From the Diary of Anne Frank Character Sketches

Give a Character Sketch of Anne Frank and Mr. Keesing from Class 10 English Chapter 4 From The Diary Of Anne Frank

In this post, we explain the  character sketch of Anne Frank and Mr. Keesing from Class 10 English Chapter 4 From The Diary Of Anne Frank. This post covers everything you need to know about  Anne Frank and Mr. Keesing from the lesson. We provide answers to questions related to the character sketch of Anne Frank and Mr. Keesing, including his traits, personalities, and motivations. Our explanations are easy to understand, and we offer examples from the lesson to support our points. Whether you’re a student looking to study for your exams or a teacher seeking to explain the lesson to your students, our post can be very helpful. So, read on and learn all about the character sketch of Anne Frank and Mr. Keesing.

Character Sketch of Anne Frank

Anne Frank
was a highly intelligent, compassionate, and mature young girl. When her father moved the family to Holland in search of a better place to live, she was four years old. Although Anne had numerous friends, she didn’t have a single one she could confide in. She needed a true friend with whom she could share her inner feelings and open up her heart. As a result, she made Kitty, her diary, her friend and gave way to all of her emotions by writing in it. Her arithmetic teacher frequently punished her because she was very talkative. She was so funny. She could create a humorous defense for every issue. She persuaded her teacher with her arguments, and in the end, he accepted the joke and stopped punishing her. She was intelligent and innovative in her arguments.

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Important Questions Related to Character Sketch of Anne Frank

Q1. What kind of person is Anne Frank according to her diary entries?
Q2. How does Anne view the world around her, and how does this affect her character?
Q3. What role does writing play in Anne’s character development?
Q4. How does Anne’s character demonstrate the resilience of the human spirit?
Q5. What is the importance of teachers in a child’s life. Discuss with reference to the lives of Richard Ebright, Bholi and Anne Frank
Q6. Both the girls Anne Frank and Wanda do not have friends. According to you what could be lacking in their personalities or their surroundings which led to this.
Q7. Compare and contrast the personalities of Anne Frank and Peggy with respect to their relations with their friends and classmates

Character Sketch of Mr. Keesing

Mr. Keesing was a Maths teacher at Anne’s school. By nature, he was very strict. He would not tolerate anybody chatting in his class. He continues to be irritated with Anne, who was undoubtedly a chatterbox. He used to punish her by assigning additional schoolwork. But Anne would fill her allotted assignment with such humorous material that not only the class but even Mr. Keesing felt quite happy. He failed to stop Anne’s habit of talking constantly in class. One day he asked Anne to write an essay on a Chatterbox with the intention to make mockery of her. She wrote the essay in the form of a story in verse with convincing arguments to prove the necessity of talking. Thankfully, Mr. Keesing understood the humour. Subsequently, he gave her more assignments to stop her habit of talking in the class. However, Anne wrote each assignment in various innovative and intelligent ways. Her poem on the three ducklings who were bitten to death by the father for they quacked a lot, finally stopped Mr Keesing from pointing out her talkative habit.

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From The Diary Of Anne Frank Overview –  The story is based on the theme of loneliness and the inability of being comfortable with others. The writer misses having a true friend and gets a diary as her confidante. The lesson also shows the narrator’s intelligence and talkative nature and how tactfully she handles her annoyed teacher.

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Some Question Related to the Character Sketch of Mr. Keesing

Q1. What is Mr. Keesing’s profession and how does Anne describe him?
Q2. How does Mr. Keesing react when Anne talks too much in class?
Q3. How does Mr. Keesing’s relationship with Anne change over the course of the diary entries?
Q4. Compare and contrast the qualities of Mr Weiherer and Mr Keesing as teachers of Richard Ebright and Anne Frank respectively. What role did they play in the life of the student?

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