MCQs for Chapter 4 “Agriculture” Class 8 Geography Resources and Development book

CBSE Class 8 Geography Chapter 4 MCQs from Resources and Development Book | Geography Chapter 4 “Agriculture” Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

Agriculture MCQs – Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 8 Geography book Resources and Development Chapter 4 – Agriculture.  Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference.

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Q1- Across the globe, more than ___% of people are engaged in agriculture
A) 25
B) 40
C) 50
D) 30


Q2- ____ is a primary activity.
A) Oil refining
B) Food processing
C) Agriculture
D) Pesticide preparation


Q3- Around ___ of Indian population depends on agriculture.
A) 2/3
B) 1/5
C) 4/5
D) 1/3


Q4- Arable land is
A) land where crops are grown.
B) land where trees are cut.
C) land which is cleared for agriculture
D) land where mining takes place.


Q5- Jhumming is practised in ____ India.
A) North – East
B) South
C) West
D) South- west


Q6- Following animal is a part of the nomadic herd
A) camel
B) ox
C) cats
D) rabbits


Q7- Which of the following physical input is required in agriculture?
A) labour
B) slope
C) rainfall
D) Sunlight


Q8- One of the inputs required in farming is
A) slope
B) crops
C) Human Resource
D) Machinery


Q9- Cultivation of grapes is defined as
A) Horticulture
B) Viticulture
C) Sericulture
D) Agriculture


Q10- An example of tertiary activity is
A) Advertising
B) Hunting
C) Agriculture
D) fishing


Q11- Fishing is an example of
A) Primary activity
B) Secondary activity
C) Tertiary activity
D) Agriculture activity


Q12- The word ‘agriculture’ has been derived from Latin word
A) ageri
B) ager
C) agri
D) agar


Q13- Growing flowers are identified under
A) Horticulture
B) Pisciculture
C) Sericulture
D) Viticulture


Q14- Seeds are one of _____ of agriculture.
A) process
B) output
C) input
D) labour


Q15- Shifting Cultivation is known as ____ in Malaysia.
A) Kharif
B) Jhumming
C) Ludang
D) Rabi


Q16- Roca is an agricultural practices followed in
A) Brazil
B) Indonesia
C) China
D) Malaysia


Q17- Nomadic Herding is practised in which of the following states
A) Rajasthan
B) Tamilnadu
C) Kerala
D) Telangana


Q18- If someone starts rearing silkworms, this practise is called
A) Horticulture
B) Viticulture
C) Agriculture
D) Sericulture


Q19- In the USA, _____ is grown excessively.
A) Millet
B) Wheat
C) Rice
D) Maize


Q20- In India, wheat is grown during ____ season.
A) Spring
B) Autumn
C) Winter
D) Summer


Q21- Extraction and production of natural resources is identified under _______ activity.
A) Primary
B) Secondary
C) Tertiary
D) Non-renewable


Q22- Agriculture is most favourable in _____ regions
A) Plain
B) desert
C) mountain
D) rocky


Q23- _____ is one of the important inputs of farming.
A) Fertilizers
B) crops
C) plain region
D) fruits


Q24- The art and science of soil cultivation to rear crops is called
A) agriculture
B) Viticulture
C) Sericulture
D) Horticulture


Q25- Shifting Cultivation is primarily practised in the regions where ________ takes place.
A) tsunami
B) heavy rainfall
C) dry weather
D) cutting of trees


Q26- In Sahara desert, _____ takes place.
A) shifting cultivation
B) nomadic herding
C) heavy rains
D) horticulture


Q27- ______ is one of the crops grown under commercial farming.
A) potato
B) onion
C) Wheat
D) Tomato


Q28- Mixed farming is practised in _______.
A) New Zealand
B) Zambia
C) Egypt
D) Belarus


Q29- ______ is a plantation grown in tropical regions of the world.
A) Rubber
B) Silk
C) Millet
D) Jute


Q30- Growing ______ is a type of plantation.
A) Rice
B) Wheat
C) coffee
D) maize

Answer key for Class 8 Geography Resources and Development book Chapter 4 – Agriculture

Question Answer Question Answer
1 C 11 A
2 C 12 B
3 A 13 A
4 A 14 C
5 A 15 C
6 A 16 A
7 A 17 A
8 D 18 D
9 B 19 B
10 A 20 C
21 A 22 A
23 A 24 A
25 B 26 B
27 C 28 A
29 A 30 C



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