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Give a Character Sketch of Natalya, Chubukov and Lomov from Class 10 English Chapter 11 The Proposal

See this post to understand the character sketch of Natalya, Chubukov and Lomov from the lesson “The Proposal” in Class 10 English! This post covers everything you need to know about Natalya and other characters from the lesson. We provide answers to questions related to Natalya’s character and that of Chubukov and Lomov) , including their traits, personalities, and motivations. Our explanations are easy to understand, and we offer examples from the lesson to support our points. Whether you’re a student looking to study for your exams or a teacher seeking to explain the lesson to your students, our post can be very helpful. So, read on and learn all about the Natalya and other characters from the lesson!

Character Sketch of Natalya

Natalaya was a young unmarried girl of twenty five years age. She lived in the neighbourhood of Lomov, a young unmarried man. She was an excellent housekeeper and was not bad looking. She was thirsty for love. Her father called her a lovesick cat. Lomov said that she was well educated, but she did not seem to be so. The ‘love-sick’ cat, Natalya does not even know Lomov’s reason of arrival to her house in the very beginning of the play, rather engages herself in a quarrel with Lomov over the ownership of Oxen Meadows and then, a quarrel of Guess versus Squeezer.  She said that those meadows were not of much worth to her but she could not stand unfairness. She is a lonely and sharp-minded woman who is not willing to give one inch of their land to others. But when she gets to know about  Lomov’s proposal of marriage, she desperately wants him back. Even though she is broached as an argumentative and quarrelsome woman, she at once accepts Lomov’s proposal to spend her remaining life with him.

The Proposal Overview – The play highlights how anger and argument can spoil a relationship. It also shows the fate of such marriages which are done with the purpose of cheating the spouse. The kind of matrimonial alliances entered into by the wealthy people whose main purpose is to amass riches has been depicted.

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The Proposal Summary Explanation

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Natalya

Q1. What kind of a person is Natalya in “The Proposal”?
Q2. How does Natalya behave towards Lomov in “The Proposal”?
Q3. What is Natalya’s attitude towards her father in “The Proposal”?
Q4. Does Natalya have any flaws in “The Proposal”?
Q5. What can we learn from Natalya’s character in “The Proposal”?
Q6. What qualities do the characters of Natalya and Bholi display with respect to their marriage?


Character Sketch Chubukov

is portrayed as a practical man who is interested in the material aspects of life. He is always trying to increase his wealth and social status, and he sees his daughter’s marriage as a means to achieve this goal. He is eager to have Lomov as his son-in-law because he believes that Lomov’s wealth and status will benefit his own family.

Chubukov is also shown as being rather manipulative, using his daughter as a pawn to achieve his own ends. He tries to convince Natalya to marry Lomov by telling her that he is a good match and that she will be happy with him. 

In summary, Chubukov is a practical, materialistic, and manipulative character who is primarily concerned with increasing his own wealth and social status. He sees his daughter’s marriage as a means to achieve this goal and is willing to use any means necessary to achieve it.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Chubukov

Q1. What is Chubukov’s personality like in “The Proposal”?
Q2. What is Chubukov’s relationship with Lomov in “The Proposal”?
Q3. How does Chubukov react when Lomov proposes to his daughter in “The Proposal”?
Q4. What does Chubukov value most in “The Proposal”?
Q5. How does Chubukov’s character contribute to the overall theme of “The Proposal”?

The Proposal Question Answers


Character Sketch of Lomov

 was a young, unmarried man of thirty five. He was anxious to get married as he had already reached a critical age. So he decided to propose to a girl in the neighbourhood. Lomov thought that she was a good housekeeper and was not bad looking. Further she was unmarried. Lomov was a funny character. He was suffering from palpitation. He behaved as if he were eccentric. He was so eager to marry Natalya. But when he came to propose to her, he started quarrelling over trifles. He quarreled on issues like Oxen Meadows and pet dogs named Squeezer and Guess. He even abused Natalya and her father Chubukov while quarreling. However , he lacks self – confidence and keeps beating about the bush instead of starting matters clearly. He is a comical character who has not learnt the wise lesson of proper discrimination between the relative importance of different situations. Instead of concentrating on the topic of proposing romantically, he keeps on foolishly asserting his claim over”oxen meadows “. He is childish, unintelligent and foolish who stubbornly keeps on arguing with the lady ,who seems to be the only person he could marry. He does not even hesitate to hurl abuses at the chubukov family when he gets into heated arguments over Oxen Meadows and the dogs. His stubbornness and immaturity almost ruin the sole prospect of marriage.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Lomov

Q1. Who is Lomov, and what are his characteristics?
Q2. What is Lomov’s motivation in proposing to Natalya?
Q3. How does Lomov’s personality affect his proposal to Natalya?
Q4. How does Lomov react to the arguments with Natalya?
Q5. What is the significance of Lomov’s character in the play?

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