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CBSE Class 8 Civics Chapter 5 MCQs from Social and Political Life Book | Civics Chapter 5 “Judiciary” Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

Judiciary MCQs – Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 8 Civics Social and Political Life Book Chapter 5 Judiciary. Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 8.

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Q1- _____ was established in 1950.


A) Supreme Court

B) High Court Calcutta

C) HC Mumbai

D) HC Madras


Q2- Gauhati High Court has a bench in _____.


A) Kolkata

B) Aizawal

C) Delhi

D) Patna


Q3- Andhra Pradesh and _____ have a separate HC from 1 January 2019 onwards.


A) Telangana

B) Karnataka

C) Kerala

D) Delhi


Q4- ____ deals with harm and injury to individuals’ rights.


A) Civil Law

B) Contract Law

C) Procedural Law

D) Criminal Law


Q5- _____ faced a heavy drought in 2001.


A) Jammu and Kashmir

B) Rajasthan

C) Karnataka

D) Tamilnadu


Q6- _____ had introduced PILs in 1980s.


A) Supreme Court

B) High Court Calcutta

C) Cabinet Ministers

D) Prime Ministers


Q7- Right to Food is mentioned in _____ of Indian Constitution.


A) Article 25

B) Article 21

C) Article 22

D) Article 23


Q8- The sanctioned strength of Supreme Court judges are ____.


A) 31

B) 35

C) 32

D) 33


Q9- Every Indian citizen has Right to ____ through Courts.


A) law

B) justice

C) cases

D) judgement


Q10- India has _____ High Courts currently.


A) 22

B) 20

C) 25

D) 23


Answer key for Class 8 Civics Social and Political Life Book Chapter 5– Judiciary MCQs

Q. No. Answer
1 A
2 B
3 A
4 A
5 B
6 A
7 B
8 A
9 B
10 C



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