Give a Character Sketch of Wanda, Maddie and Peggy from Class 10 English Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses – I

See this post to understand the character sketch of Wanda, Maddie and Peggy from the lesson “The Hundred Dresses – I” in Class 10 English! This post covers everything you need to know about Wanda and other characters from the lesson. We provide answers to questions related to character sketch of Wanda and other characters Maddie and Peggy) , including their traits, personalities, and motivations. Our explanations are easy to understand, and we offer examples from the lesson to support our points. Whether you’re a student looking to study for your exams or a teacher seeking to explain the lesson to your students, our post can be very helpful. So, read on and learn all about the character sketch of Wanda and other characters from the lesson!

Character Sketch of Wanda

Wanda Petronski
was a Polish girl who moved to America from Poland with her parents. She lived in Boggins Heights and was very poor. She was reserved and very quiet. Since she has no friends, she used to sit on the last row of the class with some naughty boys so that no one would notice her. She always wore the same faded blue dress that was clean but not ironed. Everybody in her class used to make fun of her. Out of anger, she claimed to have one hundred dresses and sixty pairs of shoes. She was quite, determined and exhibited her determination in the drawing competition by exhibiting the one hundred sketches of dresses that she claimed to own. Each of them was so beautiful that she surpassed Peggy and won the competition. She also forgave Peggy and Maddie for making fun of her.

The Hundred Dresses- I Overview – The story is based on the theme of poverty, class distinction, social isolation and inequality. One of the girls is an immigrant from another country. She faces discrimination and is bullied by the other students at school. She remains solitary, her self respect is hurt several times by this bunch of bullies.

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The Hundred Dresses-I Summary, Explanation

Some Question Related to the Character Sketch of Wanda

Q1. How would you describe Wanda’s appearance in the story?
Q2. What is Wanda’s personality like in the story?
Q3. How does Wanda’s background influence her behavior?
Q4. How do the other children treat Wanda in the story?
Q5. What does Wanda’s behavior in the story reveal about her character?
Q6. The characters of Valli, Wanda and Bholi emerge out of their respective challenges, as better, mature individuals. Highlight and discuss the respective quality of these girls which helps them.
Q7. Both the girls Anne Frank and Wanda do not have friends. According to you what could be lacking in their personalities or their surroundings which led to this.


Character Sketch of Maddie

Maddie was a poor girl who typically wore someone else’s hand-me-down clothes. Maddie was a sweet girl with a big heart. Although she did not enjoy making fun of people, she joined Peggy and other girls in making fun of Wanda. She wanted to stop this fun activity but refrained from speaking out of fear that Peggy would start making fun of her. She valued her friendship with Peggy because Peggy was the class’s most liked girl. Even though Maddie wanted to stop Peggy from making fun of Wanda, she lacked the courage to do so. She was a good person, and she regretted Wanda leaving the school. She had the courage to admit her flaws and believed that Peggy’s teasing remarks were worse off for her silence.


Some Question Related to the Character Sketch of Maddie

Q1. Who is Maddie, and what is her role in “The Hundred Dresses 1”?
Q2. How would you describe Maddie’s personality and characteristics?
Q3. How does Maddie feel about the other girls’ treatment of Wanda?
Q4. How does Maddie’s relationship with Wanda develop throughout the story?
Q5. What does Maddie’s character reveal about the theme of bullying in “The Hundred Dresses 1”?
Q6. Fear can restrict one’s personality. Comment on the characters of Maddie and the young seagull


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Character Sketch of Peggy


Peggy is the most popular girl in the school. She has a lot of lovely outfits, has curly hair, and is attractive. Her closest pal is Maddie. Peggy, Maddie and the other girls would mock Wand’s behaviour and make fun of her because of her strange name and the way she dressed. Peggy believes she can do no wrong because she is the best girl in the school and is regarded as such. Everyone believes she will take home the prize for the girls’ drawing competition because she is a gifted artist. In the second section of the story, Peggy feels guilty after learning that Wanda dropped out of school because she made fun of her. She had always thought Wanda to be dumb. When Wanda receives the award, her opinion about Wanda changes, and she feels terrible about how she treated Wanda. She is happy to hear that Wanda has forgiven her despite the fact that they teased her.


Some Question Related to the Character Sketch of Peggy

Q1. What is Peggy’s personality like?
Q2. How does Peggy treat Wanda Petronski?
Q3. Does Peggy show any remorse for her actions towards Wanda?
Q4. Compare and contrast the personalities of Anne Frank and Peggy with respect to their relations with their friends and classmates

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