The National Defence Academy (NDA) is the Joint Services academy of the Indian Armed Forces where cadets of the three services, the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force train together before they go on to pre-commissioning training in their respective service academies. NDA services have produced 27 service Chiefs Of Staff till date.

After the completion of NDA training, cadets can become Lieutenant in the Army, Sub Lieutenant in the Navy and Flying Officer in The Air Force as per their passing percentage. But due to negative marking most of the people don’t get pass through the NDA exams. Every year around 3 lakh students appear in this exam but due to NDA exam negative marking only 355 students are selected from where 195 goes in Army, 39 in Navy and 66 in Air Force.

  • From 1 to 160 are printed against each numbers, there are circles marked (a), (b), (c) and (d) after you have read each item in the Test Booklet and decided which one of the given responses is correct or the best.

  • There is a penalty for wrong answers One third (0.33) of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty.

  • If the answers are wrong the penalty of answers will be given if a candidate will give more than one answer, it will be treated as a wrong answer even if one of the given answers happens to be correct

  • If the candidate don’t answer to the question their will be no penalty of answers. Due to the NDA exam negative marking most of the students don’t get selected for joining further categorised forces

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