Give a Character Sketch of Horace Danby from Class 10 English Chapter 4 A Question of Trust


In this post, we explain the  character sketch of Horace Danby from Class 10 English Chapter 4 A Question of Trust. This post covers everything you need to know about Horace Danby from the lesson. We provide answers to questions related to the character sketch of Horace Danby, including his traits, personalities, and motivations. Our explanations are easy to understand, and we offer examples from the lesson to support our points. Whether you’re a student looking to study for your exams or a teacher seeking to explain the lesson to your students, our post can be very helpful. So, read on and learn all about the character sketch of Horace Danby.

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Character Sketch of Horace Danby

Horace Danby
is a lock maker. He is 50 years old and yet unmarried. He has a good reputation among the social stratification. He has a hobby of reading very expensive and rare books.  So, he steals from wealthy people, once a year, to buy these books. Despite the fact that he had attempted several burglaries, he did not leave any fingerprints, which was one of the main reasons he was never apprehended at any of the crime scenes. Once when he went for burglary at Grange house, he met a lady who pretended to be the owner of that house. She told a fake story regarding jewels and asked Horace Danby to assist her in breaking the Grange safe in order to obtain the jewels. Horace believed her and opened the Grange safe. A few days later, he was apprehended by the cop because there were fingerprints of Horace all over the room. Horace was apprehended due to his innocence.

A Question of Trust Overview: The central idea is that cheats also expect honesty in their profession. On the same mission to rob a home safe, two experienced thieves and burglars come face to face. They both went to great lengths to ensure that the theft would go off without a hitch.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Horace Danby

Q1. What is the profession of Horace Danby, and how does he come across as a trustworthy person?
Q2. How does the author describe Horace Danby’s physical appearance, and what does it suggest about his character?
Q3. What is Horace Danby’s ultimate fate, and what does it reveal about his character?
Q4. Both Hari and Horace Danby (A Question of Trust) are thieves. Discuss the individual traits which can be seen in the purpose for which they execute the thefts.

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