Give a Character Sketch of Valli and Bus Conductor from Class 10 English Chapter 9 Madam Rides the Bus

In this post, we explain the  character sketch of Valli and Bus Conductor from Class 10 English Chapter 9 Madam Rides the Bus. This post covers everything you need to know about  Valli and Bus Conductor from the lesson. We provide answers to questions related to the character sketch of Valli and Bus Conductor, including his traits, personalities, and motivations. Our explanations are easy to understand, and we offer examples from the lesson to support our points. Whether you’re a student looking to study for your exams or a teacher seeking to explain the lesson to your students, our post can be very helpful. So, read on and learn all about the character sketch of Valli and Bus Conductor.

Character Sketch of  Valli

was an eight years young, bright, and street-smart girl who lives in a slum in Chennai. She is lively, spunky, curious, and blessed with a sharp wit and a strong sense of observation. She was a strong, independent young girl who was not afraid to take chances or speak out for herself, despite her innocent age. She desires traveling alone by bus out of curiosity. She was fascinated by the scenery of the town while riding in a bus, but she resisted the urge to get down. She is easily influenced by her surroundings. When she saw the dead calf lying by the roadside, she realised the mysteries of life and death. She discovered that in a moment’s time, people or even other creatures who appeared to be in good health are suddenly taken away by death. She set out on her ride as a young girl, but she came back as a mature woman.

Madam Rides The Bus Overview – The main character, Valli is shown to be a curious child. This feature has been highlighted in the story. She gets fascinated by things and her fascination arouses attraction due to which she undertakes an adventure trip, without worrying about the risks and dangers that it involves.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Valli

Q1.  Who is Valli, and what is her character like in the story?
Q2. How does Valli’s background and upbringing shape her character in the story?
Q3. How does Valli’s curiosity and sense of wonder affect her interactions with the other characters in the story?
Q4. What are some of the challenges that Valli faces in the story, and how does she overcome them?
Q5. What does Valli’s journey on the bus reveal about her character?
Q6. What is the significance of Valli’s character in the story?
Q7. How important is curiosity in a child’s development? Elucidate on this with reference to Richrad Ebright and Valli.
Q8. Bholi and Valli were young girls of the same age yet their circumstances and families made them different from each other. Write down instances from the lessons in support of this statement
Q9. The characters of Valli, Wanda and Bholi emerge out of their respective challenges, as better, mature individuals. Highlight and discuss the respective quality of these girls which helps them.

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Character Sketch of  Bus Conductor

The bus conductor was a cheerful, fun-loving man with a fantastic sense of humour. He acts as a peacemaker and mediator, attempting to appease everyone. While being helpful and courteous to Valli, he also made fun of her arrogant attitude. He mimicked Valli’s tone and asked her to feel comfortable. He addresses the young girl as “madam” because he feels that she behaves like grown ups. The conductor takes care of all the passengers and offers a drink to Valli too. He is responsible towards her.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Bus Conductor

Q1. How is the bus conductor’s appearance described in “Madam rides the bus”?
Q2. What is the bus conductor’s attitude towards the passengers?
Q3. How does the bus conductor treat the ‘madam’ in the story?
Q4. What motivates the bus conductor’s behavior towards the passengers?
Q5. Highlight the similarities between the characters of the postmaster from ‘The Letter to God’ and the bus conductor from ‘Madam rides the Bus’. What role did they play in helping the main character?


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