Character Sketch of Mrs Packletide Tiger


Give a Character Sketch of Mrs Packletide, Loona Bimberton and Miss Mebbin from class 10 Communicative English chapter 2 Mrs Packletide’s Tiger

Character Sketch of Mrs Packletide

Mrs Packletide is a jealous woman. She was naturally competitive, envious, materialistic and vain. She makes the decision to go hunting in an effort to undermine Loona Bimberton’s successes. She was cunning and deceptive. In order to hunt the tiger by all means, Mrs. Packletide arranges a hunt and gives the locals a thousand rupees. She goes after an elderly tiger because there was no risk involved in hunting it. She is happy to pose for pictures while concealing the truth about the quest. She buys the cottage Louisa Mebbin asked for so that no one comes to know the truth. She hosts a party that she claims is to honour Bimberton but is really just a display of her success. She is a worldly lady who cares more for her reputation than her money.

Mrs. Packletie’s Tiger Overview – The story is about Mrs. Packletide, who wants to be better than her neighbour Loona Bimberton in terms of everything from pride to courage. After learning that Loona fields 10 miles in a plane to shoot a tiger with an Algerian Pilot, Packletide becomes more jealous of her popularity and decides to shoot a tiger to flaunt her courage & pride in front of people. For this, she hires a paid companion Miss Mebin and some villagers.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Mrs Packletide

Q1. What kind of person was Mrs. Packletide?
Q2. How was Mrs Packletide’s Behaviour different from others?
Q3. What was Mrs. Packletide’s revenge plan?
Q4. How did dislike of Loona Bimberton affect Mrs Packletide’s life?


Character Sketch of Loona Bimberton

Loona Bimberton is an attention-seeking London socialite whose sole purpose in the story is to act as a foil to Mrs. Packletide’s jealous behaviors. She isn’t very different from Mrs. Packletide when it comes to being vain. She is extremely envious and vindictive and was unable to accept Mrs. Packletide’s achievement. Due to their fierce antagonism, she declined the invitation to the luncheon Mrs. Packletide had thrown in her ‘honour’ and refused to look at a single newspaper for weeks for the fear of reading about her rival’s feats. She is a frivolous member of high society whose goals in life were to outdo her adversary.

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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Loona Bimberton

Q1. How are the characters of Mrs Packletide and Loona Bimberton different? Compare and contrast.

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Character Sketch of Miss Mebbin

Miss Mebbin was a very shrewd and cunning character who knew how to grab a chance to gain wealth as and when opportunity knocked at her door. She can be called an opportunist. She blackmailed Mrs. Packletide into buying her the weekend cottage or else she would reveal her secret that it was not the tiger but a mere goat that Mrs. Packletide had shot dead. The author sarcastically describes her stinginess by saying she has an “elder-sister attitude towards money in general”.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Miss Mebbin

Q1. What word best describes Miss Mebbin?
Q2. How did Miss Mebbin behave during the tiger shooting?
Q3. How did Miss Mebbin manage to get her weekend cottage?
Q4. Why did Miss Mebbin plant so many tiger lilies in her garden?



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