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CBSE Class 8 Geography Chapter 5 MCQs from Resources and Development Book | Geography Chapter 5 “Industries” Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

Industries MCQs – Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 8 Geography book Resources and Development Chapter 5 Industries.  Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 8.

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Q1- Food processing is an example of ___ based industry.
A) marine
B) agro
C) mineral
D) forest

Q2- ____ is an example of forest based industry.
A) Banking
B) Baking cakes
C) Advertising
D) Pharmaceuticals


Q3- Seafood industry is an example of ___ based industries.
A) agro
B) mining
C) marine
D) forest


Q4- Industry owned by one individual is _______.
A) private sector industry
B) joint sector industry
C) co-operative industry
D) public sector industry


Q5- ___ is an example of a co-operative industry.
A) Steel Authority of India Ltd
B) Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd
C) Sudha Dairy
D) Indian Army


Q6- Market is one of the ____ factors for setting up of industries.
A) locational
B) Sizeable
C) natural
D) systematic


Q7- Setting up ____ leads to development of towns.
A) forests
B) buildings
C) industries
D) schools


Q8- Maruti Udyog Ltd is an example of ___ sector industry.
A) cooperative
B) private
C) joint
D) private


Q9- ___ has been called the backbone of industry.
A) diamond
B) iron
C) Steel
D) Petroleum


Q10- ____ is one of the major steel producing centres.
A) Bhilai
B) Jammu
C) Chandigarh
D) Delhi


Q11- Jamshedpur lies on the banks of _______ river
A) Subarnarekha
B) Ganga
C) Jhelum
D) Mahi


Q12- ____ is a steel city in the USA
A) New York City
B) Detroit
C) Pittsburg
D) Ohio


Q13- Bhadravati – an important steel centre is located in
A) Jharkhand
B) Karnataka
C) Bihar
D) Odisha


Q14- Sakchi is the old name of ______.
A) Jamshedpur
B) Salem
C) Bhadravati
D) Belgavi


Q15- _____ is a prominent coalfield in India.
A) Bokaro
B) Jharia
C) Chittranjan
D) Dimapur


Q16- India’s first successful mechanized textile mill was established in ____.
A) Surat
B) Kolkata
C) Madras
D) Mumbai


Q17- Kanpur is famous for ____ factories
A) sugar
B) textile
C) steel
D) marine


Q18- _____ is also famous as ‘Manchester of India.’
A) Surat
B) Delhi
C) Ahmedabad
D) Salem


Q19- In Ahmedabad, the first textile mill was established in which year?
A) 1856
B) 1859
C) 1861
D) 1855


Q20- _____ is known as the ‘Manchestor of Japan.’
A) Tokyo
B) Hiroshima
C) Osaka
D) Aichi


Q21- Manufacturing of fish oil is an example of _____ based industry.
A) agro
B) marine
C) forest
D) mineral


Q22- Basket weaving is identified under
A) cottage industry
B) marine based industry
C) mineral based industry
D) source industry


Q23- Silk manufacturing falls under
A) large scale industry
B) small scale industry
C) marine industry
D) mineral industry


Q24- Kharkai river flows through the steel city of ____.
A) Jamshedpur
B) Bhilai
C) Chittorgarh
D) Bokaro


Q25- The textile industry of Osaka imports _____ from other countries.
A) cotton
B) rice
C) metal
D) iron


Q26- ______ river flows through Osaka.
A) Shinano
B) Yodo
C) Thames
D) Colarado


Q27- The Great Lake waterway is located near
A) New York
B) Washington
C) Pittsburgh
D) Osaka


Q28- Dolomite mines are located in
A) Odisha
B) Tamilnadu
C) Punjab
D) Gujarat


Q29- Chintzes clothes can be found in
A) Dhaka
B) Masulipatnam
C) Burhanpur
D) Calicut


Q30- _____ industry is found in abdundant amount in Egypt.
A) cotton
B) jute
C) wheat
D) rubber


Answer key for Class 8 Geography Resources and Development book Chapter 5 – Industries

Question Answer Question Answer
1 B 11 A
2 D 12 C
3 C 13 B
4 A 14 A
5 C 15 B
6 A 16 D
7 C 17 B
8 C 18 C
9 C 19 C
10 A 20 C
21 B 22 A
23 B 24 A
25 A 26 B
27 C 28 A
29 B 30 A


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