NCHM JEE Syllabus 2024


NCHMCT JEE Syllabus 2024: Numerical Ability, Analytical Aptitude, Reasoning, English, GK Syllabus

NCHMCT JEE Syllabus 2024 – Are you aiming to secure a good rank in the National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Exam (NCHMCT JEE or NCHM JEE)? 


If yes, then you are at the right place. NCHMCT JEE Syllabus will take you one step closer to your dream IHM. 


The National Council for Hotel Management publishes the NCHMCT JEE syllabus. The NCHMCT JEE 2024 Official Notification which will entail information about NCHMCT JEE 2024 Syllabus is expected to be out by February 2024.


Read this article to get all details of the NCHMCT JEE 2024 Syllabus-


NCHMCT 2024 Syllabus Overview

NCHM JEE Syllabus 2024 comprises five sections in the syllabus mentioned below:


  • Numerical ability and analytical aptitude
  • Reasoning and logical deduction
  • English language
  • General knowledge and current affairs
  • Service and Sector aptitude


NCHMCT JEE 2024 Syllabus for Reasoning & Logical

The syllabus for Reasoning and Logical Deductions is given in the table below.


NCHM JEE 2024 Reasoning and Logical Deductions Syllabus
Coding and Decoding Direction and Distance Related Questions Series
Symbols and Notations Linear Arrangement Syllogism
Complex Arrangement Analytical Reasoning Problems Based on Symmetry
Statements Arguments Statements Action Alphabet Test
Statements Assumptions Data Interpretation Blood Relations Related Questions
Statements Conclusions Problems Based on Visual Ability


NCHMCT JEE 2024 Syllabus for English Language

The syllabus for English is provided in the table below.


NCHM JEE 2024 English Syllabus
Analogies Sentence Formation Sentence Reconstruction
Synonyms Antonyms Spelling Mistakes
Vocabulary English Proficiency Sentence Completion
Idioms and Phrases One-Word Substitution Sentence Improvement
Rearrangement of Words in A Sentence Rearrangement of The Sentence in Paragraph Paragraph Completion
Paragraph Formation Fill in The Blanks


NCHMCT JEE 2024 Syllabus for General Knowledge and Current Affairs

The syllabus for General Awareness is given in the table below.


NCHM JEE 2024 General Knowledge
Famous Personalities Books and Authors Languages
Animals Statistical Data of The World Music
Currencies Inventions and Discoveries World Organisations
Disasters Dances Solar System
Natural Calamities Prizes and Awards Fashion Events
Earth Sports


NCHMCT JEE 2024 Syllabus for Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude

The syllabus for Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude is given in the table below. 


NCHM JEE 2024 Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude Syllabus
Elementary Mathematics Arithmetic (Number Theory) Number Systems
Number Systems Square Roots Cube Roots
Fractions and Decimals HCF and LCM Simplification
Variation Work And Wage Related Questions Time And Distance Related Questions
Ratio and Proportion Calculate Areas and Volumes Unitary Method Questions
Speed (Of Cars, Trains, Etc) Related Questions Profit and Loss Percentage Calculation
Clocks and Calendar Related Questions Simple Interest Compound Interest
Age Questions Average Logarithms
Chain Rule


NCHM JEE 2024 Preparation Tips

We recommend candidates to follow these preparation tips for NCHM JEE 2024 –


  • Know the NCHMCT JEE 2024 Syllabus Thoroughly

You must know the NCHMCT JEE syllabus. Make certain that you do not overlook any topics while studying for the exam, as this may jeopardise your performance.

  • Make a Study Schedule

A well-organised study schedule for the NCHMCT JEE will help you be more efficient. Divide your time according to your needs and make sure you stick to your schedule. You must ensure to complete your weekly targets, which serve as milestones in your preparation.

  • Help with Numerical Aptitude

When you take numerical tests, they grade you on two factors: how many questions you correctly answer and how long you take to answer the questions. So, if you cannot answer a question, skip ahead. 


  • Maintain your General Knowledge

. When it comes to GK, many students are clueless. You should read the daily newspaper and general guidebooks. 

  • Improve your English Language Abilities

You can score well on the English Language section of the NCHMCT JEE. Reading newspapers and daily articles will help you improve your vocabulary. Begin revising all grammar concepts and reading passages regularly. 

  • Work on Aptitude for the Service Sector Section

The Aptitude for Service Section questions differ from the rest of the NCHMCT JEE sections. It is different because they assess your interpersonal and general moral skills. Try to analyse each question objectively and answer only based on your personal preferences.


FAQs about NCHMCT JEE Syllabus 2024

Q: How many sections are there in the NCHMCT JEE 2024?
Ans: There will be five sections in the NCHMCT JEE 2024?

Q: Questions related to which topics are asked in the NCHMCT JEE’s General Knowledge section?
Ans: Inventions and discoveries, Prizes and honours, Fashion Events, Famous Personalities, and Sports Events are important topics from which questions come in the NCHMCT JEE General Knowledge section.

Q: Are there any subjective questions in the NCHMCT JEE exam?
Ans: No, the NCHMCT JEE exam contains no subjective questions. In the exam, only objective-type questions are there.

Q: Who sets the NCHMCT JEE syllabus?
Ans: The National Council for Hotel Management curates and publishes the NCHMCT JEE syllabus (NCHM).

Q: What kind of questions are asked in the Service Sector Aptitude NCHMCT JEE exam?
Ans: Multiple Choice based Questions are asked in Service Sector Aptitude. In this section, candidates are tested more on their personal judgments. They will be given a situation and the options which they have to mark accordingly.



Knowing the NCHMCT JEE Syllabus and preparing well will help candidates score good marks in the exam and secure a seat in a college of their choice.

MCQ type questions are asked from five subjects in the NCHMCT-JEE exam as mentioned in the syllabus namely, Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude, Reasoning and Logical Deduction, English Language, General Knowledge and Current Affairs and Service and Sector Aptitude


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