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Why not a single Common Entrance Exam for Engineering Admissions

Our present education system seems to be taking a toll on students, no matter how much we argue about the benefits and the things the students in-store in the long run. While we are in the midst of decision making policies that will include common entrance examinations, while some have already been made, let us discuss some of the advantages this system of education can have on our students. 

We have 30 NITs (National Institutes of Technology), 15 IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), four IIITs (Indian Institutes of Information Technology) and five IISERs (Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research) in addition to a few deemed universities as well. At this point in time students in the country take 150 different examinations to enter 15 lakh engineering colleges alone! Also, each state holds separate entrance tests for admissions to engineering courses, while the IITs and NITs have separate tests.

At the present level we are compelling the students to memorize things rather than learn them for the long run and comprehend them. Although the system of organizing common entrance tests is more than required that the HRD ministry has been trying to bring about.

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Common Entrance Exams for Engineering

While the decision is has been deterred yet again this year by the IITs, but it seems that it might not be able to put off for a long time. It is believed that a single testing system for engineering will not only be increasing opportunities for students by making things more complacent but also be relieving them from the capitation fees. Let us discuss how the likes of a common entrance test is good for engineering students:

  • Students live under the intense pressure of appearing in various entrance examinations, where the appearing for a maximum number of exams will make the notion of getting into an engineering college. As a result not only do students end up appearing for some not required papers but also in the mean time go through anxiety that can easily be avoided. The time spent preparing for numerous entrance tests can be spent preparing for one than many.
  • Students from not so strong financial backgrounds do not afford numerous exam fees which will be easily avoided if we can keep a single point of entry. This decision will result in saving a lot of time, energy and resources that students spend on preparing for a number of tests.
  • A common entrance exam means fewer counseling dates and examination dates. There will be less time spent in keeping track of the never ending first, second and third counseling’s with so many exams to appear for. 
  • Conducting a Common Entrance Exam can also result in more clarity and transparency with the system and it gives a student an option of lodging RTI to have more clarity. 

This common entrance test system will not only reduce physical, psychological and financial stress on students and their parents and also this should end the never ending phase of “tutorials”.


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