PhD in Physics Admissions 2018

PhD in Physics Admission 2018/ Entrance Exams


PhD in Physics - A Doctor of Philosophy in Physics requires students to complete core courses in physics and choose an area in which to focus their studies and research. Career opportunities are varied.

A Ph.D. program in Physics allows students to advance their studies in the general field of physics while also putting emphasis on one or two specific fields of interest. A bachelor's degree is required for admission; however, some students enter with a master's degree and are allowed to transfer certain classes to avoid duplication. Students will also need to provide letters of recommendation, GRE scores and, in some cases, GRE subject test scores in physic

With a Ph.D. in Physics, graduates have many career opportunities due to their high level of specialist knowledge and analytical skills. 


Candidates who wish to pursue PhD in Physics can see the list of admission options for PhD in Physics.