Character Sketch of Sulekha, Ramlal, Bishamber Nath, Bholi's Mother and Teacher


Give a Character Sketch of Bholi, Ramlal, Bishamber Nath, Bholi’s Mother and Teacher from Class 10 English Chapter 9 Bholi

See this post to understand the character sketch of Bholi from the lesson “Bholi” in Class 10 English! This post covers everything you need to know about Bholi and other characters from the lesson. We provide answers to questions related to character sketch of Bholi and other characters Ramlal, Bishamber Nath, Bholi’s Mother and her teacher) , including their traits, personalities, and motivations. Our explanations are easy to understand, and we offer examples from the lesson to support our points. Whether you’re a student looking to study for your exams or a teacher seeking to explain the lesson to your students, our post can be very helpful. So, read on and learn all about the character sketch of Bholi and other characters from the lesson!

Character Sketch of Bholi (Sulekha)

Bholi (Sulekha) was the fourth and the youngest child of Ramlal. She was given the name Bholi since everyone thought she was a simpleton. She was an introverted, under confident, and neglected little girl. She also cherished Lakshmi, her beloved cow. She suffered from small pox as a child, which left marks on her face, and she had a head injury that caused her to respond slowly than a typical kid of her age. She took a very long time to learn how to talk, and even once she could, she stumbled. She was mocked and imitated by other kids. She continued to be illiterate and was despised by her family and the other locals. She was reluctant to attend school because of her condition. But after receiving education and support from her teacher, she developed into a self-assured, articulate, and charitable young woman. When Bholi found out that her father had given the groom a hefty dowry on the day of her wedding, she openly refused to wed him and stood up for herself.


Bholi Overview – The effect of family on children is the main theme of the story Bholi. Bholi is a little child who lacks self-confidence as a result of her parents’ treatment of her. The narrative makes hints as to why emotional stability and family support are crucial for a child’s healthy development. Children with disabilities must also receive the same encouragement, love, and education



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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Bholi

Q1. Who is Bholi, and what are her physical features?
Q2. What is Bholi’s family background, and how does it affect her?
Q3. How does Bholi’s life change when she is married off to a wealthy man?
Q4. How does Bholi overcome her challenges and assert herself?
Q5. What is the significance of Bholi’s character in the story?
Q6. What is the importance of teachers in a child’s life. Discuss with reference to the lives of Richard Ebright, Bholi and Anne Frank 
Q7. The characters of Valli, Wanda and Bholi emerge out of their respective challenges, as better, mature individuals. Highlight and discuss the respective quality of these girls which helps them.
Q8. What qualities do the characters of Natalya and Bholi display with respect to their marriage?

Character Sketch of Ramlal

is a man of middle age. He was the village numberdar. He has seven children – three sons and four daughters, Bholi being the youngest of them. He was a stern, narrow-minded, diligent worker, and well-respected member of his community. Ramlal observed gender inequality by sending only boys to the city for higher education excluding the girls. He thought they should get married. He was very worried about Bholi because of her ugly looks lack of intelligence. The only reason he sent Bholi to school was due to pressure from the tehsildar.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Ramlal

Q1. Who is Ramlal in the chapter “Bholi”?
Q2. What is Ramlal’s attitude towards Bholi?
Q3. Compare and contrast Chubukov and Ramlal as fathers of daughters.

Character Sketch of Bishamber Nath

Bishamber was a middle age man. He was almost Bholi’s father’s age. He walked with a limp. He had adult children from his first marriage. He had a big house, a shop, and lots of money in the bank. When Bishamber Nath discovered that the bride had pock marks on her face, he revealed his actual self. He shamelessly asked 5,000 rupees as dowry to wed Bholi. Ramlal, the father of Bholi, pleaded with him and even laid his turban at his feet, but Bishamber insisted on his position. Ramlal finally entered and exited with 5000 and deposited the cash at Bishamber’s feet. Bholi, however, declined to wed such a cruel and avaricious man.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Bishamber Nath

Q1. How does Bishambernath’s social status affect his behavior towards others?
Q2. What is Bishambernath’s opinion of Bholi?
Q3. How does Bishambernath manipulate situations to his advantage?
Q4. What is the significance of Bishambernath’s character in the story?
Q5. You have come across many characters who cheat – Oliver Lutkins, Hari Singh, Horace Danby, Max, Griffin, Bishamber Nath, to name a few. Analyse this trait of cheating and conclude with your opinion on it.

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Character Sketch of Bholi’s Mother

Bholi’s mother was an orthodox village woman. She never cared for Bholi, neither when she was a child nor when she was young. She thought as most people do when they say that girls shouldn’t go to school. She objected to enrolling her daughters in school. She believes that their marriage prospects will be negatively impacted by their education. Neither when she was a youngster nor when she was young, she didn’t worry about Bholi. She believed Bholi to be a simpleton and she had no chance of getting married. She was unconcerned about whether Bholi’s husband was fit for her. She pays no attention to whether Bholi’s groom is a greedy or an aged person.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Bholi’s Mother

Q1. What is Bholi’s mother’s personality like?
Q2. How does Bholi’s mother feel about her daughter’s appearance?
Q3. Compare and contrast Bholi’s mother and Richard Ebright’s mother with respect to the roles they play in shaping the lives of their children.

Character Sketch of Bholi’s teacher

Bholi’s teacher is a kind-hearted and encouraging teacher. She gave Bholi a lot of support and helped her get over her restrictions and communication impairment. She taught her how to communicate without pausing and encouraged her to believe in herself. She showed her that if she could get above her imperfections, people would stop making fun of her. Bholi’s teacher motivated and inspired her, instilling in her the virtues of courage, boldness, and self-assurance. She had a kind, caring, and compassionate instructor who had a significant impact on her life. Bholi’s teacher’s efforts raised her student’s morale and sense of self-worth.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Bholi’s teacher

Q1. Who is Bholi’s Teacher, and what is her role in the story “Bholi”?
Q2. How does Bholi’s Teacher inspire Bholi to improve herself?
Q3. What qualities does Bholi’s Teacher possess that make her a positive influence on Bholi?
Q4. How does Bholi’s Teacher help Bholi overcome her speech impediment?
Q5. What message does the character of Bholi’s Teacher convey about the importance of education?
Q6. How do teachers shape the character of their students? Discuss with reference to Mr Weiherer and Bholi’s teacher.

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