Executive MBA Programs -Introduction. What is Executive MBA ?

Executive MBA Program-An Introduction

Executive MBA

 An Executive MBA is a Master of Business Administration program, designed for the working executives. The course content is similar to the regular MBA , but the extent and depth of coverage of each subject can vary, depending on the duration of the program. The methodology and the focus can be however different to suit the working professionals.

While for the regular MBA programs also, reputed institutions today prefer the incumbents to have some work experience, yet the fresh graduates too are eligible to apply.

Executive MBA programs are however exclusively meant for working professionals, including persons engaged in own business. This makes working executives more comfortable as they are not able to associate that well with the freshers.

Since it is a Masters program, a graduate degree and three years+ work experience are pre-requisites for enrollment in these programs.

Executive MBA programs offered by different institutions can be of one to three years duration and can be in the form of regular full time classes, evening classes, distance learning and on-line learning.

Some institutes conduct on-campus classes for one week, every six weeks or so. This enables working executives to carry on with their regular employment, with a manageable leave plan for their studies.

After a few years of work experience, a working executive wants to seek higher responsibilities, status and a better pay packet. While promotions in the initial years can be smooth, one reaches a saturation point very soon depending upon a combination of factors- one very significant factor being, lack of good qualifications or higher education.

While destiny and fortune play their own role, one thing in your hand is to improve your qualifications and thereby equip yourself with knowledge and tools required for taking higher responsibilities.

Experience is very valuable and does provide you with hands-on skills and it is rightly said that there is no substitute to experience.

You have to however also enhance your learning curve continuously to stay current, relevant and useful to the organization. The best way is through ‘structured knowledge’.

Many of you will be thinking that a ‘Business Administration Program’ will be only useful for persons working in private companies or business organizations. Well that is not at all correct.

MBA program is very interesting and useful for persons working in private and government companies, academic institutions, engaged in own business and even for professionals like chartered accountants, lawyers, doctors, architects and just about everyone seeking to move forward and enhance ones knowledge.

While any graduate degree fulfills the basic educational criterion, basic knowledge of mathematics is helpful for the admission tests and even during the course. Persons from arts and commerce discipline should take some basic coaching in mathematics to make the process smoother.

Any business or for that matter any commercial activity involves management of People, Finance, Information, Production/Services and Transactions.

A Business Administration Program therefore teaches all these disciplines and provides allied courses to supplement/facilitate understanding of these basic functions.

So get set to give your career a turbo-boost and enroll in an Executive MBA

Arun Vedhera