CBSE Class 8 Civics Social and Political Life Book Chapter 2 Understanding Secularism


CBSE Class 8 Civics Chapter 2 MCQs from Social and Political Life Book | Civics Chapter 2 Understanding Secularism Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

Understanding Secularism MCQs – Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 8 Civics Social and Political Life Book Chapter 2 Understanding Secularism.  Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 8.

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Q1- Hitler had prosecuted _____ during his region in Germany.


A) Muslims

B) Christians

C) Jews

D) Hindus


Q2- Israel is a ____ majority state.


A) Hindu

B) Jewish

C) Islamic

D) Christian


Q3- ____ is one of the former colonies of France.


A) Indonesia

B) South Africa

C) Morocco

D) China


Q4- In Saudi Arabia, ____ can’t practise their religion in public.


A) non-Muslims

B) Muslims

C) Government

D) People


Q5- Separation of religion from the State is referred to as _____.


A) Monarchy

B) Democracy

C) Secularism

D) Republic


Q6- All citizens are permitted by _____ to practise their own religion.


A) State

B) Indian constitution

C) Judiciary

D) President


Q7- In a secular state, one religious state does not ____ the other. 


A) support

B) discriminate

C) follow

D) resist


Q8- ______ are not allowed to celebrate the festivals of any particular religion to promote secularism.


A) Private schools

B) Government schools

C) madarsas

D) Pathshalas


Q9- The tyranny of Majority people can result in _____ of religious minorities.


A) education

B) discrimination

C) freedom

D) biasness


Q10- The Government of India does not support any one ____.


A) Democracy

B) monarchy

C) religion

D) Judiciary


Q11- ______ is an example of government office.


A) Restaurants

B) Police stations

C) Housing society

D) private schools


Q12- In _____, there are upper castes who dominate lower castes.


A) Jainism

B) Jewism

C) Parsis

D) Hinduism


Q13- Indian Constitution allows religious minorities to set up their own ____.


A) Courts

B) Educational setups

C) Police stations

D) government schools


Q14- ______ is a former colony of France.


A) South Africa

B) Algeria

C) China

D) Indonesia


Q15- For Sikhs, wearing a ____ is an important part of religion. So, they can avoid helmets.


A) kurta

B) Turban

C) uniform

D) shirts


Q16- _____ is a Republic country


A) Japan

B) United Kingdom

C) United States of America

D) China


Q17- _____ is the main religion of Saudi Arabia.


A) Christianity

B) Islam

C) Jewism

D) Hinduism


Q18- _____ are allowed to celebrate festivals.


A) Courts

B) Parliaments

C) Private Schools

D) Police stations


Q19- Pledge of Alligiance’ takes place in the schools of the ____.


A) China


C) India

D) Japan


Q20- Tunisia was a colony of _____ earlier.


A) Netherland

B) France

C) Spain

D) United Kingdom


Answer key for Class 8 Civics Social and Political Life Book Chapter 2 – Understanding Secularism MCQs


Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 C 11 B
2 B 12 D
3 C 13 B
4 A 14 B
5 C 15 B
6 B 16 C
7 B 17 B
8 B 18 C
9 B 19 B
10 C 20 B



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