Mineral and Power Resources MCQs

CBSE Class 8 Geography Chapter 3 MCQs from Resources and Development Book | Geography Chapter 3 “Mineral and Power Resources” Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

Mineral and Power Resources MCQs – Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 8 Geography book Resources and Development Chapter 3 Mineral and Power Resources.  Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference.

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Q1- Minerals found in ______ are not accessible.
A) Greenland
B) Serbia
C) Antarctica
D) Japan


Q2- The example of ferrous minerals is
A) manganese
B) limestone
C) coal
D) petroleum


Q3- An example of mineral fuel is
A) Coal
B) bauxite
C) iron
D) gold


Q4- Limestone is a ____ mineral.
A) ferrous
B) metallic
C) non-metallic
D) non – ferrous


Q5- Minerals found near earth’s surface are taken out by the process of 
A) quarrying
B) drilling
C) digging
D) weathering


Q6- Extraction of minerals is carried out by the process of
A) Weathering
B) Clearing forests
C) Clearing land
D) Mining


Q7- ______ is a leading producer of tin.
A) China
B) Pakistan
C) Switzerland


Q8- ___ is found in China.
A) Gold
B) bauxite
C) Antimony
D) Copper


Q9- Crude oil can be found in
A) Qatar
B) Thailand
C) Malaysia
D) Zambia


Q10- High grade iron ore can be found in
A) Australia
B) Brazil
C) Mexico
D) Chile


Q11- The South American country which boasts of mineral oil is
A) Uruguay
B) Bolivia
C) Brazil
D) Venezuela


Q12- _____ is the largest producer of Bauxite across the globe.
B) Australia
C) Canada
D) India


Q13- _____ is the largest producer of diamond among all continents.
A) Asia
B) South America
C) Africa
D) Australia


Q14- ______ is obtained from quartz.
A) Silicon
B) Uranium
C) Bauxite
D) Gold


Q15- ________ is the ore of Aluminium.
A) Iron
B) Mineral oil
C) Bauxite
D) Coal


Q16- ____ is the best way to conserve metals.
A) Throwing away
B) Recycling
C) Decomposing
D) Discarding its usage


Q17- _____ is an example of conventional energy sources.
A) Firewood
B) Technology
C) iron
D) Silver


Q18- _____ is disadvantage of using hydel power.
A) easy access
B) doesn’t cause pollution.
C) local people are forced to evacuate the area for construction of hydel power project
D) cheap for usage


Q19- Thermal power is electricity generated from _____. 
A) Coal
B) Hydel power
C) firewood
D) iron


Q20- Coal is an example of ______ energy resource.
A) renewable
B) non-renewable
C) human-made
D) non – ferrous


Q21- Gypsum is an example of _____ mineral.
A) metallic
B) ferrous
C) non-metallic
D) non-ferrous


Q22- Ores of ______ contain iron.
A) manganese
B) gypsum
C) sandstone
D) marble


Q23- More than ______ different types of minerals have been identified until now.
A) 3000
B) 2800
C) 2500
D) 2900


Q24- ______ is a mineral fuel.
A) Gold
B) Silicon
C) Petroleum
D) Iron


Q25- To reach mineral deposits at great depths, deep bores have to be made. This process is called _____
A) shaft mining
B) drilling
C) quarrying
D) Open cast mining


Q26- If a rock contains copper, then its color is ____.
A) Black
B) Blue
C) Red
D) Purple


Q27- ______ beds can be found in Algeria.
A) Chromite
B) Nikel
C) Phosphate
D) Limestone


Q28- France has _____ deposits
A) copper
B) Limestone
C) Gypsum
D) Petroleum


Q29- ______ produces more than half of the world’s tin.
A) Africa
B) Asia
C) Antarctica
D) Europe


Q30- ________ can be found in the Appalachian region of Canada.
A) Silver
B) Coal
C) Diesel
D) Chromium

Answer key for Class 8 Geography Resources and Development book Chapter 3 – Mineral and Power Resources

Question Answer Question Answer Question Answer
1 C 11 D 21 C
2 A 12 B 22 A
3 A 13 C 23 B
4 C 14 A 24 C
5 A 15 C 25 A
6 D 16 B 26 B
7 A 17 A 27 C
8 C 18 C 28 B
9 A 19 A 29 B
10 B 20 B 30 B


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