AIBE XIX (19) Syllabus 2024: Subject-wise Syllabus, Important Topics, Books


AIBE Syllabus 2024 – Possibly one of the most important exams in the field of law, AIBE 2024 or All India Bar Examination 2024 is difficult to ace if one does not have the proper understanding of the exam and therefore, it is important for students to have an important grasp of the AIBE 2024 Syllabus. The AIBE XIX 2024 will be conducted possibly in the third week of October 2024. The AIBE 2024 registration once open, will be available to candidates on the official website ( The exam is conducted online, however the mode of examination is offline and is a pen/paper based examination.


AIBE 2024 Syllabus: Highlights


Test medium
11 languages
19 law subjects
Total questions
100 questions
Type of questions
Marking Scheme
One mark is awarded for every correct answer, there is no negative marking in case of wrong answers


AIBE Syllabus 2024 Question Distribution


For the candidate to have a better insight about the AIBE 2024 Exam Pattern we have provided the list of subjects and the number of questions that are asked from these subjects to give an idea of the Subject-wise Question Paper Pattern of AIBE 2024 :-


No. of questions asked 
Constitutional Law
I.P.C (Indian Penal Code)
Cr. P.C (Criminal Procedure Code)
C.P.C (Code of Civil procedure)
Evidence Act
Alternative Dispute Redressal including Arbitration Act
Family Law
Public Interest Litigation
Administrative Law
Professional Ethics & Cases of Professional Misconduct under BCI rules
Company Law
Environmental Law
Cyber law
Labour + Industrial Law
Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Accidents and Consumer Protection Law
Law Related to Taxation
Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Prop Laws, Spl Contract N.I Ac
Land Acquisition Act
Intellectual Property Laws


AIBE 2024 Syllabus PDF


The AIBE 2024 Syllabus is extremely vast, and thus can be found on the official website for AIBE, i.e., (, once the Bar Council Of India releases it. 


AIBE 2024 Sample Papers


The Sample Papers of the AIBE 2024 Exam can be found online before the exam for a better clarity on the types of questions asked and the possible format of the AIBE exam 2024. 


AIBE 2024 Preparation Tips


  • Keep Up to Date: Keep up with the most recent rulings and legal developments. Register for legal news publications and portals.
  • Interactive learning: Talk about legal theories and cases with peers or mentors to broaden your understanding and get different viewpoints.
  • Notes and Flashcards: Create concise notes and flashcards summarizing key concepts and cases for quick review.
  • Regular Writing Practise: To hone your writing abilities, practice composing essays and responses to legal queries.
  • Professional Ethics: Give the part on professional ethics more time because it is very important.
  • Health and Well-Being: Keep your physical and mental health in check by eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and controlling your stress.
  • Mock Interviews: If at all feasible, take part in mock interviews to get practice responding to inquiries on legal and ethical standards of conduct.
  • Seek Guidance: Consult experienced lawyers or professors for guidance and clarification on complex legal topics.
  • Stay Organised: Maintain good organization of your study materials to save time when looking for resources.
  • Stay Consistent: Stick to your study schedule and keep up your good work, even while dealing with difficult subjects.
  • Stay Positive: Maintain a positive attitude and stay motivated throughout your preparation. Maintain your commitment to your aim by visualizing your success.


AIBE 2024 Important Books


The following is a list of resources and popular preparatory books that candidates use to ace the AIBE 2024 exam for specific sections and for overall preparation:-


Book Name 
Civil Practice and Procedure Manual
Criminal Manual
Other Bare Acts 
Universal Law Publishing Co Pvt Ltd.
Constitution of India
Durga Das Basu
Company Law and Practice
AK Majumdar/Dr GK Kapoor
Civil Procedure with Limitation Act
CK Takwani
Guide to All India Bar Examination
Sure Success AIBE & JCJ
DV Rao
All India Bar Examination Guide
Shambhu Prasad Choudhary
The Constitution of India Bare Act with short notes
Public International Law
VK Ahuja
Human Rights
HO Agarwal
Law Exam Times
PK Pandey
Central Law Agency All India Bar Examination (AIBE) Guide
SM Ranjan and PK Jain
AIBE Solved papers (2011-2019)
Lovedeep Bangia
AIBE – Previous years solved papers
Thakral Law Publications


AIBE Previous Year Question Papers


The Previous Year Question Papers of the AIBE 2024 Exam can be found online before the exam for a better clarity on the types of questions asked and the format of the previous AIBE question papers. 


AIBE Syllabus 2024 FAQs


Q When will the AIBE 2024 syllabus be released?
Ans The AIBE syllabus PDF will be released by the exam conducting authorities. Candidates will be notified as soon as the AIBE 2024 syllabus is released.

Q Is there negative marking in the AIBE 2024 exam?
Ans No, the AIBE 2024 exam does not consist of negative marking. Candidates will not lose marks for marking the wrong answer.

Q Is the bar council exam hard? What is the difficulty level of AIBE 2024?
Ans AIBE Exam 2024 is not very hard and can be cracked with the right preparation strategy. AIBE Exam is conducted for applicants who wish to practice law in court.

Q How many attempts are allowed for the AIBE exam ?
Ans. There is no cap on the number of attempts for the AIBE exam.




Since it is important for the candidates to know all about the syllabus and exam pattern of the AIBE 2024 so as to be aware of the types of questions that can be asked or might have been asked in the past, thus the articles provides a detailed insight into the AIBE 2024 Syllabus. The candidates can also do mock tests and previous year question papers that can be found online, each year before the exam for a better clarity on the types of questions asked and the format of the question paper. 


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