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Diploma Courses after 10th
Diploma Courses after 12th
Diploma Courses after Graduation

Diploma courses are gaining immense popularity among students. Many students have an interest in a particular field and have the potential to excel in it. With little guidance, they can achieve success in that field. Diploma courses are practical and of short duration. They are the entry key to the professional world. Various diploma courses are available for students and the benefit is that a student can pursue a bachelor’s course in that particular field after completing a diploma course. Some diploma courses are for a duration of 1 year and after completing class 12, one can enrol in such diploma courses.

Various Diploma Courses after 10th

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT)

DMLT trains the students in various laboratory tests which are used to diagnose and prevent diseases in any patient. Professionals skilled in performing sonography, X-rays, and CT-scans are in great demand.

Diploma in Engineering

This is a 3 years course and helps the students in acquiring basic knowledge of engineering. After doing diploma in engineering, admission to a degree course in engineering becomes easy for these students as their basics become very strong and clear. There are multiple options for the courses in engineering like Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Communications, and Automobile.


Diploma in Hotel Management

This is a very interesting course for students who have an interest in making a career in Hotel Management. There are two diplomas offered under this course:

  • Diploma in Bakery and Confectionary
  • Diploma in Food Production

Diploma in Business

The course helps in learning basic management skills and ethics. It is a 3-year course.


Diploma in Architecture

It helps the student to start a career in Architecture. The basics of architecture and practical skills can be learned in this course.


Diploma in Fashion Design

It is a 3-year course and helps the students in learning the basics of fashion designing like pattern making and garment construction.

Diploma in Fine Arts

It is a one year course and helps in getting a job as an art teacher, art liaison officer, graphic designer, etc.

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Diploma in Dental Hygiene

The candidate is eligible to work as an assistant to a dental surgeon after completing the 3- years course.

Diploma in Dental Mechanics

The candidate can do any lab or technician work related to dentistry. It is a 3-years course.

1-year Diploma Courses after 12th

After completing class 12, one can opt for the following diploma courses –

Diploma in Industrial Safety

This course is very useful for people who are looking for work in industries. The course explains the various types of risk involved in the company, their solutions, and their preventive measures.

Diploma in Radiological Technology

This course is very effective for getting a job as a medical lab technician. It gives knowledge of pathology, radiation physics, and MRI.

Diploma in Interior Designing

Basic knowledge of designing and construction can be acquired through this course. There is a great scope for interior designers in the future as after gaining some experience, they can easily open their own firm.

Diploma in Computer Application

One can learn the basics of computer like MS Office, Java, C++, HTML, and the Internet. Small companies are always looking for such professionals to work for them.


Diploma in Advertising

This is for those who have a creative mind. It helps in learning the skills of media planning and communication.

Diploma in Animation

The animation is the future of cinemas. The course covers designing, animation, 3D techniques, special effects, etc.

Diploma in Retail Management

The demand for experts and specialists in handling retail stores has increased due to the increase in malls and departmental stores. The career is promising in this field as the shopping arenas will always keep on increasing.


Diploma in Yoga

This is a very unique field and is known by very few people. The candidate can become an expert in various Yoga techniques and can become a professional yoga instructor.


Diploma in Financial Accounting

The course helps in increasing knowledge about the financial system. It teaches the skills to arrange and manage tax reports and financial records.

Diploma in Banking

A career in banking is for those who love finance and accounting. After completing the course, there are various jobs in banks depending on the skills of the candidate.

Various Diploma Courses after completing Graduation

After Graduation, one can choose the following diploma courses-

Postgraduate diploma in the Field of Medicine

The diploma can be done in almost every subject in the field of medicines such as Anesthesia, Pediatrics, ENT, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Pathology, Nuclear Medicine, Psychiatry, etc.


Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance

The banking and finance world is very complicated and it requires thorough knowledge. The diploma helps in developing future banking and financial professionals like Bank Managers, Banking officer, Financial agents, Analysts, etc.

Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources (PGDM HR)

HR are the life-lines of any company. They play a major role in the recruitment of professionals in the company. This oldest and prestigious program helps in enhancing the critical thinking and concentration of the student.

Postgraduate Diploma in International Business

This provides a vision of the global market. It helps in understanding the global economics and business environment. The students learn the professional way of doing international transactions and the basic theories and principles of the business. It is a two-year diploma course having four semesters. See: What is International Business


Postgraduate Diploma in Software Engineering (PGDSE)

The high level of programming skills in Java, Java EE, and various software engineering skills are revealed through this program. These candidates play a key role in software companies.

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management & Activation (PGDEMA)

In today’s era, people have time-constraint and want someone to organize everything for them. Hence, event managers are gaining immense popularity and had a bright career. This course can help the candidate to start their own business and earn lots of money.

Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel Management

The course gives cutlery training along with hospitality and management. This sector is again becoming very popular due to the increase in the number of hotels.


Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

This course guides in learning the various ideas and tools used in digitalization. The student can pursue their future as Digital Media Marketer.

There are many other Postgraduate diplomas in fields like Hospital Administration, Disaster Management, Petroleum Management, Statistics, Packaging, Bioinformatics, Food Safety and Quality Management, Rural Development, Personnel Management, etc.

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