CLAT Syllabus 2024 | Syllabus for CLAT Exam 2024


Syllabus for CLAT Exam 2024 (Under Graduate Level)


CLAT Syllabus 2024 – The CLAT 2024 Syllabus, meticulously designed by the CLAT Consortium, tests aptitude and skills vital for legal education. To ease your study process, SuccessCDS has assembled the entire syllabus section-by-section along with important topics for the CLAT Exam.


CLAT aspirants are advised to go over the CLAT Exam 2024 Syllabus before starting their exam preparations. CLAT Subjects covered under the syllabus for the undergraduate level are as given below.


  1. English Language
  2. Current Affairs
  3. Legal Reasoning
  4. Logical Reasoning
  5. Quantitative Techniques


The subject’s detailed analysis as per the CLAT exam syllabus is given below:


CLAT English Language Syllabus 2024


The topics covered under the CLAT 2024 English language syllabus are given below.

clat english syllabus


Here are the most important topics you should focus on while preparing for CLAT English Section 2024:


  1. Vocabulary – A strong vocabulary is essential to excel in the English section. You should focus on learning new words, their meanings, and their sentence usage. Additionally, you must practice synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and phrases.
  2. Grammar –  To excel in the grammar section, you should focus on tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, articles, and conjunctions. Additionally, practising sentence correction, filling in the blanks, and spotting errors would be best.
  3. Reading Comprehension –  The reading comprehension section tests your understanding of a passage. Focus on developing your reading speed and comprehension skills. Additionally, you must practice identifying the passage’s main idea, tone, and purpose.
  4. Error Detection –  The error detection section tests your ability to identify errors in a sentence. You should focus on grammar rules and syntax to identify the mistakes. Additionally, you must practice identifying the correct usage of punctuation marks.


CLAT Current Affairs Syllabus 2024


The topics covered under the Current Affairs, including the General Knowledge part of the CLAT 2024 syllabus, are given below.

clat current affair syllabus

Here are some of the most important topics you should focus on while preparing for the CLAT 2024 GK and Current Affairs section:


  1. Indian Polity and Governance –  This topic covers the Indian Constitution, its history, and its various provisions. You should also be aware of the structure and functioning of the Indian government, including the executive, legislature, and judiciary.

International Relations: This topic covers India’s relationship with other countries, foreign policy, and role in international organizations such as the United Nations.

  1. Economics and Finance – This topic covers the basics of economics, such as supply and demand, inflation, and economic policies. You should also be aware of the latest developments in the financial sector, such as the budget, GST, and banking reforms.
  2. Science and Technology –  This topic covers the latest developments in science and technology, such as space exploration, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology. You should also be aware of these developments’ ethical and legal implications.
  3. Environment and Ecology –  This topic covers the conservation and management of natural resources, climate change, and biodiversity. You should know the latest environmental laws and policies, such as the National Green Tribunal and the Paris Agreement.


  1. Sports and Entertainment –  This topic covers the latest happenings in sports and entertainment, including major tournaments and awards.


CLAT Legal Reasoning Syllabus 2024


The topics covered under the CLAT Legal Reasoning syllabus are given below.


  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • General Legal Principles
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Law
  • Torts
  • Indian Penal Code
  • Indian Contract Act
  • Labour Law
  • Current Legal General Knowledge
  • Miscellaneous Topics


Here are some of the most important topics you should focus on while preparing for the CLAT legal reasoning section:


  1. Legal Maxims – Legal maxims are principles of law that have been established through judicial decisions and precedents. Familiarizing yourself with these maxims will help you understand the basic principles of law and their applications in different situations.


  1. Constitutional Law –  This topic deals with the principles and provisions of the Indian Constitution, including fundamental rights, directive principles, and the separation of powers. You must have a sound understanding of the Constitution and its various provisions.


  1. Criminal Law – This topic deals with the principles and provisions of the Indian Penal Code and other criminal laws. Understanding the different types of crimes, their punishments, and the legal procedures involved in criminal cases is essential.


  1. Contract Law –  This topic deals with the principles and provisions of contract law, including the different types of contracts, their formation, and their enforceability. You must know the legal terminology used in contracts and their interpretation.


  1. Tort Law –  This topic deals with the principles and provisions of tort law, including negligence, nuisance, and defamation. You must know the different types of torts and their legal implications.


  1. International Law –  This topic deals with the principles and provisions of international law, including international treaties and agreements, human rights, and international organizations.


CLAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus 2024


The topics covered under the CLAT Logical Reasoning syllabus are given below.


  • Logical Ability
  • Analogy
  • Pie Charts
  • Puzzles
  • Binary Logic
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Assumption and Reasoning
  • Blood Relations
  • Calendars
  • Clocks
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Data Structure
  • Linear and Matrix Arrangement
  • Logical Sequence
  • Statement and Conclusion
  • Verbal Ability


Here are some of the most important topics for CLAT 2024 Logical Reasoning. 


  1. Critical Reasoning –  Critical Reasoning questions test your ability to analyze and evaluate arguments. You will be given a set of statements and must identify the argument’s conclusion, assumptions, and flaws.


  1. Analogies – Analogies test your ability to identify similarities and differences between two objects or concepts. You will be given two words and need to identify a third word related to the first two words similarly.


  1. Syllogisms – Syllogisms test your ability to draw logical conclusions from a set of given premises. You will be given two or more statements and need to identify the correct conclusion based on those statements.


  1. Logical sequences – Logical sequences test your ability to identify patterns and sequences. You will be given a series of numbers or letters and must identify the next number or letter in the sequence.


CLAT Quantitative Techniques Syllabus 2024


The topics covered under the CLAT Quantitative Technique syllabus are given below.


  • Algebra
  • Average
  • Geometry
  • LCM and HCF
  • Mensuration
  • Number System
  • Percentage
  • Permutation Combination
  • Probability
  • Profit and Loss
  • Linear and Quadratic Equations
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Time and Speed
  • Time and Work
  • Trigonometry


Here are some of the most important mathematics topics for CLAT Quants section that you should focus on while preparing for the exam:

  1. Number System –  This topic covers factors, multiples, divisibility, and prime and composite numbers.
  2. Percentages and Ratios – This topic covers calculating percentages, ratios, and proportions, which are used to solve various problems related to finance and business.
  3. Algebra – This topic covers the basics of algebra, including linear equations, quadratic equations, and polynomials.
  4. Geometry – This topic covers the basics of geometry, including lines, angles, triangles, circles, and polygons.
  5. Mensuration – This topic covers calculating the area, perimeter, and volume of different shapes, including squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles.
  6. Data Interpretation – This topic covers the interpretation of data, including bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and tables.


CLAT 2024 Preparation Strategy


CLAT Preparation Tips for the English Language


Some tips are as follows,


  • This section will check the candidate’s proficiency in the English Language.
  • The core preparation in this section is reading comprehension and grammar. Candidates will be given passages that need to be read, understood and answered, spending minimum time. To achieve this, candidates need to develop their reading skills.
  • Besides that, candidates have to brush up on English grammar rules and practice questions to ensure they have mastered the application and usage of grammatical rules.


CLAT Preparation Tips for General Knowledge & Current Affairs


There is no fixed syllabus for this section. Questions are asked on a variety of topics.


  • To prepare for this section, one needs to develop reading habits as candidates must remember a lot of information on various topics.
  • Read newspapers regularly.
  • Review previous year’s papers to see what type of questions were asked from static GK. Then focus mainly on those topics.
  • Read on topics like Awards, UN bodies, History, Geography, Indian Constitution, and the Indian Judiciary. Following current affairs for a long time will help candidates to perform better in the current affairs section.


CLAT Preparation Tips for Legal Aptitude


Legal Aptitude is one of the important sections of the CLAT UG exam. Candidates often feel that this section is tougher because of the vast syllabus. Also, it is not the usual subject taught in schools. The four major topics in this section are Criminal Court, Law Of Tort, Contract Act and the Indian Constitution.


  • Focus on all these four sections.
  • Since the syllabus is vast, do not expect to know all the technicalities in depth. Instead, have a good knowledge of the fundamental concepts.
  • This section also checks the candidate’s reasoning ability based on a case or situation. Thus, understand the basics and practice questions to grasp this section better.


CLAT Preparation Tips for Elementary Mathematics


Some tips are as follows,


  • Candidates need to be familiar with the various topics of basic Mathematics at the Class 10 level.
  • Candidates have to understand the basic concept of all the topics.
  • Note down all the formulae and memorize them by heart.
  • Go through the example problems and solve enough questions to improve problem-solving skills quickly and accurately.


CLAT Preparation Tips for Logical Reasoning


Some tips are as follows,


  • This section is about checking the candidate’s logical and analytical skills.
  • Candidates need to understand the underlying theory of the concepts.
  • Start with topics that need common sense (Classification, Odd Man Out, Distance and Direction, etc.) and are easy to finish. Try to finish these topics as early as possible.
  • Do the difficult topics that need critical thinking and analytical skills later.
  • Cultivate the habit of reading questions carefully and making diagrams whenever required.
  • Go through examples and learn the right way to approach the questions.
  • Learn the tricks and practice the questions from different topics to command this section better.
  • Take online tests and solve a variety of questions from different books.


Recommended Books for CLAT 2024 Exam Preparation


All the aspirants are advised to study topics as per the CLAT Exam Syllabus. The following books are recommended for undergraduate-level candidates preparing for CLAT 2024 Exam.


Universal’s CLAT Guide
Universal Publication House
Legal Awareness and Legal Aptitude
A.P. Bhardwaj 
Chapter-wise Objective Question Bank Law
Arihant Publication 
Study Package for CLAT & LLB Entrance Examinations
A.P. Bhardwaj
LexisNexis Butterworths
Lexis Nexis Publication 
Manorama Year Book
Manorama Publication 
Self Study Guide CLAT
Arihant Publication
Constitution of India Bare Act 
Common-Law Publications


CLAT Syllabus 2024 FAQs


Q. What are the subjects in the CLAT exam?
Ans. CLAT exam paper comprises five sections- English, General Knowledge, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Techniques (Mathematics).

Q. What is the level of the CLAT UG ?
Ans. CLAT UG exam would be of a level that a 12th standard student may be able to solve with adequate preparation.

Q. What is the date of the CLAT 2024 exam?
Ans: The CLAT 2024 exam will be held on December 3, 2023.

Q. Is prior legal knowledge required to sit for the CLAT exam ?
Ans. No

Q. Where can I find the books for the CLAT exam?
Ans: The candidates can find the best books for CLAT 2024 exam online. Some of the best books recommended for preparation are Universal’s CLAT Guide, Constitution of India Bare Act by Common-Law Publications and Universal’s LL.M. Examination, Including Previous Years’ Solved Papers.

Q. Does NLU Consortium provide study material or online classes for CLAT Preparation?
Ans. The Consortium will provide candidates who have successfully completed their application to the UG-CLAT 2024 access to a learning platform where you may access the preparatory materials described, various exercises and model question papers. The Consortium shall also organise online sessions for candidates, in which subject experts shall provide guidance on how best to prepare for each of the sections of the UG-CLAT 2024, and how candidates may approach the questions in each section.

Q. Does the CLAT Syllabus change every year?
Ans. No, the CLAT Exam Syllabus usually remains the same every year. However, some modifications in the CLAT Undergraduate & Postgraduate syllabus were made in 2020 due to the change in the paper pattern. But, there are no changes in the CLAT 2024 Syllabus.

Q. Is CLAT more difficult than JEE?
Ans. CLAT is easier to crack as compared to JEE Main. In terms of difficulty level and competition, JEE is much higher.




In conclusion, thorough understanding of the syllabus and knowing the key concepts for CLAT 2024 exam is essential for your success. Here are some important takeaways to keep in mind:


  • English: Expand your vocabulary and read more. Regular practice will help you become more fluent in the language.
  • Quantitative Aptitude : Strengthen your calculation methods for solving problems in mathematics. To increase speed and accuracy, practise resolving a variety of mathematical questions.
  • Reasoning : Developing your analytical and logical reasoning skills is important. To improve your problem-solving abilities, practise answering several kinds of logical reasoning problems before the exam. 
  • GK & Current Affairs: Stay updated with current events, national and international affairs, and legal developments. Regularly read books, editorials, and newspapers to increase your knowledge.


If you want to shine in CLAT 2024, keep in mind that constant practice, meticulous preparation, and a comprehensive understanding of these subjects will offer you the edge you need. Good luck with your CLAT journey!


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