The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Important Questions of 1,2,3 and 5 Markers CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 6

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Book Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses 2 Important Questions

Here are the The Hundred Dresses 2 Important questions for CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Book Chapter 6. The important questions we have compiled will help the students to brush up on their knowledge about the subject. Students can practice Class 10 English important questions to understand the subject better and improve their performance in the board exam. The solutions provided here will also give students an idea about how to write the answers. Take Free Online MCQ Test for Class 10

The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Important Question for CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Book Chapter 6

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Class 10 English The Hundred Dresses 1 Mark MCQs

(A) Dear Teacher
My Wanda will not come to your school anymore. Jake also. Now we move away to big city. No more holler ‘Pollack’. No more ask why funny name. Plenty of funny names in the city.

Yours truly,
Jan Petronski

1. Jan’s tone in the writing of the letter IS NOT
a) distressing.
b) spiteful.
c) hurt.
d) painful.

2. What, according to the letter, was the primary reason that prompted Mr Petronski to take the decision to move to a big city?
a) His wish to achieve success in the big city.
b) His urge to join his relatives who mostly lived in the big city.
c) His anxiety over their poverty in the small city.
d) His agony about his children being viewed as ‘outsiders’ by their schoolmates

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3. The dictionary says the following about migration.
Migration involves the movement of people (birds, fish etc.) from one place to another with intentions of settling, permanently or temporarily, at a new location (geographic region).
Which of the following options INCORRECTLY uses ‘migration’?
a) After gold was found in the uninhabited region, there was a migration to that area.
b) Bears sleep through winters. This migration helps bears to use their stored energy much more slowly.
c) There was a mass migration of youngsters to the tagged locale, to assist the cause for charity.
d) Scientists have studied the migration of fish over long distances in the river

 4. The phrase ‘Pollack’ reveals discrimination on the basis of
a) race.
b) gender.
c) religion.
d) wealth.

5. The line– Plenty of funny names in the city—suggests that the city
a) is a melting pot of people from different parts of the world.
b) has foreign people willing to give opportunities to the poor.
c) is a safe haven for immigrants if they have funny names.
d) has a special status for all who are willing to be funny.

(B) Weeks went by and still Wanda did not answer.
Peggy had begun to forget the whole business, and Maddie put herself to sleep at night making speeches about Wanda, defending her from great crowds of girls who were trying to tease her with, “How many dresses have you got?” And before Wanda could press her lips together in a tight line, the way she did before answering, Maddie would cry out, “Stop!”

1. Which primary feelings of Maddie does the extract reveal?
a) guilt, regret and righteousness
b) guilt and shame
c) shame, regret and courage
d) courage and righteousness

2. Which of the following is most likely to be a part of Maddie’s speech?
a) Stop! I think it’s about time we asked her a new question. This is not fun anymore.
How about her faded dress?
b) Stop! Don’t you know that I’m the one who had to lead in Peggy’s absence? This is unacceptable.
c) Stop! How dare you all join in without Peggy’s permission? Don’t you know she’d be angry?
d) Stop! Aren’t you all ashamed of yourself? Why do you trouble her? She means no harm to anyone.

3. Choose the declaration which is likely to be received with the pressing of lips together in a tight line.


the hundred dresses important questions


4. Pick the option with a cause-effect relation, with reference to the given extract.
a) Wanda’s absence— Peggy missing Wanda
b) Maddie’s need to make amends – Confessing publicly
c) Wanda’s absence – Maddie’s need to make amends
d) Peggy teasing Wanda— Maddie’s stand against it

5. Wanda didn’t reply to the letter for weeks.
Pick the option that DOES NOT supply a possible reason for this, from those given below.
a) The letter took more than a couple of weeks reaching her as it didn’t have an address and needed to be forwarded.
b) She needed time to forgive Maddie and Peggy and think her reply through.
c) Peggy had second thoughts after mailing the letter and reclaimed it from the post office, to mail weeks later.
d) She was occupied with settling in at the new school in the city.

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Class 10 English The Hundred Dresses (2) 2 Marks Questions – 20 to 30 words

1. Why do you think Miss Mason took time to adjust her glasses slowly and deliberately before reading Jan Petronski’s letter aloud?

A. Miss Mason’s behaviour of adjusting her glasses slowly and deliberately indicated that she wanted to discuss something of great importance. She was disturbed after reading the letter and wanted the students to be attentive.

2. Do you think Miss Mason had any idea about the hundred dresses ‘fun’ with Wanda? Why/Why not?

A. Miss Mason did not have any idea of the hundred dresses ‘fun’ that took place with Wanda. Her reaction was full of disappointment and sadness. She had not expected such a
behaviour from her students. This shows that she had been unaware of such happenings.

3. Why did Jan Petronski feel that the city would be a better option for his family to move to?

A. Jan Petronski felt that the big city would be a better option for his family. The big city was full of immigrants from other countries. There were many people with peculiar surnames. So, residents of the big city would not laugh at them.

4. ‘Hey let’s go and see if that kid has left town or not.’ Why do you think Peggy said this with ‘pretended casualness’?

A. Peggy was guilty because she was the one who led the group of students to make fun of Wanda. She wanted to get rid of the guilt and so, wanted to check on her. In order to hide her guilt from Maddie, she spoke with pretended casualness.

5. The Petronski’s house and its yard looked shabby but clean. What can we infer about the Petronski family, from this information?

A. We can infer that the Petronski’s were not well off. The house was in a poor condition. Despite this, they kept it clean. So we can say that they had good habits of cleanliness.

Class 10 English The Hundred Dresses (2) 3 Marks Questions – 40 to 50 words

1. Room Thirteen is where most of the story takes place. Comment on its significance in the story.

A. Room Number Thirteen is the common place where all the characters of the story belong to. Peggy, Maddie and Wanda are classmates and belong to room number thirteen. Miss Mason announced the winners there. The drawing contest took place in the same room. She read Jan Petronski’s letter in the same room.

2. Peggy says:
Besides, when I was asking her about all her dresses, she
probably was getting good ideas for her drawings.
Explain why Peggy said this and what prompted her to say so.

A. Peggy said this in order to get rid of the guilt. Now that Wanda was not there, she could not make amends by apologizing. So, she wanted credit for the designs due to which Wanda had won the drawing contest. Peggy wanted to feel that she had helped Wanda in any possible manner.

3. Based on your reading of the story, write your inference of Boggins Heights.

A. Boggins Heights was located in the outskirts of the city. It was a gloomy area, located on a hill. Probably, it was inhabited by the Polish immigrants. It bore a dull and sad appearance. Most of the buildings were in poor condition.

4. Pen down your perception of Miss Mason as a teacher, in the complete story, The Hundred Dresses.

A. Miss Mason was a strict disciplinarian. She expected her students to be well mannered. She appreciated Wanda’s hard work. She did not indulge in discrimination. She was extremely disappointed when she came to know of the misdeeds of some students which had forced the Petroski’s to leave the city.

5. Peggy and Maddie had different feelings after Miss Mason read aloud Wanda’s letter:
“Boy!” said Peggy, “this shows she really likes us.
“I hope so,” said Maddie sadly.
Explain the difference in their feelings by analysing both girls as similar yet different personalities

A. Peggy and Maddie were guilty because Wanda had left school as everyone laughed at her funny name. However, their reactions indicate a difference in their personalities.
We can infer that Peggy was not guilty. She did not aim to tease Wanda. All that she did was because she thought that Wanda lied to them that she had a hundred dresses. On the other hand, Maddie is sad because she regrets that she did not stop Peggy from bullying Wanda.

6. In the light of Peggy’s statement – Well, at least I never did call her a foreigner—write a short blog entry examining the need to inculcate the spirit of being inclusive and celebrating diversity.
You may begin this way:

embracing the inclusive spirit


Embracing the inclusive spirit

Celebrating diversity, of viewpoints, skills, nationalities, experiences, and such is a core to advancing globally. I think that acceptance is a very important personality trait. When we accept people of different cultures and regions, we learn many new things and it is an enriching
experience. We can learn new languages, customs, know about different traditions, etc. I feel that a cosmopolitan atmosphere is open-minded and inclusive to all.

 7. Given a choice, who would you like to befriend—Peggy or Maddie?
Supplement your reasons with textual evidence.

A. I would like to befriend Maddie. She is a sensitive girl. She has friends but she cannot be her true self with them. This means that she lacks a true friend. Maddie has a golden heart and can relate to others. She seems to lack confidence. I would inspire her to be brave, to speak out her thoughts, and to fight for herself.

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Class 10 English The Hundred Dresses (2) 5 Marks Questions – 100 to 120 words

1. Peggy routinely made fun of Wanda along with her
classmates. In this context, justify the given statement:
One person’s sense of humour can be another person’s agony.

Ans – Value points
Humour is a good thing but making mockery of others to create humour is not good.
We should make everyone laugh and have healthy fun.
Peggy gathered classmates to tease Wanda. This is termed as ‘bullying’.
Even if she thought that Wanda lied, she did not have a right to mock at her.

2. The girls were bullies without realising it. Do you agree? Why/why not?

Ans – Value points
Yes, they were bullies.
Bully- a person who harms someone thought to be weak or vulnerable.
Wanda was a Polish immigrant so they bullied her and discriminated against her on the basis of race.
They were amused at her strange name.
She did not have friends and they ganged up against her to make her feel like an outcast.

3. Based on the given textual information about the letter Peggy and Maddie addressed to Wanda, create this letter.
They had meant to say they were sorry, but it ended up with their just writing a friendly letter… and they signed it with lots of X’s for love.
You may begin like this:


Ans  – Dear Wanda
We’ve heard that you’ve shifted to the city. We’d like to congratulate you on winning the drawing contest. The designs are amazing. You drew a hundred dresses! This is incredible.
We hope that you like the new city, school and teacher. You must have made friends there.
We miss you a lot. We miss talking to you and want to give you company. Hope to see you someday.
Peggy and Maddie

4. Wanda was regularly teased, but a closer look at her will tell the readers that far from being a subject of ridicule, she deserved praise for her unacknowledged qualities. Explain why she is actually praiseworthy, with reference to her situation and her behaviour.

A. Value points
Mature girl.
Did not fight or cry.
Replied intelligently.
Was creative and talented.

5. People are more roused by the idea of revenge than forgiveness.
Which aspect does Wanda’s letter exemplify? Support your ideas with reference to the text.

Ans – Value points
Wanda’s letter shows forgiveness.
She is not bitter.
Gifts Peggy and Maddie her award winning drawings.
Praises Miss Mason.
Acknowledges her old school too.
The letter shows Wanda is a mature girl.

 6. Do you think the given quote applies to Maddie? Explain with reference to the text.

applies to maddie

Ans – Value points.
Yes, the quote applies to Maddie.
Maddie was tormented by what the girls had done with Wanda.
She felt like a coward, she was a partner in crime.
Decided that in future if she ever heard anybody picking on someone because they were funny looking or had strange names, she would speak up.
Even if it would cost her Peggy’s friendship.

7. Wanda and Custard were both picked on, by their peers.
a) Compare and contrast the characteristic/s their persecutors had?
b) Also, evaluate if
1) they had the same reasons to pick on their victims.
2) both victims reacted in a similar manner.

Ans – Value Points
Peggy and Maddie bullied Wanda. The custard was victimized by Belinda, Ink, Blink, and Mustard.
Both groups laughed at their victims.
Peggy and Maddie did not intend to hurt or make her cry. Custard would cry.
Wanda was mocked at because of her strange name. Peggy thought that she lied when she said that she had a hundred dresses. The custard was victimized because it was considered to be a coward.
Both victims acted in a similar way.
Wanda did have a hundred dresses – the paintings that she had made for the contest had a hundred designs of dresses.
The custard was brave. When they were attacked by a pirate, everyone hid. Custard faced the enemy and gulped it, thus, saving everyone.

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