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Indian Institute of Remote Sensing M.Sc. and PG Diploma Admission 2019

iirs msc 2019


IIRS announces Admission to M.Sc. and PG Diploma Program 2019

IIRS M.Sc. and PG Diploma Admission 2019 – IIRS invites applications from interested candidates for admission to M.Sc. and PG diploma courses for the academic session 2019


Course Objective

  • M.Sc course To develop a critical understanding of appropriate tools; exposure to new methods and techniques; gaining competence in developing tools for the acquisition, processing, transformation, analysis, modeling, storage and presentation of spatial data; using geo- information in identifying and responding to development problems and in drafting development policies; developing research skills to design and undertake research and development projects in various fields of geoinformatics.
  • PG Diploma- The programme aims to provide in-depth understanding of remote sensing, satellite image analysis, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technologies and their applications in various fields viz., agriculture and soils, forestry & ecology, geosciences, water resources, marine and atmospheric sciences, urban and regional studies, large-scale mapping, disaster management studies, etc.


IIRS M.Sc. and PG Diploma Admission 2019 Important dates

  • Last date to apply for M.Sc. 29th March 2019
  • Last date to apply for P.G diploma in RS & GIS 15th April 2019
  • Tentative date for M.Sc. entrance exam 4th-6th May 2019

PG diploma course will be offered in remote sensing and GIS with following specialization:

Agriculture and Soils:

  • Eligibility: M.Sc. (Soil Sci./Agromet./Entomology/Pathology/Agron./Plant Physiol./Hort./ Agric. Botany/Soil Conservation & Water Management/Climate Change Adaptation) / Env. Sci. (OR) B.E./B.Tech. (Agril. Engg./Agri. Informatics/Agri. & Food Engg.) (OR) B.Sc. Agriculture/Horticulture/ Sericulture (4-years degree) (OR) Master’s in Geography.

Forest Resources and Ecosystem Analysis


  • Eligibility: M.Sc.(Forestry/Ecology/Botany/Wildlife Sci./Biosci./Zoology/Env. Sci./Env. Mgmt. /Natural Resources Management/Life Sci./Plant Sci.) (OR) 4 years B.Sc. (Forestry/Biotech./Forest Biotech./Bioinformatics) (OR) B.E./BTech.(Biotech./Forest Biotech./ Bioinformatics/ Environmental Engg.) (OR) Master’s in Geography.


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  • Eligibility: M.Sc./M.Sc.(Tech.)/M.Tech. (Geol./Appl. Geol./Geophy./Earth Sci./Geoexplor./Petrol. Engg./Geo-Engg./ Mining Engg./Geography) (OR) B.Tech./B.E. (Civil Engg./Geosci./Petrol. Engg./Mining Engg./ Mineral Processing)

Natural Hazards and disaster risk management:

  • Eligibility: Master’s (Disaster Mgmt./Natural Resource Mgmt./ Env. Mgmt./Meteorology) (OR) M.Sc. (Phy./Maths/ Chem./Botany/Zool./Geol./Earth Sci./Env. Sci./Marine Sci./Atm. Sci./Agri./ Forestry) (OR) B.Arch./ B.Plan./M.Plan. (OR) B.E./ B.Tech. (Civil Engg./Env. Engg./Geosci./ Geoexplorer./Geo-Engg./Earthquake Engg./IT/Comp. Sci.) (OR) B.Sc. (Forestry/ Agric., 4 years deg.) (OR) Master’s in Geography.

Urban & Regional Studies

  • Eligibility: Master’s (Plan./Arch./Civil/Comp. Sci./Geoinformatics/Env. Sci. or equivalent) (OR) B.Plan./ B.Arch. or equivalent (OR) B.E./B.Tech. (Civil/Comp. Sci./Geoinformatics or equivalent) (OR) Master’s in Geography.

Satellite image analysis & Photogrammetry

  • Eligibility: M.Sc./M.Tech. (Phy./Appl. Phy./Maths/Chem./Stat./Appl. Maths/Comp. Sci./IT/Geoinform./ Geomatics/ Remote Sensing/Civil Engg. or equivalent) (OR) B.E./B.Tech./B.Sc. Engg. (Civil/ Electronics/Electrical/ ECE/Comp. Sci./IT/Geomatics/Geoinform./Remote Sensing or equivalent) (OR) M.Sc.in Geography

Water Resources:

  • Eligibility: Master’s (Geol. / Env. Sci.) Or B.E./B.Tech (Civil Engg./ Agril. Engg. / Water res. Engg./ Structural Engg.)

Spatial Data Science

  • Eligibility: B.E./BTech./B.Sc. (Engg.) (four year degree) (Comp. Sci./Comp. Engg./IT or equivalent (OR) M.Sc./M.Tech. in Computer Science (OR) M.Sc. (Physics/Maths/Statistics) with minimum six months Certificate course in Computer Programming from a recognised UGC/AICTE university/institute or a govt. organization.

Minimum Percentage: 55 percent in the qualifying degree


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Selection Procedure

For Self financed students and also for Govt. Sponsored/Nominated candidates:

  • Selection for admission to P.G. Diploma course is generally based on merit considering the academic record. However, institute may also decide conducting interviews of eligible/short-listed candidates for selection.

M.Sc. in Geo-information Science & Earth Observation with specialization in Geoinformatics

Specialisation: Geoinformatics


  • M.Sc./M.Tech. (Phy./Appl. Phy./Electron./Maths/Appl. Maths/Stat./IT/Comp. Sci./Geology/ Geophysics/ Geo-Engg./Agriculture/ Forestry/Env. Sci.) (OR) B.E./B.Tech./B.Sc.(Engg.)/B.Sc. (with 4 years deg. course) in Civil/ECE/Electron./Comp. Sci./IT/Electrical/Geoinformatics/ Geomatics/Agri. Engg./ Geosci./ Petrol. Engg./Mining Engg./Agri. Inform./Forest Inform./ Agriculture/Forestry or equivalent (OR) B.Arch./B.Plan./M.Arch./M.Plan. (OR) Master’s in Geography (OR) Govt. officials having B.Sc. degree

Selection Procedure: Selection will be made on the basis of entrance exam.

Examination Center:

  • Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Dehradun, Delhi, Guwahati, Kolkata, Nagpur, Raipur, Varanasi, Thiruvananthapuram.

Exam Tentative Date: 4th – 6th May 2019

Age: 45 years

Minimum Percentage: 60 percent in qualifying degree


IIRS M.Sc. amd PG Diploma Admission 2019 Application Process

  • Candidates have to apply online through website: https://admissions.iirs.gov.in
  • The application fee for all the above courses is Rs. 1000/-

For more details please visit the official website: https://admissions.iirs.gov.in


Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS)

National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Indian Space Research Organization Dept. of Space, Govt. of India, Dehradun-248001


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