How I Spent My Summer Vacations Essay in English

English Essay Writing Topic – How I spent my Summer Vacations

The best time of the year for kids to have vacations is during the summer, which is why so many happy memories are associated with it. Kids have time off from their boring study schedules. Over the summer, they can learn new hobbies and indulge in their favorite activities. Some children enjoy playing outside, whereas others favor picking up new interests like singing or keeping diaries. In either case, doing something meaningful over the summer holidays makes a lasting impression.
Over the years I have taken up various hobbies in the summer vacations like playing the piano, learning to bake a cake, training in martial arts, to name a few. However, the family vacation trip is the icing on the cake.
One of my favorite seasons of the year is summer because my family and I typically plan lengthy vacations during this time. We can take stress-free vacations and spend more time in nature during the summer, and that’s something we are unable to get for the rest of the year because of our busy schedules. The time spent with family is the most significant aspect of our trip, as it is at these times when we create memories that will last a lifetime.
The majority of the time, we travel with friends and family or visit our grandparents. I just asked my family for a vacation trip to Shimla hill station. Here is how the trip went – 
At first, we went to my grandparents’ house in Chandigarh. Our extended family, including my cousins, joined us there. Then we all left for Shimla. I thoroughly loved the journey, which was full of songs and laughing. On the trip there, we had the opportunity to witness the breathtaking scenery of the Shivalik hills. In the late afternoon, we reached Shimla. This small hill town has stunning natural landscapes and majestic mountains.
The following day, my grandparents, cousins, and I went for a walk on the ridge in the early morning. This was followed by breakfast before the entire family toured the town. I gained knowledge of the flora and birds found in hill stations.  I received assistance from my grandparents in learning the names of many trees. We took pony rides, clicked pictures, went on cable car rides and also visited the hundred year old church.  Our grandmother would cuddle us up in the bed at nights and narrate her childhood incidents and stories. Those stories were fascinating to hear. We went shopping at the end of the vacation to bring home some souvenirs and gifts. 
On the way back we also visited the apple orchards where we saw the fruit in full bloom. I enjoyed being in nature and taking in the views of the hill station.  We also travelled to some adjacent locations like Chail, Kufri, and Narkanda. My cousins and I am very glad of my family’s love, and this summer break was fantastic. This proved to be one of the best vacations of our lives..
Even though I had a long summer vacation, the trip was perhaps the most memorable thing. I am incredibly grateful for those times that I spent with my family. We had a terrific time and also discovered new places and gathered information about the area’s natural and cultural heritage. This knowledge gave me the satisfaction that I had spent my vacations in a fruitful manner.