Arts in Partnership Fellowship 2018

Tamil Nadu Arts in Partnership Fellowship 2018 – Fellowships under the Arts in Partnership Fellowship Program, awarded by Ranga Mandira Trust, Chennai to train under and contribute to Ek Potlee Ret Ki /Kaani Nilamum Mupporumai Aniyum an activist collective working on cultural identities and diversity.

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Fellow Participate

  • The fellow will participate and gain experience in the following:
  • Undertaking extensive field work to identify, study and document cultural practices across four States.
  • Work on advocacy to push for administrative and policy level interventions into the lives and livelihoods of marginalised communities.
  • Work in the collective’s secretariat gaining hands-on experience in administrative and other campaign coordination work.
  • Ranga Mandira is offering fellowships to interested youngster to live, work and learn in the grassroots of Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand with the Ek Potlee Ret Ki /Kaani Nilamum Mupporumai Aniyum collective
  • The two-year fellowship will provide a consolidated honorarium of Rs.12000/month

Fellowship Benefits

  • Hands-on field (grassroots) and advocacy experience.
  • Opportunity to meet, interact with, and document several indigenous and hereditary cultural communities, artistes, and artisans. Contribute to developing a one-of-a-kind, fully open source, folk achieve
  • Contribute to developing special community libraries and experiential learning centres for children from the margins. Network with various other organisations and individuals across India working on similar issues. Extensively travel across rural India to identify and connect with communities
  • Honorarium of INR 12,000 per month


Eligibility Criteria

  • We are on the lookout for applicants who possess fluency in either Hindi or Tamil (spoken and writing) along with a fair knowledge of English.
  • No specific degrees or certificates are expected. All you need is interest to work and learn.
  • Some basic knowledge of computers (basic typing, word, email, internet searching, etc.) will be very helpful
  • Applicant must be willing to undertake extensive travels (by buses, trains and other public transportation) and live in rural areas with basic/minimum facilities
  • Applicant must be an Indian National
  • Ek Potlee Ret Ki/ Kaani Nilamum Mupporumai Aniyum is not an NGO. It is an activist collective – we work on socio-political issues and mobilization. Applicant must have a keen interest in engaging with grassroots issues and understanding social structures and political workings
  • Interest in any sort of arts and culture will be welcomed


Application Form

  • Please ensure you complete the application form given on this page with all required details. Incomplete forms will not be considered
  • We would like to know why you are interested in this fellowship. Kindly write a 500 words Statement of Purpose. A provision has been made for you to upload a document in the form. You can choose to write the statement in English or any preferred Indian regional language. You are welcome to get creative with your statements!  – No need to adhere to any formal structure.
  • You will also need to upload a one page CV or a short bio of yourself in the form


Important Dates

  • Application End Date: 10th August 2018
  • Fellowship Start Date: 01st September 2018

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