Give a Character Sketch of Patol Babu, Nishikanto Ghosh, Naresh Dutt, Baren Mullick and Gogon Pakrashi from class 10 Communicative English chapter 5 Patol Babu, Film star


Character Sketch of Patol Babu

Patol Babu is an unassuming, humble, and modest man. He was a very talented man who was gifted with the art of acting. He never lost faith in reality and overtook all challenges in life and faced all difficulties. He was offered to play an insignificant role of a pedestrian in a film. He gets really very excited about his role. However, when he reaches the shooting scene to enact his role, he is disappointed to know the insignificance and shortness of his scene. He remembers his mentor, Guru Gogon Pakrashi’s words that he must never refuse any role, however small it might be. As an artist, his aim should always be to make the most of the opportunity. Patol Babu resolves to give his best to the small role offered to him. He rehearsed it many times, infusing different shades of emotions into the word ‘oh’. At last, the scene is shot, and everyone appreciates his acting. Finally, he leaves the shooting scene modestly, without accepting the payment.

Patol Babu, Film Star Overview – The story of Patol Babu written by Satyajit Ray is a story of a man who was very passionate about acting. He was a famous stage artist in his youth. This story depicts the experiences and struggles he went through in his life. The story tells us how a small role in the film rekindled the passion of acting in Patol Babu after a break of twenty years. This is the story of his bond with acting, which was above all monetary benefits. The only thing that Patol Babu wanted to have was full satisfaction while performing his role well.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Patol Babu

Q1. How does Patol Babu reconcile to the dialogue given to him?
Q2. Why did Patol Babu leave without taking money?
Q3. How do we know that Patol was a meticulous man?


Character Sketch of Nishikanto Ghosh

Nishikanto Ghosh was Patol Babu’s neighbour. He lived three houses away from Patol Babu in Nepal Bhattacharji Lane in Calcutta. He was a genial person, interested in helping people out and could be considered as a friend of Patol Babu. He was the one who had thought of recommending Patol Babu, when his youngest brother-in-law, who was employed in the film business, had asked for an actor to shoot a small scene in a film production he was involved in. He came to Patol Babu’s house with that offer.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Nishikanto Ghosh

Q1. Who was Nishikanto Ghosh and what offer did he bring for Patol Babu?


Character Sketch of Naresh Dutt

Naresh Dutt is a man about thirty years old, tall and well built. He was Nishkanto Ghosh’s youngest brother-in-law and was in the film business, production department. He was a very busy person who just hired actors for different roles and paid them for their work. He is not interested in how good or bad an actor has performed. He was looking for an actor for a scene in a film. So he casts Patol babu for the role.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Naresh Dutt

Q1. Who is Naresh Dutt in Patol Babu film star?


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Character Sketch of Baren Mullick

Baren Mullick was the director of the movie in which Patol Babu was playing the role of a pedestrian. He had three straight smash hits, thus he was in high demand at the time. Before each scene was really shot, he paid close attention to every detail. He always appeared to be in a rush to shoot as many shots as he could. He was quite receptive to original and unique ideas. For instance, he agreed right away when Patol Babu proposed that carrying the newspaper while walking would make the scene appear more realistic. The keys to his success were his dedication, originality, and enthusiasm for his work.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Baren Mullick

Q1. Do you think Baren Mullick recognized Patol Babu’s skill and effort? What does it tell about his character?


Character Sketch of Gogon Pakrashi

Gogon Pakrashi was Patol Babu’s mentor and Guru. He was a saintly man and a wonderful performer who showed no signs of vanity. He significantly influenced Patol Babu’s perspective on life. He had instilled in him a strong sense of morality and ethics. He had long ago taught him not to ever turn down a role, no matter how minor it might be. His goal as an artist should always be to take advantage of the situation and offer every last bit of significance to the audience for their enlightenment. He was highly admired by Patol Babu.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Gogon Pakrashi

Q1. What was Gogon Pakrashi’s advice to Patol Babu on how to become a successful actor?
Q2. Who was Mr. Pakrashi? How do his words help Patol Babu in enacting his role?


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