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Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships 2018

OCSI Scholarships 2018

Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships 2018 – Scholarship applications for 2018-19 will be opened in March 2018. The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India, OCSI announces Scholarships for 2018-19 sessions to graduates from Indian Universities who have obtained admission in either Oxford or Cambridge

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships are part-cost awards for Undergraduate, Second Undergraduate, Graduate study and Research in any subject available at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, UK


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Details of OCIS

  • The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) is a not-for-profit alumni organisation based in New Delhi, India
  • The scholarships offered by OCSI are Equal Opportunity, i.e. the decisions made in awarding these scholarships are not based on race, colour, religion, disability, age (exceptfor maximum age criterion), sex or ancestry


Background to the Scholarships

  • These scholarships were instituted by the Society over fifty years ago
  • Originally established as a purely social network of the Oxford and Cambridge alumni in Delhi, the Society transitioned into a more academic and educational support network in the 1960s, while continuing with its major role as an alumni body


Number of Awards

  • OCSI seeks to elect at least one OCSI Scholar annually (although the exact number of awards and the value of then awards may change from year to year)


OCSI Scholarships for 2018

  • The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India is offering scholarships for admission to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge in the academic year 2018-19, as below
  • OCSI Scholarship(s) worth INR 300,000 tenable at either the University Of Cambridge or the University of Oxford
  • One Scholarship worth INR 100,000tenable only at Emmanuel College,
  • University of Cambridge, from Emmanuel College Cambridge (India) Trust
  • One Scholarship worth INR 100,000 (Rupees One Lac only) tenable only at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford, from Ritika Dhamija


Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a citizen of India
  • Must be ordinary resident in India
  • Must be not more than 30 years of age on 1st September of the year of application for award
  • Must be a graduate of an Indian University
  • Must have applied for and secured admission to study a full-time course at the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford. Candidates are required to present proof of admission before grant of the scholarship, and proof of having taking up residence at Cambridge or Oxford before the scholarship funds would be released.


Must intend to pursue a course of study that is one of the Following:

  • Research leading to the PhD degree
  • One-Year post graduate course
  • Taught and Research based Masters Programmes of various durations
  • Second Bachelor’s degree as an Affiliated Student/Senior Status
  • Bachelor’s degree programme
  • Must admitted to the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford through the University’s normal academic procedures. OCSI cannot admit students or assist in this process.


Applications Process

  • Application forms for OSCI scholarship will be available on the website www.oxbridgeindia.com/ of the Society by 1st February every year
  • Announcement of the OSCI scholarship will be sent to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the colleges of the two universities, the British Council, and a designated list of Indian colleges by February.
  • Candidates who are shortlisted for the Interview shall be informed by 15th May 2018
  • The decision of the OSCI scholarship committee on the shortlisting and selection of candidates shall final.
  • All shortlisted candidates will be required to physically attend an interview with the OSCI scholarship committee at a designated venue in New Delhi, usually in or just before the first week of June.
  • No financial support is available for short-listed candidates for their travel to Delhi for the interview
  • Award offers will normally be made to selected candidates by end of July 2018


Important Dates

  • The application forms would be available on the website of the Society by 1st February every year
  • Applicants must send the completed forms to OSCI by 15th May 2018
  • Short-listed candidates shall be called for interview in New Delhi in early July 2018


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