Geography Chapter 8 – Transport MCQ Question Answers for CUET 2023

1. When was the first Railway run in India?

2. Which of the following rulers built the Grand Trunk road?

3. Which seas are joined by the Suez canal?

4. In which continent is the reindeer used as a pack anima

5. The Big Trunk Route runs through:

6. In which year was the Indian Broadcasting System changed to All India Radio?

7. Which body started radio broadcasting in India in 1923?

8. What is the length of inland waterways in India?

9. Which one pair of the following places is linked by Channel Tunnel?

10. Which state has the highest road density in India?

11. Which is the longest railway in the world?

12. In which year was the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) operationalised?

13. Which of the following is not the purpose of the INSAT?

14. Which element is not sent through communication?

15. The Big Inch pipeline transports:

16. Australian National Railway runs from-to:

17. Which among the following National Highways of India is the longest?

18.  In which of the following countries do we find the ‘autobahns’?

19. Which mode is suited for carrying a large volume of bulky materials?

20. When was the first pipeline constructed in India?

21. Name two terminals of the orient express.

22. Which is the longest highway in the world?

23. What is the share of National Highways inroads of India?

24. Which seas are joined by the Panama canal?

25. Which mode carries high-value light goods?



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