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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight The Proposal Important Question Answers Lesson 11

Class 10 English The Proposal Question Answers – Looking for The Proposal question answers (NCERT solutions) for CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Book Chapter 11? Look no further! Our comprehensive compilation of important questions will help you brush up on your subject knowledge. Practising Class 10 English question answers can significantly improve your performance in the board exam. Our solutions provide a clear idea of how to write the answers effectively. Improve your chances of scoring high marks by exploring Chapter 11: The Proposal question answers now. The questions listed below are based on the latest CBSE exam pattern, wherein we have given NCERT solutions to the chapter’s extract based questions, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and long answer questions

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Class 10 English The Proposal Question Answers Lesson 11 – Extract Based Questions

Extract-based questions are of the multiple-choice variety, and students must select the correct option for each question by carefully reading the passage.

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A. “ It’s cold… I’m trembling all over, just as if I’d got an examination before me. The great thing is, I must have my mind made up. If I give myself time to think, to hesitate, to talk a lot, to look for an ideal, or for real love, then I’ll never get married. Brr… It’s cold! Natalya Stepanovna is an excellent housekeeper, not bad-looking, well-educated. What more do I want? But I’m getting a noise in my ears from excitement. [Drinks] And it’s impossible for me not to marry. In the first place, I’m already 35 — a critical age, so to speak. In the second place, I ought to lead a quiet and regular life. I suffer from palpitations, I’m excitable and always getting awfully upset; at this very moment my lips are trembling, and there’s a twitch in my right eyebrow. But the very worst of all is the way I sleep. I no sooner get into bed and begin to go off, when suddenly something in my left side gives a pull, and I can feel it in my shoulder and head… I jump up like a lunatic, walk about a bit and lie down again, but as soon as I begin to get off to sleep there’s another pull! And this may happen twenty times…  “


Q1. Who is saying, “I’m trembling all over as if I had got an examination before me”?

Ans. Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov

Q2. What is the great thing that the speaker is talking about?

Ans. The speaker is talking about real love and marriage.

Q3. What state of Lomov’s mind does the passage reflect?

Ans. His mind reflects that way he would never get married because it is difficult to get an idea or real love.

Q4. Why did Lomov not want to wait for real love?

Ans. This was because he was anxious to get married.


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B. “Lomov ; He is old, but I wouldn’t take five Squeezers for him. Why, how can you? Guess is a dog, as for Squeezer; well it’s too funny to argue. Anybody you like has a dog as good as Squeezer…

You may find them under almost every bush. Twenty-five rubles would be a handsome price to pay for him.”


Q1. Who does ‘he’ refer to , “He is old”?

Ans. He refers to ‘Guess’ the dog.

Q2. Whom does Squeezer belong to?

Ans. Squeezer belongs to Chubukovs.

Q3. Who is the speaker of these lines?

Ans. Lomov

Q4. What would be a handsome price to pay for Squeezer?

Ans.  It would be twenty-five roubles.

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C. “CHUBUKOV : Who’s dead? [Looks at Lomov] So he is! My word! Water! A doctor! [Lifts a tumbler to Lomov’s mouth] Drink this! No, he doesn’t drink. It means he’s dead, and all that. I’m the most unhappy of men! Why don’t I put a bullet into my brain? Why haven’t I cut my throat yet? What am I waiting for? Give me a knife! Give me a pistol! [Lomov moves] He seems to be coming round. Drink some water! That’s right. 

LOMOV : I see stars… mist… where am I? 

CHUBUKOV : Hurry up and get married and — well, to the devil with you! She’s willing! [He puts Lomov’s hand into his daughter’s] 

She’s willing… I give you my blessing and so on. Only leave me in peace !”


Q1. ‘Who is Chubukov giving his blessing to?

Ans. The speaker gives his blessing to Lomov and Natalya.

Q2. Why is Chubukov giving his blessing?

Ans. Because both are willing to marry each other and Chubukov agrees to it. So he is giving his blessings.

Q3.  Find the phrase from the given extract which matches the description. 

“To be dazed or rendered unconscious by a blow to the head, sometimes perceiving actual flashing lights as a result”

Ans. To see stars.

Q4. What is she willing for?

Ans. She is willing for her marriage.


D. “I can make you a present of them myself, because they’re mine! Your behaviour, Ivan Vassilevitch, is strange, to say the least! Up to this we have always thought of you as a good neighbour, a friend; Last year we lent you our threshing machine, although on that account we had to put off our own threshing till November. You behave to us as if we were gipsies. Giving me my own land indeed! No really, that’s not at all neighbourly! In my opinion, it’s even impudent if you want to know.

LOMOV : Then you make out that I’m a landgrabber? Madam, never in my life have I grabbed anybody else’s land and I shan’t allow anybody to accuse me of having done so. [Quickly steps to the carafe and drinks more water] Oxen Meadows are mine!”


Q1. What did the speaker do last year?

Ans. Last year the speaker lent their threshing machine.

Q2. Find the word which matches  the description. “ members of a race of people who traditionally spend their lives travelling around from place to place”

Ans. Gipsies

Q3. How did Natalya try to prove that they were at least good neighbours?

Ans. harvesting to November.

Q4. Why Chubukovs had to delay their threshing till November.

Ans. This was because; they had lent it to Lomov, their neighbour.

E. “I’ll show you the documents, Natalya Stepanovna!

No, you’re simply joking, or making fun of me. What a surprise! We’ve had the land for nearly three hundred years and then we’re suddenly told that it isn’t ours! Ivan Vassilevitch, I can hardly believe my own ears. These Meadows aren’t worth much to me. They only come to five dissipations and are worth perhaps 300 roubles, but I can’t stand unfairness”.

LOMOV : Hear me out, I implore you! The peasants of your father’s grandfather, as I have already had the honour of explaining to you, used to bake bricks for my aunt’s grandmother. Now my aunt’s grandmother, wishing to make them a pleasant…


Q1. Who is making fun of whom?

Ans. Lomov is making fun of Natalya.

Q2. For how long did they have the land?

Ans. They had the land for nearly three hundred years.

Q3. Who is the speaker of these lines “No, you’re simply joking, or making fun of me” ?

Ans. Natalya

Q4. What has been unfair with the speaker?

Ans. The land that the speaker has had for nearly 300 years has been taken away from them.


F. “Well, that’s a way to start your family bliss! Have some champagne!

LOMOV : He’s better! 

NATALYA : Worse! Worse! Worse! CHUBUKOV : [trying to shout her down] Champagne! Champagne!”


Q1. Who speaks the above lines and on what occasion “Well, that’s a way to start your family bliss! Have some champagne!” ?

Ans. Chubukov speaks about these lives on the occasion of Natalya and Lomov’s marriage.

Q2. Name any conflict they’ve had before starting the ‘family bliss’.

Ans. Their conflict over the dogs i.e., Guess and Squeezer.

Q3. Who were ‘Guess’ and ‘Squeezer’?

Ans. Guess was Lomov’s dog and Squeezer was Natalya’s dog.

Q4. What were the positive and negative points of Squeezer?

Ans. Squeezer was young but was overshot and did not have a strong grip.


G. “The peasants of your father’s grandfather, as I have already had the honour of explaining to you, used to bake bricks for my aunt’s grandmother. Now my aunt’s grandmother, wishing to make them pleasant…”


Q1. Who is the speaker?

Ans. Lomov

Q2. What did the peasants do?

Ans. The peasants baked bricks for Lomov’s aunt’s grandmother.

Q3. Who is the speaker talking to?

Ans. Natalya

Q4. Which land was under dispute?

Ans. Oxen Meadows

H. “And are you a hunter? You only go hunting to get in with the Count and to intrigue Oh, my heart! You’re an intriguer!’’


Q1. Who is speaking and to whom?

Ans. Lomov is speaking to Chubukov

Q2. Which character trait of the listener is being emphasized?

Ans. The trait is that of being an intriguer.

Q3. Who is an intriguer?

Ans. Chubukov

Q4. Find the word which means the same as the given description. “One who forms plots, or pursues an object by secret means.”

Ans. Intriguer

I. “Then you make out that I’m a land grabber? Madam, never in my life have I grabbed anybody else’s land and I shan’t allow anybody to accuse me of having done so. Oxen Meadows are mine!”


Q1. Who is ‘Madam’ in the above lines?

Ans. Natalya

Q2. In which situation does Lomov call himself a ‘land grabber’?

Ans. Natalya accused Lomov of grabbing Oxen Meadows. So, Lomov says that he is not a land grabber.

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Q3. What had happened to the speaker?

Ans. The speaker got infuriated with Natalya for having called him a land grabber.

Q4. What was Lomov accused of?

Ans.  He will not allow anybody to accuse him of having grabbed anyone’s land.


J. “The peasants used the land for forty years and got accustomed to it as if it was their own…”


Q1. Who speaks this line?

Ans. Lomov is speaking this line.

Q2. Who is the speaker speaking to?

Ans. Chubukov

Q3. Which land is being referred to?

Ans. Oxen Meadows

Q4. Who gave the free use of this land to whom?

Ans. Lomov’s aunt was awarded by the grandmother of Chubukov’s grandfather as a result of donating their property to the peasants.



Class 10 English First Flight The Proposal Lesson 11 Multiple Choice Questions

1. The playwright’s intention in the given play is to

A. throw light upon the weaknesses of the rich in any society.
B. emphasise that family history is important in a marriage proposal.
C. satirise the superficiality of the upper class in Russian society.
D. send a message that ego is not healthy in any relationship.
Ans. C

2. If, according to Chubukov and Natalya, Lomovs are not “honourable people ”, why do they still consider Lomov’s proposal?

A. Natalya can take care of her father if she marries close by.
B. They were exaggerating in the argument and didn’t mean it.
C. They understand that honour is superficial and overrated.
D. Lomov’s status in society supersedes everything.
Ans. D

3. Imagine you found the playwright’s notes for each scene in the play and noticed that some of the words were missing. Choose the option that fills the missing words most appropriately.

A conversation that starts pleasantly quickly turns into a (i) ________ argument. With (ii) _________ of Oxen Meadows at the heart of the matter, Lomov and Natalya quarrel and are later joined by Chubukov. Thus, begins a (iii) ____ of insults, accusations and name-calling. All (iv) _______ disappears. Eventually, Lomov leaves clutching at his heart, his foot numb.

A. (i) petty, (ii) history, (iii) series, (iv) politeness
B. (i) vicious, (ii) ownership, (iii) circus, (iv) civility
C. (i) curious, (ii) land, (iii) outpouring, (iv) laughter
D. (i) ugly, (ii) neighbourhood, (iii) barrage, (iv) goodness
Ans. B

4. Which of the following options comes closest to the meaning of ‘tried’ as used in the extract?

A. She mastered the game through a process of trial and error.
B. He followed the trial closely and was seen in court every day.
C. This had been a tried and tested formula for the organisation.
D. They tried with all their might to repeat their earlier successes.
Ans. B

5. “Choose the option that correctly identifies the tone of the characters in the given extract.”

LOMOV: Never mind about my people! The Lomovs have all been honourable people, and not one has ever been tried for embezzlement like your grandfather!

CHUBUKOV: You Lomovs have had lunacy in your family, all of you!

NATALYA: All, all, all!

CHUBUKOV: Your grandfather was a drunkard, and your younger aunt, Nastasya Mihailovna, ran away with an architect, and so on…

LOMOV: And your mother was hump-backed. [Clutches at his heart] Something pulling in my side… My head… Help! Water!

CHUBUKOV: Your father was a guzzling gambler!

i) antagonism
ii) humour
iii) contempt
iv) irony

A. (i) and (ii)
B. (ii) and (iv)
C. (i) and (iii)
D. (iii) and (iv)
Ans.: C

6. Which of the following titles of Shakespeare’s plays might best apply to the relationship of Lomov and Natalya?

A. The Taming of the Shrew
B. Romeo and Juliet
C. As You Like It
D. Two Gentlemen of Verona
Ans.: C

7. How would you characterise Chubukov’s mood based on the given line?
“CHUBUKOV: Well, that’s a way to start your family bliss! Have some champagne! ”

A. cautious and celebratory
B. relieved and jubilant
C. merry yet thoughtful
D. grateful yet hurt
Ans.: B

8. “LOMOV: He’s better!
NATALYA: Worse! Worse! Worse!”

Based on the extract, Lomov and Natalya’s closing lines can best be seen as

A. a humorous and ironic take on typical marriage vows.
B. a reflection of their affection for Guess and Squeezer.
C. a sign of prospective instability in their marital bliss.
D. the writer’s statement that disagreement is part of marriage.
Ans.: A

9. Choose the option that correctly uses the idioms to fill in the blanks of the paragraph below.

In a team, it is important to (i) __________. Otherwise, you would become (ii) _______ and incur the displeasure of others. When that happens, you might feel (iii) ___________. However, for the others, not having to carry you along would be a (iv) ___________.

A. (i) pull your weight, (ii) dead weight, (iii) the weight of the world on your shoulders, (iv) weight off the shoulders.
B. (i) weight yourself, (ii) the weight of the world on your shoulder, (iii) like dead weight, (iv) weight off their shoulders
C. (i) throw weight around, (ii) worth your weight in gold, (iii) weight off your shoulders, (iv) dead weight
D. (i) lend weight to someone, (ii) heavyweight (iii) like pulling your weight, (iv) weight off their shoulders
Ans.: A

10. “LOMOV: He’s better!
NATALYA: Worse! Worse! Worse!
CHUBUKOV: [trying to shout her down] Champagne! Champagne!”

The liberal use of exclamation marks in the given extract indicate that the characters are expressing ___________

A. apologies in a solemn and heartfelt tone.
B. good counsel and advice in a serious matter.
C. reconciliation on matters leading to an argument.
D. strong feelings with a raised voice.
Ans. D

11. In the play “The Proposal” , __________ is a hypochondriac who wants to get married for the sake of appearances.
A. Lomov
B. Natalya
C. Chubukov
D. Squeezer
Ans. A

12. In the play “The Proposal” , who gets embroiled in the inane arguments between the couple about to get married.
A. Lomov
B. Natalya
C. Chubukov
D. Squeezer
Ans. C

13. Who speaks the following lines in the play “The Proposal”?
“If he’s come to borrow money, he’ll be sorely disappointed!”
A. Lomov
B. Natalya
C. Chubukov
D. Squeezer
Ans.: C

14. Who speaks the following lines in the play “The Proposal”?
“ Natalya Stepanovna is an excellent housekeeper. She’s not bad-looking … and she went to school! … What more do I want? ”
A. Lomov
B. Natalya
C. Chubukov
D. Squeezer
Ans. A

15. Who speaks the following lines in the play ”The Proposal”?
“Papa said, ‘Go inside there’s a merchant come by to collect his goods.”

A. Lomov
B. Natalya
C. Chubukov
D. Squeezer
Ans.: B

16. Who speaks the following lines in the play ”The Proposal”?
“The Lomovs and the Chubukovs have always had the friendliest, and I might almost say the most affectionate, regard for each other. ”

A. Lomov
B. Natalya
C. Chubukov
D. Squeezer
Ans. A

17. Who speaks the following lines in the play ”The Proposal”?
“One moment, please forgive the interruption, but you said, ‘My Oxen Meadows …’ But are they yours?”

A. Lomov
B. Natalya
C. Chubukov
D. Squeezer

Answer: B

18. Who speaks the following lines in the play ”The Proposal”?
“These Meadows aren’t valuable. They only come to about 12 acres, but that’s not the point. It’s the unfairness! ”

A. Lomov
B. Natalya
C. Chubukov
D. Squeezer
Ans. B

19. Who speaks the following lines in the play ”The Proposal”?
“ Then you think I’m some sort of land grabber? ”

A. Lomov
B. Natalya
C. Chubukov
D. Squeezer
Ans. A

20. Who speaks the following lines in the play ”The Proposal”?
“You Lomovs are crazy, all of you! ”

A. Lomov
B. Natalya
C. Chubukov
D. Squeezer
Ans. C



Class 10 English The Proposal Question Answers (including questions from Previous Years Question Papers)

In this post we are also providing important short answer questions from the chapter The Proposal for CBSE Class 10 Boards in the coming session. These questions have been taken from previous years class 10 Board exams and the year is mentioned in the bracket along with the question.


Q1. Which qualities are common in all three characters of the play ‘The Proposal’?

Ans. All the characters in the play are argumentative, full of pride and possessiveness. They are always ready to argue about petty things.


Q2. How does Lomov come to Chubukov’s house? What for does he come? How is he received?  [ CBSE 2012]

Ans. Lomov came to Chubukov’s house in the evening dress with gloves on. He comes to propose to his daughter Natalya. He is received with all the respect by Chubukov.


Q3. How does Chubukov react when Lomov says that he has come to ask for the hand of his daughter?

Ans. When Lomov says that he has come to ask for the hand of his daughter, Chubukov gets off balanced with joy. He embraces and kisses Lomov, sheds a tear of joy and calls for God’s blessing for Lomov and Natalya.


Q4. Why did Lomov want to get married? 


Which two issues about himself convinced Lomov of his decision to get married? [CBSE SQP 2021-22]

Ans. Lomov wanted to gel. married as he was already 35 years old. Moreover, he was suffering due to a weak heart and sleep- sickness and wanted the company of someone to look after him.


Q5. What happens to Lomov when he is in an excited state?

Ans. When Lomov is in an excited state his heart beat increases, lips tremble and there is a twitch in his right eyebrow. When he goes to sleep in such a state something pulls him from his left side and he jumps like a lunatic


Q6. How does Natalya excite Lomov to the point of verbal fighting?

Ans. Natalya repeatedly insisted that Oxen Meadows are theirs and told Lomov that up till now she considered Lomov as a good neighbour and friend. This excited Lomov to the point of verbal fighting.


Q7. How does Lomov react when Chubukov says that he is not used to misbehaviour by a young man like Lomov?

Ans. Lomov reacts by saying that Chubukov thinks that he is a fool. He says that he cannot talk to him calmly and politely as he is making a false claim to his property. He further accuses Chubukov of being a grabber.


Q8. Why does Natalya ask her father Chubukov to fetch Lomov in at once? Why does she accuse her father?

Ans. Natalya asked her father to fetch Lomov at once as she had come to know that Lomov had come to propose to her. She accused Chubukov of driving Lomov out of their home.


Q9. How does Natalya react when she comes to know that Lomov had come to propose? [CBSE 2014 ]

Ans. When Natalya came to know that Lomov had come there to propose to her she was shocked. She wails, changes her stance and asks her father to fetch Lomov.


Q10. When Chubukov later states, “And I’ve always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son,” is he being sincere? Draw support for your claim from the play.

Ans. Chubukov first thought Lomov had come to borrow money. Chubukov didn’t mean it when he claimed Lomov was like his own son and that he had always adored Lomov. Chubukov had made up his mind that if Lomov tried to borrow money from him, he would not give him any. He wouldn’t have considered withholding the money if he had honestly meant what he had said. Only because Lomov had arrived with a proposal to marry his daughter did he say as such.


Q11. How can we say that Natalya was continuously successful in maintaining an upper hand during her arguments with Lomov? (Any one example) [CBSE SQP 2022-23]

Ans. Natalya was successful in maintaining an upper hand during the arguments with Lomov because she was able to answer his queries with justified answers and was also able to defeat his arguments. Natalya presented valid points for example, during the discussion of the dogs, she said that their dog was of a better breed, was cheaper and of a better breed. She remained calm throughout all the discussions.



Class 10 The Proposal Long Answer Questions Lesson 11


Q1. The principle ‘forgive and forget’, helps a lot in maintaining cordial relations with our neighbours. Do you think Anton Chekov conveys this message in the play ‘The Proposal’ ?

Ans. The message that Anton Chekov does express is that the tenet of “forgive and forget” is very helpful in keeping friendly connections with one’s neighbours. The play’s neighbours Lomov, Natalya, and Chubukov started out squabbling over little matters. By fighting over little concerns, they were putting major issues to the side and squandering their time. They began yelling insults at one another as these confrontations turned into fights over time. Their friendship with one another was harmed by this.

Natalya left the matter of the disagreement behind when she learned that Lomov had come to propose to her. Also, she begged Lomov’s pardon and urged him to get straight to the issue. Hence, if one wishes to have peace of mind, they must “forgive and forget.”


Q2. The characters Natalya and Lomov lose their temper on trivial issues. It shows their poor skills at anger management. Suggest some ways that help you in maintaining cordial relationships with people around you.

Ans. The way Natalya and Lomov lost their cool demonstrates how easily rage can damage a relationship. Consequently, having effective anger control techniques is crucial. Following are a few anger management skills that can be followed in one’s life. These would also help in building healthy relationships.

  • Always adhere to the “forgive and forget” principle.
  • Make an effort to comprehend the person you are speaking to.
  • Rather than being selfish, try to be helpful.
  • Always show compassion for people.
  • Prior to speaking, pay attention.
  • Be as considerate as you can towards everyone.
  • Avoid the tendency to constantly criticise others.


Q3. Based on your understanding of the Play ‘The Proposal’ how do you think good relationships can be maintained? Why in today’s time do we see so many people going away from each other?

Ans. The play “The Proposal” shows us how easily disagreements and rage can destroy a relationship. So, it is crucial to manage your anger if you want to keep a decent relationship. Arguments about trivial or minor matters are extremely destructive and time-wasting. If someone makes a mistake, one should be willing to overlook it and go on rather than getting upset and arguing with the offender for hours on end. Many strive to only see the good in other people these days, and they do not readily accept their flaws. Thus, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up positive, courteous relationships with other people.


Q4. It is a common observance that more attention is paid to unimportant issues at the cost of important ones. The play ‘The Proposal’ beautifully portrays this fact. Suggest some steps on how we can avoid this unhealthy practice.

Ans. “People are strange: They are constantly angered by trivial things, but on a major matter like totally wasting their lives, they hardly seem to notice.”

-Charles Bukowski

It is somewhat true that people frequently let unimportant issues take priority over their priorities. Similar to how Natalya was presented with a suggestion by Lomov, but they were unable to address it because of their differences. Setting your priorities in life becomes essential as a result. It is necessary to dismiss trivial issues. The conversations concerning them take a lot of time. One should avoid spending too much time on unimportant matters. Using this energy to some useful and important issues that have a beneficial impact may help save time and relationships and hence produce positive outcomes.


Q5. Farce is a kind of comedy which includes situations and dialogues that are ridiculous, exaggerated and even absurd. Evaluate the play, The Proposal, as a farce. [CBSE SQP 2021-22]

Ans.‘The Proposal’ by Chekhov has been intended to be presented as a farce basically to satire the materialistic temperament of the Russians who think of making money from every aspect imaginable. This one-act play tells the story of two wealthy families who seek a matrimonial alliance. The main idea is to seek a rise in profits in their property. The play is highly humorous. The setting has three characters all meet each other with a motive but all that ends up in the three planning to increase their share of the property.

Humour is not possible without exaggeration. Hence Lomov’s soliloquy thinking of his old self at

thirty-five being full of ailments and nervousness would make every reader giggle. But as soon as Natalya appears in a negligee, they begin fighting over the ownership of a piece of land. When that ends, they begin over a new issue which is each other’s pet dogs. Their agreement to tie the nuptial knot and its effects thereafter can well be imagined.


Q6. Natalya and Ivan argued about the ownership of Oxen Meadows and the superiority of their respective dogs in the play, The Proposal. 

Imagine yourself as the playwright of the play. Based on your understanding of the personality traits of Natalya and Ivan, write a dialogue based on an imaginary event, showcasing another argument between them. 


Scene : Natalya enters Ivan’s house furious.

Natalya: My meadow is destroyed by your dog. Why are you allowing them to go unchecked?

Ivan : My dogs are on my property . How do you know that your meadow was destroyed by my dog and not by anyone else’s?

Natalya: It took place in the dead of night. I heard the cows mooing when the dogs entered the meadow, and woke up.

Ivan: You ought to have repelled them. Why did you not?

Natalya: They fled before I entered the meadow. The sound of the cow mooing alarmed them. Make sure you secure your pets to a pole before going to bed the next time. Now, you ensure that my meadow is cleaned up.

She furiously rushes out of his home.

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