Give a Character Sketch of Frog and Nightingale from Class 10 Communicative English Chapter 7 (Poem) The Frog and the Nightingale


Character Sketch of Frog

The frog has been portrayed as arrogant, haughty, opportunist and boastful. He is used to his position as the only singer of the Bingle Bog. It irritates all the animals of the forest by croaking in the night. It never listens to the requests of the animals. The entry of the melodious nightingale is an eye opener. Being practical and worldly wise, he uses his position to influence her. Feeling insecure, he plays a trick with the nightingale and makes it believe that it is the master of singing. He manipulates the situation to his advantage, starts making profit by charging admission fees to the nightingale’s concert. Ultimately, it succeeds in regaining its lost position when the nightingale dies. As he was a smooth talker, he brushes away the blame of nightingale’s death by philosophizing it that “your song must be your own”, indicating that the innocent bird was victimised by the clever frog.

The Frog and the Nightingale Overview – The Frog and the Nightingale by Vikram Seth is a symbolic poem in which the poet explains why self-confidence is important and that why one should do the things which one loves. In the poem, the frog maintains its status because of its confidence though it has no talent. On the other hand, the nightingale in spite of having talent dooms to death because it lacks self-confidence and is trapped in the words of the frog.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Frog

Q1. Describe in your own words the contrast between frog and the Nightingale.
Q2. Which are the different ways in which the frog asserts his importance?


Character Sketch of Nightingale

She is portrayed as the innocent, naïve, gullible, polite, unsure, timid, shy and nervous type. The taste of appreciation enhances her self-esteem making her gullible. With its extraordinary skills, it wins the hearts of the animals of the forest including the frog. However, the lack of confidence makes it a prey of the frog’s trick. Her originality and piousness get shadowed by the greed for status and commercial success. Trapped in the cruel circle of success, she pushes herself to a point of exhaustion. She gets addicted to her status and is unable to get out of the clutches of the frog. She tries to match the misguided criticism of the frog which results in her death.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Nightingale

Q1. How did the nightingale react to the applause of the bog dwellers?
Q2. Why does the nightingale regard her first encounter with the frog to be a fairy tale?


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