BBA Subjects

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) subjects are mainly characterized by the type of course. There are different subjects depending upon the type of course. Here we have four type of courses i.e. Foundation, Core, Electives, and Skill. In this article, we provide complete details of BBA subjects. See BBA Full Form, What is the Full form of BBA?

BBA Subjects include

  • Principles of Management,
  • Business Economics,
  • Accounting – Financial and Management Accounting,
  • Business Mathematics,
  • Marketing Management,
  • Statistics,
  • Operations Research,
  • Production and Material Management,
  • Personnel Management and Industrial Relations.

BBA Subjects – Details

Type of Course
Mathematics for Business, Introduction to Psychology,
Micro Economics,
Business Analytics,
Introduction to Sociology,
Business Economics,
Micro Economics,
The main purpose of foundation course is to revise the basic knowledge which have been pursued in high school by the students. The subjects under these courses form the base of the students that deal with basic principles.
Financial Management, Environmental Studies,
Essentials of Marketing,
Business Organisation and Principles of Management, Business Law, Operational Management,
Human Resource Management, Marketing,
Organisational  Behaviour,
Understanding Industry and Markets,
MIS / Systems Design,
Leadership and Ethics,
Strategy, Entrepreneurship, International Business Management
The subjects in the core courses are designed to impart knowledge to students on business fundamentals and various factors involved in the functioning of corporate sector.
Marketing and Operations Research,
Commercial Bank  Management, Security Analysis,
Manufacture Planning and Control,
Digital Marketing,
Retail Management, Advanced Sales & Distribution Management,Financial & Commodity Derivatives, Financial Modelling using spreadsheets, Industrial Relations and Labour Legislation, Managing Family Business
Candidates can choose one or many among the pool of courses that are provided in the elective courses. These courses are designed outside the content of Core courses but within the umbrella of Business Environment.
Writing Skills, Etiquette and Conversational Skills, Negotiating and Persuading Skills,  Problem Solving and Consulting Skills, Resume Writing and Career Skills, Conflict Resolution, Selling, Personality Development, and Communication Skills
In today’s business environment, it is equally important for candidates to have aces of skills to get themselves upgraded. The subjects under Skill courses would help students in sharpening the required skills that are extremely crucial in the workplace.

BBA Syllabus

The students can pursue a BBA course either as Full Time Graduate course or Part Time Graduate course. The duration of BBA is 3–4 years depending on the University. A detailed syllabus offered by various Universities and colleges in India are as under.

BBA Syllabus for SEMESTER – I

    • Principles & Practice of Management
    • Business Communication
    • Financial Accounting
    • Business Law
    • Business Economics
  • Computer Application

BBA Syllabus for SEMESTER – II  

    • Organisational Behaviour
    • Business Environment
    • Business Mathematics
    • Environmental Management
    • Management Accounting
  • Profit Planning & Control

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BBA Syllabus for SEMESTER – III

    • Production Methods
    • Manpower Management
    • Marketing Concepts
    • Business Finance – I
    • Business Statistics
  • Computer Application


    • Operations Research
    • Industrial Law
    • Office Management
    • Sales & Distribution Management
    • Research Methodology
  • Business Finance – II

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    • Management Information System
    • Indian Economy
    • Banking Law & Practice
    • Advertising & Public Relations
    • Human Resources Development
  • Summer Training Report

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    • Corporate Planning & Strategic Management
    • International Marketing
    • Marketing of Services
    • Financial Institutions and Markets
    • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Comprehensive viva-voce

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