NCERT Class 10 English Chapter 6 MCQs – The Hundred Dresses II


The Hundred Dresses II MCQ Questions with Answers


CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 6 “The Hundred Dresses II” Multiple Choice Questions with Answers from First Flight Book


The Hundred Dresses II MCQs – Here is a Compilation of Class 10 English MCQs from First Flight Book Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses II by El Bosr Ester for students to practice. Students of Class 10 can prepare the MCQs of Chapter 6 from the First Flight reader published by NCERT. Each question has four options followed by the correct answer. Students can also take a free test of these MCQs of The Hundred Dresses – II.


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Q1- Who wrote the letter received by Miss Mason?

A) Wanda
B) Wanda’s mother
C) Wanda’s father
D) Wanda’s brother


Q2- What did the letter convey?

A) Wanda wasn’t well
B) Wanda won’t be attending school
C) they have moved to the big city
D) both 2 and 3


Q3- what else was mentioned in the letter?

A) her drawings
B) her medal
C) the school
D) her funny name


Q4- How did Miss Mason feel about whatever happened with Wanda?

A) unfortunate
B) sad
C) cruel
D) both 1 and 2


Q5- How would you describe Miss Mason’s feelings towards the class?

A) Angry
B) Upset
C) Happy
D) Cheerful


Q6- What was just as bad as what Peggy had done?

A) Maddie staying silent while Peggy teased Wanda
B) Maddie not stopping Peggy
C) Maddie teasing Wanda
D) None of the above


Q7- What did Maddie think of herself after the letter was read out loud?

A) Grateful
B) Lucky
C) Hero
D) Coward


Q8- “So Peggy had the same idea! Maddie glowed” What was the idea?

A) To tease Wanda one more time
B) To go and look for Wanda at Boggins Height
C) To apologise to Wanda
D) Both 2 and 3


Q9- What was Maddie reminded of by the Petronski’s house?

A) how they teased her
B) how she could stop all of it
C) Wanda’s drawings
D) Wanda’s dress; unironed but clean


Q10- What excuses does Peggy think of for her behaviour?

A) Wanda didn’t know she was being made fun of
B) she got the idea of hundred drawings only when Peggy asked her
C) None of these
D) Both A and B


Q11- What important decision does Maddie take?

A) Unfriending Peggy
B) visiting Wanda
C) stop others from bullying
D) all of the above


Q12- How did they contact Wanda?

A) Letter
B) Phone call
C) Email
D) They visited her


Q13- What did they write in the letter?

A) apology
B) Her drawings and that she won
C) asked about new city
D) both 2 and 3


Q14- Why did they think Wanda wouldn’t reply?

A) she didn’t know how to read
B) she didn’t know how to write
C) She must’ve been sad and angry
D) all of the above


Q15- Who was more anxious for a reply?

A) Maddie
B) Peggy
C) Miss Mason
D) All of them


Q16- What did Maddie notice in the drawings?

A) Wanda drew their faces
B) they were beautiful
C) Wanda wrote notes for them
D) all of the above


Q17- What was the tone of Wanda’s reply?

A) Friendly
B) Angry
C) ungrateful
D) hatred


Q18- What do you mean by “picking on someone”?

A) Unfairly criticising them
B) Taking something from them
C) Taking them somewhere
D) None of the above


Q19- What was Maddie’s reaction on receiving the drawing?

A) sad
B) happy
C) excited
D) neutral


Q20- What did Peggy infer from the drawing?

A) Wanda was a good artist
B) Wanda liked them
C) Wanda hated them
D) Both 1 and 2

Q21- What was the description of the house which Maddie thought to be Wanda’s house?

A) Little white house
B) Big white house
C) Small green cottage
D) Tiny Red hut

Q22- The grass along the pathway to Wanda’s house looked like ____

A) puppies
B) snakes
C) kittens
D) monkeys


Q23- Wanda’s house was ____

A) on a cliff
B) on top of a hill
C) by the river
D) in the forest


Q24- What was used to decorate the classroom on Christmas?

A) bells
B) tree
C) both
D) None of the above


Q25- What was the colour of the dress in Peggy’e drawing?

A) red
B) green
C) blue
D) white



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1 C 11 C 21 A
2 D 12 A 22 C
3 D 13 D 23 B
4 D 14 C 24 C
5 B 15 A 25 B
6 A 16 A 26
7 D 17 A 27
8 D 18 A 28
9 D 19 A 29
10 D 20 B 30



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