Difference between MBA and Executive MBA

difference mba and executive mba

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a master’s degree in business administration. While an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) programs is for senior executives and middle level Managers

The Executive MBA is targeted at older, more experienced individuals who want to enhance their ability to conceptualise rather than their proficiency in functional management. The MBA is aimed at the younger manager who wants to learn management skills. Therefore full time MBA has more study content , whereas the Executive MBA provides an insight to real life problems in industries and business.

An EMBA is aimed at experienced executives who prefer not to take a career break to take a regular MBA and typically require significant business experience to gain admission.

Now let us differentiate on the following basis :


  • In traditional full time MBA programme, there are case studies and projects .there is one way communication only from teacher to student.
  • In executive MBA, there are case studies with team projects. there are great exchange of ideas between students and teachers.

Style of Teaching :

  • In traditional MBA programme the teaching is more lecture based .
  • In executive MBA the teachers share their actual experience rather than lecture the students.

Duration :

  • In traditional MBA programme ,the programme is usually 1 to 2 .5 years .
  • In executive MBA ,it is comparatively shorter as not to waste type and less disruption from work.

Level :

  • In traditional MBA programme the level is lower since the students are immature.
  • In executive MBA ,the level is comparatively higher as the students can participate because of their level of work experience.

Prospect :

  • In traditional MBA programme ,it has a narrow view and focus more on academic fundamentals.
  • In executive MBA ,it has a macro view and equip students with real life situations.

Work experience :

  • In regular MBA programme , it enrolls students with even no work experience .
  • In executive MBA, the candidate must have a substantial work experience , even 10 years in some leading institutes.