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the proposal important questions


CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 11 The Proposal Important Question Answers from First Flight Book


The Proposal Important Question Answers Video 


The Proposal Important Questions (MCQ)


Q1. What is the profession of Stepan Chubukov? 

  1. a) Farmer
  2. b) Landowner
  3. c) Judge
  4. d) Not mentioned



Q2. CHUBUKOV : Oh, don’t go round and round it, darling! Spit it out! Well? What does ‘Spit it out’ mean? 

  1. a) To spit
  2. b) To speak
  3. c) To sing
  4. d) All of these



Q3. “I’m off my balance with joy, absolutely off my balance!” Why is Chubukov saying this?

  1. a) On hearing that Lomov wants to buy his land
  2. b) On hearing that Lomov wants to sue him
  3. c) On hearing that Lomov wants to marry his daughter
  4. d) He is feeling dizzy



Q4. Which of the following is the most suitable meaning of ‘palpitations’?

  1. a) To and fro movement 
  2. b) To be careful not to attract attention
  3. c) rapid, strong, or irregular heartbeat
  4. d) All of these



Q5. What does Natalya offer Lomov?

  1. a) Lunch
  2. b) Tea
  3. c) Breakfast
  4. d) Snacks



Q6. Pick the option that correctly classifies fact (F) and opinions (O).

  1. Natalya’s family owned Oxen Meadows for nearly 300 years.
  2. Lomov is 35 years of age.
  3. Lomov wants to grab Chubukov’s property.
  4. Natalya wants to marry Lomov.


a) F – 1, 2, 4; O- 3b) F- 2, 3, 4; O – 1
c) F – 2, 4; O – 1, 3d) F – 3; O – 1, 2, 4




Q7. “my Guess ran neck-and-neck with the Count’s dog, while your Squeezer was left a whole verst behind.” What is verst?

  1. a) Dog’s name
  2. b) Unit of measuring distance
  3. c) A breed of dog
  4. d) Cant say



Q8. “CHUBUKOV : Shut up or I’ll shoot you like a partridge! You fool!” What is the meaning of partridge?

  1. a) A fruit
  2. b) A bird
  3. c) A vegetable
  4. d) None of these



Q9. What does “weight off my shoulders” mean?

  1. a) To be relieved from a tense situation
  2. b) To be worried about something
  3. c) Both a and b
  4. d) None of these



Q10. What do they drink as a toast?

  1. a) tea
  2. b) coffee
  3. c) beer
  4. d) champagne



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The Proposal Important Subjective Questions


Q11. Natalya and Ivan argued about the ownership of Oxen Meadows and the superiority of their respective dogs in the play, The Proposal.

Imagine yourself as the playwright of the play. Based on your understanding of the personality traits of Natalya and Ivan write a dialogue based on an imaginary event, showcasing another argument between them.


Important Points-

Topic – farm land, dogs, property ownership.

Use words – Madam, please be silent. My heart is going to pieces, my heart

is palpitating. Oh I think I’m dying!

Please don’t shout!, What a pity! 


Q12. How did Chubukov react when Lomov asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage? 

Important Points-


Very happy and excited

I’ve been hoping for it for a long time. It’s been my continual desire. [Sheds a tear] And I’ve always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son. May God give you both — His help and His love and so on, and so much hope… What am I behaving in this idiotic way for? I’m off my balance with joy, absolutely off my balance! Oh, with all my soul… I’ll go and call Natasha, and all that.


Q13. What do you learn about Natalya from the play ‘The Proposal’?

Important Points-

Good housekeeper

Decent looks

Daughter of Stepan Chubukov

Well educated



Does not respect Lomov till she comes to know that he wants to marry her

Does not have a sense of right and wrong


Q14. How did Lomov go to the house of Chubukov?

Important Points-

Marriage proposal

Was 35, a critical age. 

suffers from palpitations, 

excitable and getting awfully upset; 

the way he sleeps. 


Q15. What is the ailment that Lomov is suffering from?

Important Points-

Suffer from palpitations, I’m 

excitable and always getting 

awfully upset; at this very moment my lips are trembling, and there’s a twitch in my right eyebrow. But the very worst of all is the way I sleep. I no sooner get into bed and begin to go off, when suddenly something in my left side gives a pull, and I can feel it in my shoulder and head… I jump up like a lunatic, walk about a bit and lie down again, but as soon as I begin to get off to sleep there’s another pull! 


Q16. Would you call the play a comical one? Give two instances

Important Points-


Lomov’s physical condition is unstable

Chubukov’s driving Lomov out of the house and then calling him back

Natalya’s hysterics and desperation to marry Lomov


Q17. How did Natalya react when she came to know that Lomov had come to propose to her?

Important Points-

Almost fainted, was hysterical

Accused Chubukov of driving Lomov away

Wanted to marry him because he was rich

She does not regret that she had abused him, sends her father to call him back


Q18. Character sketch of Lomov

Important Points-

Confused, 35 year old unmarried man

Simple, honest, straightforward.

Suffered nervous breakdowns

Palpitations, excitable, moody, egoist

Wanted to marry Natalya (she was educated, looked decent, good housekeeper)

He was nervous and Chubukov thought that he was there to borrow money

He was logical in his arguments but he became so excited that he was not able to convince the Chubukov’s.

Not a good listener

Low self esteem, lacked confidence


Q19. Character sketch of Chubukov

Arrogant, hot-headed, shrewd, cunning, insincere, did not have good relations with neighbours.

Sweet in talks but mean, old man

Sarcastic, abusive and rude

Drove Lomov out of his house

Calls him back on daughter’s insistence

Is in a hurry to marry her, considers a burden


Q20. Character sketch of Natalya

Important Points-

Chubukov’s daughter.

Well educated, decent looks, good housekeeper


Saucy tongue, quarrelsome

Argumentative, rude, dominating, assertive

Strongwilled, selfish, erratic behavior

Desperate on getting married, became hysterical, accepts the ill Lomov because he is rich.


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