Geography Chapter 8 – Transport MCQ Question Answers for Various Entrance Exams

1. In which year was the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) operationalised?

2. The Big Trunk Route runs through:

3. Between which of the following terminals does the Trans-continental Stuart Highway run?

4. When was the first Railway run in India?

5. When was the Suez canal constructed?

6. In which of the following year, the first radio programme was broadcast?

7. Australian National Railway runs from-to:

8. Which mode is suited for carrying a large volume of bulky materials?

9. Which body started radio broadcasting in India in 1923?

10. Which is the longest highway in the world?

11.  Reindeer is a pack animal in:

12. Which tours are joined by NH-1?

13. What is the width of a standard gauge railway?

14. Which seas are joined by the Panama canal?

15. On which river and between which two places does the National Waterway No. 1 l

16. The Big Inch pipeline transports:

17. Which country has the highest density of railway network?

18.  India is divided into how many pin code zones?

19. When did air transport in India make a beginning?

20. How many Rail zones are there in India?

21. Which of the following rulers built the Grand Trunk road?

22. Which mode provides door to door service?

23. Which seas are joined by the Suez canal?

24. Which stations are joined by the North-South corridor

25. Which is the longest railway in the world?



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