The Full form of CRS is The Commission of Railway Safety. CRS is a government commission of India and subordinate to the Ministry of Civil Aviation. As directed by The Railways Act, 1989, the commission is the rail safety authority in India. The agency investigates every kind of serious rail accidents. CRS has its head office in the North-East Railway Compound in Lucknow. Shri Shailesh Kumar Pathak is the Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS) as of 2019. The CRS is headed by a Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS), at Lucknow.

He is responsible for all matters pertaining to safety of the railways and also acts as Principal Technical Advisor to the Central Government. There are 9 Commissioners of Railway Safety (CRS), who are working under the administrative control of CCRS and each one exercising jurisdiction over 1 or more of the 17 Zonal Railways. In addition, DMRC (Delhi), Metro Railway (Kolkata), Konkan Railway, and MRTS (Chennai) also fall under their jurisdiction. There are additional 5 Deputy Commissioners of Railway Safety for assisting the CCRS as and when required, who are posted in the Headquarters at Lucknow.

In addition, there are 2 field Deputy Commissioners, one each in Kokata and Mumbai, to assist the Commissioners of Railway Safety in matters concerning the Telecommunication and Signalling disciplines.