Geography Chapter 10 – Human Settelment MCQ Question Answers for Various Entrance Exams

1. Which is an administrative town?

2. Which is a medieval town?

3. Settlements in low lying river basins, on terraces and levees are called settlements.

4.  How many million towns are there in India (as in 2014)?

5. Which one of the following towns is not situated along the bank of a river?

6.  Which one of the following settlements is usually located near waterbodies?

7. Which of the following is not a pattern of human settlement?

8. Which of the following is not a medieval town?

9. Which one of the following forms of settlement develops along either side of roads, rivers, or canals?

10. The urban settlements are generally compact and:

11. Which types of settlements are found in alluvial plains?

12. In which of the following parts of India dispersed rural settlements is not expected?

13. What percentage of urban population lives in Class I towns as per 2011 Census?

14. Igloos are found in the region:

15. Which of the following is a mining town?

16. How do the inhabitants of Loess region in China build their houses?

17. How much is the population of a megacity?

18. In which of the following countries, Isenberg provides a better location for settlements in terms of security ?

19. Which town has the in the world?

20. Which of the following places are considered as ‘dry points’?

21. Sufficiency of which type of resources can help to create adequate social infrastructure catering to the needs of the large population in the developing countries?

22. Which settlement pattern is found along coasts?

23. Which one of the following is NOT part of the definition of a town as per the census of India?

24. Dispersed or isolated settlement pattern in India appears in the form of:

25.  A town containing military based is known as:



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