Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

One of the most prestigious and oldest higher educational institutions in India, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) was the brain child of noted visionary Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Educated at Oxford and Cambridge; the prevailing socio political conditions of his native community following the aftermath of the First War of Independence of 1857 or the Sepoy Mutiny lead him to work for their upliftment using education with a harmony of both Indian and Western Schools of thoughts.

This lead to the founding of a High School in 1875; which later grew into a college known as Mohammadan Anglo Oriental College. This institution was later elevated to university level by an Act of Parliament in 1920 and henceforth has been known as the Aligarh Muslim University.

Boasting of a century old heritage with great infrastructure and a myriad of courses, AMU remains one of the top destinations for students of the country.

The courses currently offered by AMU include:

Postgraduate Courses

  • M. Sc. (Agriculture) Plant Protection
  • Master of Agricultural Economics & Business Management
  • M. Tech. in Post Harvest Engineering and Technology
  • M. Sc. (Agriculture) Agricultural Microbiology


Postgraduate Courses

  • M.A. (Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali and Tamil)
  • M.A. (Linguistic, Philosophy)
  • M.A. (Geography)
  • M.F.A. (Master of Fine Art)
  • M.A. (English)
  • M.A. (English)  Language Teaching ( E.L.T )
  • Post M.A. Dip. in Urdu Translation
  • Post M.A. Dip. in Hindi Translation


Undergraduate Courses

  • B.A. (Hons.) in Arabic, English, Fine Arts, Geography, Hindi, Linguistic, Persian, Philosophy, Sanskrit and Urdu as a main subject.
  • B.A. (Hons.) Communicative English
  • B.A. (Hons. ) Geography
  • B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Art)


Certificate of Proficiency in Languages

  • Dip. of Proficiency in Languages
  • Certificate in Linguistics
  • PG Diploma in Linguistics

Postgraduate Courses

  • M.Tech. (Civil, Elect., Electronics, Mech., Chemical and Petroleum)


Graduate Courses

  • B. Tech. (Civil, Elect., Electronics, Mech., Chemical, Petroleum and Computer )
  • B. Arch.


Part Time (Evening Courses)

  • B.E. (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)


Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Engineering  (Architecture Assistantship, Civil, Electrical,
  • Electrical (Instrumentation), Mechanical, Drafting and Designing
  • (Civil), Drafting and Designing (Mechanical)



  • Diploma in Engineering (Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering (T.V. Technology), Custom Design & Garment
  • Technology, Office Assistantship and Secretarial Practice )


Postgraduate Courses

  • M. Sc. (Wildlife Science)
  • M. Sc. (Biochemistry)
  • M. Sc. (Zoology)
  • M. Sc. (Botany)

Graduate Courses

  • B. Sc. (Hons.) with Biochemistry
  • B. Sc. (Hons.) with Zoology/Botany
  • B. Sc. (Hons.) with Home Science (For women only)


Postgraduate Courses

  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Master of International Business Management (M.I.B.M.)


Part time courses

  • PG Diploma in Personnel Management
  • PG Diploma in Marketing Management


Postgraduate Courses

  • MS/MD
  • PG Diploma Courses
  • M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery)

Graduate Courses

  • MBBS
  • BDS

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in  General Nursing & Midwifery Courses


Postgraduate Courses

  • Master in Computer Science and Application ( MCA )
  • M. Sc. (Chemistry)
  • M. Sc. (Industrial Chemistry)
  • M. Sc. (Applied Geology)
  • M. Sc. (Geography)
  • M. Sc. (Mathematics)
  • M. Sc. (Statistics)
  • M. Sc. (Operational Research)
  • Post M.Sc. Diploma in Application Mathematics (Industrial Mathematics)
  • PG Diploma in Hydrogeology
  • Diploma in Statistics

Graduate Courses

  • B.Sc. (Hons.) with Physics Main and two subsidiaries
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) with Chemistry Main and two subsidiaries
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) with Mathematics Main and two subsidiaries
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) with Geography Main and two subsidiaries
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) with Geology  Main and two subsidiaries
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) with Statistics Main and two subsidiaries

Vocational Courses

  • B.Sc. Computer Application
  • B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry

Diploma Courses

    • Post B. Sc. Diploma in Computer Science and Application (PDCA)
    • PG Diploma in Hydrogeology
    • Diploma in Statistics
    • Post M.Sc. Diploma in Application Mathematics (Industrial Mathematics)

Postgraduate Courses

  • M.Th.  (Sunni)
  • M.Th.  (Shia)


Graduate Courses

  • B.Th.  (Sunni)
  • B.Th.  (Shia)

Part Time Courses

  • Diploma in Qira’at (Quranic phonetics)
  • Certificate in Qira’at (Quranic phonetics)
  • Diploma in Shia Theology
  • Certificate in Shia Theology


Postgraduate Courses

  • Mahir-e-Tib (MD)
  • Mahir-e-Jarahat (MS)

Undergraduate Courses

  • Kamil-e-Tib-o-Jarahat (BUMS)

Admission Process:

Admission for the various courses on offer is done through by both general admission tests and admission tests conducted by the various different departments. This differs from course to course and also includes some courses where admission is granted based on the candidates merit in the qualifying exam. Of course, eligibility criteria for the different courses must be met by interested candidates.

The admission process differs for Indian citizens and foreign nationals. For more details regarding the courses, eligibility criteria etc; interested candidates may visit:


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