IGNOU Admission 2022 for International Students, Courses, Application, Dates

IGNOU Offers following courses for International Students


Certificate Programs

  1. Certificate in Disaster Management (CDM)
  2. Certificate in Environmental Studies (CES)
  3. Certificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language (CTE)
  4. Certificate in HIV and Family Education (CAFE)
  5. Certificate in Health Care Waste Management (CHCWM)
  6. Certificate in Tourism Studies (CTS)
  7. Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFN)
  8. Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care (CNCC)
  9. Certificate in Rural Development (CRD)
  10. Certificate in Human Rights (CHR)
  11. Certificate in Consumer Protection (CCP)
  12. Certificate in Guidance (CIG)
  13. Certificate Program in Laboratory Techniques (CPLT) (only for FSRI)
  14. Certificate Program in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (CTPM) (offered only in July Session)


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Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma Programs

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management (PGDDM)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations (PGDIBO)
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development (PGDESD)
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (PGJMC)
  6. Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE)
  7. Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management (PGDSLM)
  8. Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (PGDIPR)
  9. Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM) (Offered only in January Session) Only for FSRI
  10. Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health (PGDMCH) (Offered only in January Session) Only for FSRI
  11. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (DECE)
  12. Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education (DNHE)
  13. Diploma in Tourism Studies (DTS)
  14. Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCE)
  15. Diploma in HIV and Family Education (DAFE)
  16. Diploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development (DWED)
  17. Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables (DVAPFV) (offered only in July Session)
  18. Diploma in Production of Value Added Products from Cereals, Pulses, and Oilseeds (DPVCPO) (offered only in July Session)


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Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  1. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
  2. Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Accountancy and Finance (B.COM A & F)
  3. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
  4. Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences (BLIS)
  5. Bachelor’s Preparatory Program (BPP) (on hold)
  6. Bachelor’s of Arts (Tourism Studies) (BTS)
  8. Bachelor of Arts (BAG)
  9. Bachelor of Commerce (BCOMG)
  10. Bachelor of Science (BSCG) (offered only for FSRI)


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Master’s Degree Programs

  1. Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
  2. Master of Arts (Rural Development) (MARD)
  3. Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM)
  4. Master of Arts (English) (MEG)
  5. Master of Arts (Hindi) (MHD)
  6. Master of Social Work (MSW)
  7. Master of Arts (Education) (MAEDU) Master of Arts (Economics) (MEC)
  8. Master of Arts (History) (MAH)
  9. Master of Arts (Political Science) (MPS)
  10. Master of Arts (Public Administration) (MPA)
  11. Master of Arts (Sociology) (MSO)
  12. Master of Library and Information Sciences (MLIS)
  13. Master of Arts (Distance Education) (MADE)
  14. Master of Commerce (MCOM)
  15. Master of Commerce in Finance and Taxation M.Com (F&T)
  16. Management program (MBA, Direct Entry in PGDHRM, PGDFM, PGDMM, PGDOM, PGDFMP)
  17. Master of Business Administration (Banking and Finance)

Please note that the following programs are on offer only for Foreign Students Residing in India (FSRIs) and not on offer for students registering from Overseas Study Centres.

  1. (BA (Hons.) (Psychology) and B.Sc. (Hons.) (Anthropology)
  2. BAG (Psychology) (for FSRI only)
  3. B.Sc. Bachelor of Science
  4. B.SC. Nursing (Post Basic)
  5. PGDHHM: Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management (Offered In January Session only)
  6. PGDMCH: Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health
  7. (Offered In January Session only)
  8. CHCWM: Certificate In Health Care Waste Management
  9. CPLT: Certificate Program In Laboratory Techniques
  10. CTPM: Certificate Program In Teaching Of Primary School Mathematics (Offered in July Session only)


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