Geography Chapter 4 – Human Development MCQ Question Answers for Various Entrance Exams

1. Which of the following states rank lowest in the HDI?

2. What is the score of the high development index?

3. _______ measures the shortfall in human development

4. Development means

5. The state having the highest literacy rate in India:-

6. What is the average HDI value of India?

7. What is the life expectancy at birth for females in India (2015)?

8. What is the measure of access to resources?

9. Where does India rank in the world Human Development Index?

10. The average number of years to be lived by a group of people born in the same year is known as:

11.  Which cost is involved in Migration?

12. Which of the following is the criterion used to measure development?

13. Which of these is not a key area on which the Human Development Index of a country is determined?

14. Which is not a key area of human development?

15. Which is not a part of the Human development of people?

16. When was the first Human Development Report published by the UNDP?

17. Which is not a hindrance to Equity?

18. What was the rank of India in the Human Development Index 2016?

19. Human development is:-

20. Who introduced the concept of Human Development?

21. On the basis of the human development countries can be classifies into

22. Which one of the following scholars introduced the concept of Human Development?

23. Education is important because

24. ______ is a much wider concept that literacy

25. Which five-year plan recognizes the importance of human capital?



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