a mouth. It lacks any facial features except for the glowing yellow eyes.


(v) What did the strange creature do after coming out of that object? 

Ans. After coming out, the creature walked slowly towards Bonku Babu and stopped a few feet away, staring at him. 


Passage 8

Bonku Babu did not know what to say. He was feeling quite uncomfortable, for the creature had reached out and was examining Bonku Babu’s arms and legs with its long, bony fingers. When it finished, it introduced itself. “I am Ang, from the planet Craneus. A far superior being than man.

“What! This creature, barely four feet tall, with such thin limbs and weird face, was superior to man? Bonku Babu nearly burst out laughing. Ang read his mind immediately. “There’s no need to be so sceptical. I can prove it. How many languages do you know?”

Bonku Babu scratched his head. “Bengali, English and… er… Hindi… a little Hindi ….. I mean …”


(i) What had the strange creature told Bonku Babu just before this? 

Ans. The strange creature told Bonku Babu he was from the planet Craneus and a far superior being than man.


(ii) What did the creature tell Bonku about himself?

Ans. The creature who is an alien named Ang, told Bonku Babu he was superior to man.


(iii) How did Bonku react when the creature told him that he was a more superior being than man?

Ans. Bonku Babu almost laughed at the creature’s claim of superiority.


(iv) How did the strange creature prove that he was much superior to Bonku Babu?

Ans. Ang proved his superiority by stating that he knew 14,000 languages.


(v) How many languages did the creature know? What more did he tell about himself?

Ans. The question about languages suggests the creature knows more than the three Bonku Babu struggles to list. The alien Ang knew about 14,000 languages. He also revealed that he was 833 years old, which is remarkably old by human standards. Additionally, he had visited 25 different planets across the solar system, exposing him to many different civilizations and languages over his long lifetime.


Passage 9

“I know 14,000. There isn’t a single language in our solar system that I do not know. I also know thirty-one languages spoken on planets outside your system. I have been to twenty-five of them. How old are you?”

“I am fifty.”

“I am 833. Do you eat animals?”

Bonku Babu had had mutton curry only recently, on the day of Kali Puja. How could he deny it? “We stopped eating meat several centuries ago,” Ang informed him. “Before that, we used to eat the flesh of most creatures. I might also have eaten you.”

Bonku Babu swallowed hard.

“Take a look at this!” Ang offered him a small object. It looked like a pebble. Bonku Babu touched it for an instant, and felt the same electric current pass through his body. He withdrew his hand at once.


(i) Why does Ang reveal their age to Bonku Babu?

Ans. Ang likely brings up their age to further establish their superiority. Living for 833 years suggests extensive experience and knowledge compared to Bonku Babu’s 50 years.


(ii) What is the significance of Ang mentioning they stopped eating meat?

Ans. Ang mentioning their kind stopped eating meat creates a moral dilemma for Bonku Babu. He might feel judged for his recent meat consumption, especially considering Ang’s claim they might have eaten him.


(iii) What does Ang want Bonku Babu to understand by offering the pebble-like object?

Ans. Ang offers the object to demonstrate their technological prowess. The electric shock showcases a device that can incapacitate without physical harm, potentially leaving Bonku Babu impressed and wary.


(iv) How does Bonku Babu likely feel after experiencing the electric shock?

Ans. The shock would likely induce a mix of fear and respect in Bonku Babu. He might fear Ang’s capabilities while acknowledging their advanced technology.


(v) What is the main point of Ang’s interaction with Bonku Babu so far?

Ans: Ang’s interaction seems aimed at overwhelming Bonku Babu with their knowledge, experience, and technology. They want to establish themself as far superior and potentially gain Bonku Babu’s admiration or submission.


Passage 10

Kindly return my umbrella and brown canvas shoes to my house tomorrow.

Nidhu Babu, if you call me Bunkum, I shall call you Nitwit, and you must learn to live with that! And Sripati Babu, you are an important man, of course you must have chamchas, sycophants But let me tell you, from today you can count me out. If you like, I can send my cat to you, it’s quite good at licking feet. And… oh, you are here as well, Poncha Babu! Let me inform you and everyone else, that last night, an Ang arrived from the planet Craneus and landed on the pond in your bamboo grove. We had a long chat. The man… sorry, the Ang, was most amiable.”

Bonku Babu finished his speech and slapped Bhairav Chakravarty’s back so hard that he choked. Then he made his exit, striding out with a bounce and a whistle, his eyes sparkling, his head held high.

In the same instant, the cup fell from Ramkanai’s hand, shattering to pieces, and splattering hot tea on most of the others.


(i) Why is Bonku Babu upset with Nidhu Babu?

Ans. Bonku Babu is upset because Nidhu Babu calls him Bunkum (a silly name).


(ii) What threat does Bonku Babu make to Sripati Babu?

Ans. Bonku Babu sarcastically suggests sending his cat to lick Sripati Babu’s feet, implying the cat would be a more genuine companion than his sycophants, (people who flatter him insincerely). 


(iii) What is the significance of Bonku Babu mentioning an “Ang” from Craneus?

Ans. This is the main point of Bonku Babu’s speech. He wants to impress everyone with his encounter with a supposedly superior being from another planet.


(iv) How does Bonku Babu’s body language portray his feelings after his speech?

Ans. His actions – slapping Bhairav’s back, exiting with a bounce and a whistle, sparkling eyes, and a held-high head – all show confidence, pride, and excitement.


(v) What is the likely reason behind Ramkanai’s dramatic reaction (dropping the cup and spilling tea)?

Ans. Ramkanai’s reaction is likely a combination of surprise at Bonku Babu’s story and the sudden shift in the conversation’s focus. The shattered cup suggests his shock might be bordering on disbelief.


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