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B.Com Courses, B Com Subjects, BCom Syllabus

Bachelor of Commerce B.Com Courses, B. Com Subjects, Syllabus

Bachelor of Commerce – B.Com Courses

What is B.Com ? What are B Com Subjects and what is the syllabus for B.Com Course .. Read on

Bachelor of Commerce (B Com) is an undergraduate degree in commerce and related subjects. Under this course, a wide range of managerial skills are provided to the students and their understanding in various subjects of commerce streams like accounting, economics, finance, taxation, management and insurance.

The Bachelor of Commerce is designed in such a way in which the students are able to develop business acumen, analytical skills, financial literacy and managerial skills. The students will study topics like management, accounting, economics, business law, information systems and more. This course will help in building competence in a particular area of business among students. It imparts knowledge of accounting principles, economic policies, export and import law and other aspects which tends to impact business and trade.


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B Com Courses

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a 3-year undergraduate degree in Commerce, passing of Higher Secondary Examination with Maths and English as core subjects is the minimum eligibility. Among students, B.Com has become one of the popular undergraduate courses in India.

There are three modes of having a degree of B.Com in India.

  • B Com (Pass Course)

B.Com pass course imparts knowledge and overview of the commerce subjects but in this students have no option for specializing in a particular subject.

  • B Com (Honors)

By opting B.Com (Hons), a student has the option to specialize in a particular subject like Economics, Accounting etc. It enables the students to grab an in-depth knowledge of subjects.

  • B Com (Vocational)

It is a skill development course and job orientation on the basis of that particular skill is the main objective of this course. By pursuing B.Com (Vocational), students can specialize in skill-based subjects.

B. Com With Specialization

In the past, B Com used to be a general course, covering number of subjects, which were commonly related to commerce sector. Students had to select a combination of subjects that they had to then pursue. At present, the old B. Com program is offered across Colleges in India. Along with it, newly introduced specialization programs are also being offered across many Indian Colleges. To specialize in a specific domain, there are various specializations that are provided to help aspirants. Some of which are as under:

  • B. Com Honors: Through advanced study of general subjects such as Cost Accountancy and Organizational Behaviour, the program helps to build in students competent business acumen, later they can specialize in a chosen field or area.
  • B Com Economics: B.Com in Business Economics is a three year undergraduate Commerce course. It comprises of the challenges and financial issues that comes in the way of organizations in market place or economy. This course enables the candidates to analyze and to solve economic problems in public as well as private sectors.
  • B Com Management Studies: B.Com in Management Studies is a full-time Undergraduate Management course, 10+2 examinations with 65% marks from a recognized board is the minimum eligibility.There are many colleges and institutes which offer this B.Com in Management Studies course in India. In this course, students learn to suggest and diagnose some solutions for managerial and operational problems. Major topics include in this course are Commercialization, Statistical research, Customer demands, Trade and Labour market.
  • B.Com Computer Applications: Computer applications is an application software which is designed to help the user to perform specific tasks. The course aims to produce qualified and trained personnel for fields such as banking, insurance, accounting, stock markets, e-commerce, and marketing, besides teaching jobs in universities and colleges.
  • B.Com Foreign Trade Management: B.Com in Foreign Trade Management is a 3-year undergraduate program involving an advanced study of economics, business, accounts and their management. The course’s ambit includes accounting of expenditure, management of resources, study of business relations, and management of trade flow, among others.
  • B.Com Taxation: The B.Com (Taxation) degree course prepares students for a professional qualification in taxation, finance and accounting and provides a solid base in the field of Taxation, Accounting and Finance, thus making it easier to acquire a leadership / managerial role in the financial sector.
  • B.Com Banking Management: This course aims to create trained professionals who can handle various financial activities associated with Banking sectors and operate efficiently in the Banking environment in the financial service sector along with handling various technologies employed in the field of Banking.
  • B.Com Accountancy: B.Com in Accountancy is an undergraduate commerce course.The course puts a strong emphasis on developing analytical skills and offers a solid grounding and professional competence in all aspects of accounting.
  • B.Com E-Commerce: The course aims to equip eligible candidates with advanced learning in online business practices of organizations and procedures involved in managing a business online. With internet becoming a household name, E-Commerce transactions are also fast gaining popularity. Business transactions that take place over the internet are referred to as E-Commerce.

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Course

Some of the major highlights of the course are mentioned below:

Course LevelUndergraduate
Duration3 years
Examination TypeSemester system
Eligibility10+2 from a recognized educational board with Maths and English as core subjects
Admission ProcessMerit-based
Course FeesINR 10K – 1 Lacs
Average Starting SalaryINR 1.8 Lacs – 9 Lacs
Top Recruiting AreasBanking & Financial Institutions, Insurance sector, Accounting & Auditing Firms, Media, BPOs, Tourism Industry, Hospitality, FMCG etc
Job PositionsAccountant, Auditor, Business Consultant, Budget Analyst, Finance Manager, Finance Analyst, Stock Broker, Chief Financial Officer, Cost Estimator and others such.

B.Com Subjects

Bachelor of commerce (B Com) is usually divided into 3 years or 6 semesters. One year has two semesters and each semester comprises of 6 months. A person who is pursuing this course needs to study 5 to 7 subjects in each semester. One can opt for various combinations depending on the availability of the choices in their institute. In this article, we provide complete details of B. Com subjects.

B.Com Subjects for First Year First Semester :

B ComFirst semester includes 4 main subjects and 2 additional language subjects. The 4 main subjects in B Com First Year First Semester are Accounts, Economics, Maths/Computer and Business Communications. Whereas for additional subjects, English is compulsory and student can select any one from other three languages. The subjects of B.Com first semester is mentioned below:

1ACCOUNTSFinancial Accounting – 1
2ECONOMICSFundamentals of Microeconomics
3 MATHS / COMPUTERMathematics & Statistics-I OR

*Mathematics for Finance-I OR

Business Computing-I

4MANAGEMENT Business management -I
5COMPULSORY ENGLISHEnglish for Communication-1
6 ADDITIONAL ENGLISHLanguage through Literature-1
7GENERAL AWARENESS – 1An Insight into India
8GENERAL AWARENESS – 2Dimensions of Business Studies – 1

B.Com Subjects for First Year Second Semester:

Subjects in B.com second semester are Accounts, Economics, Maths/Computers, Management, Compulsory English, additional English, General awareness-1 and General awareness 2. Refer the table below for details information.

1ACCOUNTSFinancial Accounting – 2
2ECONOMICSAdvanced Microeconomics
3 MATHS / COMPUTERMathematics & Statistics-II OR

*Mathematics for Finance-II OR

Business Computing-II

4MANAGEMENTBusiness management -II
5COMPULSORY ENGLISHLanguage through Literature-2
6 ADDITIONAL ENGLISHLanguage through Literature-1
7GENERAL AWARENESS – 1An Insight into India
8GENERAL AWARENESS – 2Dimensions of Business Studies – 2

B.Com Subjects for Second Year Third Semester :

B.com third semester gives the over understanding about the fundamentals of management elements of company law,corporate accounting, basics knowledge on cost accounting, also in the third sem it includes banking and financial system which leads the students to know more about financial institutions in India and Entrepreneurship. Subjects in B.Com IInd year 3rd Semester are mentioned as below:

1AccountancyCorporate Accounting-I
3Business Management / CommunicationFundamentals of Management
4Company LawElements of Company Law- I
5Cost AccountingBasics Of Cost Accounting – Spl-I
Basics of Cost Accounting-Material – Spl – II
6Banking and Financial SystemsFinancial System & Indian Banking Structure(Paper-I)
Financial Institutions in India (Paper-II)
7EntrepreneurshipFinancial Institutions in India (Paper-II)
Growth of Entrepreneurship
8Business CommunicationCommunication for Marketing
9Marketing ManagementFundamentals of Marketing
Customer Value Management

Note: Environmental Science will be a Compulsory subject for Semester – 3

B.Com Subjects: – Second Year Fourth Semester

This semester is comprised of two groups ie. Group A and Group B, Group A consists of 7 main subjects and Group B consists of 2 main subjects.Group A includes corporate accounting-II, macroeconomics-II, Managerial communication, Elements of company Law-II, Basics of cost accounting labor & Overheads SPL -II.Indian banking system and central banking -III is the next. Entrepreneurship subjects are included as well.Group B includes B.com Business Communication and B.com Marketing Management subjects. For complete details of Subjects in B.Com 2nd year (4th Semester) refer the below table.

1AccountancyCorporate Accounting-II
3Business Management / CommunicationManagerial Communication
4Company LawElements of Company Law- II
5Cost AccountingBasics of Cost Accounting Labor & Overheads Spl-III
Methods of Costing – Spl – IV
6Banking and Financial SystemsIndian Banking System and Central Banking Paper-III)
Financial Markets (Paper-IV)
7EntrepreneurshipSuccess Stories in Entrepreneurship
Environment for Entrepreneurship
8Business Communication Brand Management
9Marketing ManagementMarketing and Social Responsibility

B.Com Subjects –Third Year Fifth Semester

Here in B.com 5th sem, we have Advance Accounting paper -I, International Economics, BTA which includes details about Income tax paper -I. Than B.com Cost accounting, B.Com Banking & Financial systems, B.Com Entrepreneurship and lastly B.Com Marketing Management paper. The table for the same is as below:

1AccountancyAdvanced Accounting Paper 1
2EconomicsInternational Economics
3BTAIncome Tax Paper 1
4M. LawFoundation of Mercantile Law – I
5Cost AccountingMethods and Techniques of Costing – Spl. Paper V
Techniques of Costing – Spl. VI
6Banking & Financial SystemsBanking law and operations – Spl. Paper V
Inclusive Financial System – Spl. VI
7EntrepreneurshipNew Venture Creation
Financial Management For Entrepreneurship
8Marketing ManagementMarketing –An Indian Perspective – Spl. Paper V
Marketing of Services – Spl. VI

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B.Com Third Year Sixth Semester Subjects:

B.com 6th semester includes B.com advance accounting paper 2, B.com Contemporary Indian economics Issue and policies, then B.Com Indirect Taxes paper 2, B.com Allied concepts in Mercantile Law-II, B.com Marketing Management. Individual subjects in B.Com Sem 6 details are as below:

1AccountancyAdvanced Accounting Paper 2
2EconomicsContemporary Indian Economic Issues and Policies
3BTAIndirect Taxes Paper 2
4M. LawAllied Concepts in Mercantile Law – II
5Cost AccountingStrategic Cost Management – Spl. VII
Recent Trends in Cost Accounting – Spl. VIII
6Banking & Financial SystemsBanking trends and practice – Spl. VII
international Financial System And Emerging Financial Markets– Spl. VIII
7EntrepreneurshipMarketing And Human Resource Management
Strategic Enterprise Management
8Marketing ManagementAdvertising Management – Spl. VII
Marketing-A Global Perspective – Spl. VIII

B.Com (Honors) Subjects:

The program aims to build in students competent business acumen through advanced study of general subjects. Here we have mentioned the subjects. Individual semester wise subject details are as below.


    • Financial Accounting-I
    • Elements of Commerce
    • Business Mathematics
    • Principles of Micro Economics
    • General English
  • Computer Applications


    • Fundamental of Financial Accounting-II
    • Costing
    • Business Statistics
    • Principles of Macro Economics
    • Business Communication
  • University Elective-ICNU


    • Corporate Accounting-I
    • Cost and Management Accounting
    • Company Law
    • Environmental Studies
  • Indian Economy

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    • Corporate Accounting-II
    • Financial Management
    • Direct Tax Laws
    • General and Commercial Laws
  • International Business

Semester – V

  • Indirect Taxation

Semester-V: Core Courses

  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Semester-V: Accounting Specialization

    • Advanced Accounting and Reporting
    • Auditing
  • Project Feasibility and Financing

Semester-V: BFSI Specialization

    • Indian Financial System
    • Banking
  • Insurance

Semester-VI: Core Courses [subject to approval]

    • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Research Methods

Semester-VI: Accounting Specialization

    • Corporate Tax Planning
    • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis

Semester-VI: BFSI Specialization

    • Fundamentals of Investment
    • Merchant Banking and other Financial Services
  • Study of International Financial Services Centre

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B.Com Syllabus :

B.Com is a three years bachelor of commerce course. In every year B.Com cover two semester. The duration of each semester is six months . Here we have covered the semester wise syllabus as below.

B.Com Semester 1 Syllabus

    • Financial Accounting
    • Market Behaviour and Cost Analysis
    • Organisational Management
    • Corporate Administration OR Methods and Techniques for Decisions (Students can choose any one)
  • Language: Kannada, Hindi, Additional English, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu / Malayalam English

B.Com Semester 2 Syllabus

    • English
    • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Marketing and Services Management
    • Indian Financial System
    • Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions – I
    • Environmental Studies
  • Language: Kannada, Hindi, Additional English, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu / Malayalam

B.Com Semester 3 Syllabus

    • English and soft skills for Business
    • Corporate Accounting
  • Financial Management
    • Banking Law and Operations
    • Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions – II
    • Computer Fundamentals
  • Language: Kannada, Hindi, Additional English, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu / Malayalam

BCOM Semester 4 Syllabus

    • English and Corporate Communication
    • Advanced Corporate Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
    • E-Business and Accounting
    • Stock and Commodity Markets
    • Indian Constitution
  • Language: Kannada, Hindi, Additional English, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu/Malayalam

B.Com Semester 5 Syllabus

    • Entrepreneurship development
    • International Business
    • Income Tax – I
  • Cost Management
    • Elective Paper – I
  • Elective Paper – II

B.Com Semester 6 Syllabus

    • Business Regulations
    • Principles and Practice of Auditing
    • Income Tax – II
  • Management Accounting
    • Elective Paper – III
  • Elective Paper – IV

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