Dreaming of MBA Do you have it in you ?

Dreaming MBA

MBA in all its avatars – business management, rural management, international business; full time, part-time, customized for working class, distance mode; several classes of Institutions, inside the country or abroad – option are many and confusions are many fold. So do you have the right aptitude and clearly defined goals ? Let’s go for a general brush up:

Who look up to an MBA

Students – Ranging from a simple graduate to an engineer, law graduate or even a MBBS, consciously plan for this more market-worthy qualification.

Already employed – A work floor person looking up that corporate ladder, those who simply want to increase their pay packets, who wish to change their job, make a mid career change or to attain greater job mobility.

Professionals – those who are freelancers or work with own set-up often enroll for it so as to gain a holistic approach on their business or to focus with a refreshed outlook.

Entrepreneurs & business heirs – An entrepreneur would next jump for it to acquire that cutting edge to create, sustain and spread his empire. Heirs of business houses naturally are the right candidates.

What is on the plate?

Added glamour – MBA offers higher pay packets, challenging work environments and more over an opportunity for self-actualization to many.

Managing people – Harness that enormous energy from human interactions, team spirit and thereby sharpen your persona.

Develop smartness – let us call it as being street smart i.e., ability to get your work done.

Expand your horizon – Since you are involved in all macro and micro issues of the business, it forces you to study that balance sheet even if you are in the IT wing.

Skills of problem solving – being responsible for your actions, decisions and its impact on the organization’s performance, you gradually develop that rewarding skill of integration.

Confidence – this elegant facet of personality gets honed through everyday challenges.

So, churn out your interest pool and make a head start.